Looking for some dental PPC advertising tips and lead generation for dentists?  We can help with Google Ads for dentists!  If you are viewing this article, you are probably either the owner of a dental practice, or you have been charged with driving more leads for the dental practice that you work for.

This being the case, here are a few useful tips, tricks, and ideas when it comes to dental PPC.

Background On Our PPC Agency

Before we jump right into things, here is a little bit of background into our PPC agency. We currently work with 100+ dental offices. Our average Cost Per Lead on Google is about $35 and our average Cost Per Lead on Facebook is about $15. Each month we drive close to 4,000 leads for dental offices, and we have been working in the dental industry since 2013.

If You Have Multiple Practices

One thing to take note of right off the bat is that if you have multiple dental practices, you should run all of your ads out of a single Google Ads account. Google gives preferential treatment to advertisers that have a long history of advertising and spend more within a larger geographic footprint.

Industry Cost Per Lead Benchmarks

I think the industry average for Google leads is somewhere between $80-$120. So, if you’re currently doing PPC, and you’re within that range, you are “normal”. By our own company’s standards, this is still high. And, if you are above $120 per lead, you should definitely consider hiring an agency or switching agencies.

Landing Page Conversion Rates

Another important benchmark for Google Ads is to really keep track of your Click-To-Lead Conversion Rate. We convert about 1 out of 3 clicks on Google into a lead. So, if you’re only converting 10-20% of your clicks into leads, consider making some adjustments to your landing pages.

Mobile Responsiveness

Make sure that all of your landing pages are mobile responsive. A lot of your calls will come from people either using Call Extensions in your Google Ads or on your Landing Pages using Click-To-Call functions.

Track Actual Customers

If you can figure it out, keeping track of which clicks turn into actual customers is helpful. You may find that some clicks turn into leads but not really customers. This happens a lot with competitor terms. If you are advertising on very general broad match terms, often times your ads will show up for the names of your competitors. While this might drive cheap leads, rarely do these types of phone calls turn into customers for your practice. Usually, it’s just people trying to book calls with their current dentist.

Radius Targeting

When it comes to Facebook PPC for dental offices, there are a lot of tricks to the trade. Like Google, keep your radius targeting very tight. So, only advertise within 6-8 miles around your dental practice.

Facebook Ads Images

It is also important to use really good images. Images are one of the biggest needle movers when it comes to driving down your Cost Per Lead. Additionally, for dental offices doing PPC on Facebook, try using Facebook Lead Ads instead of driving traffic to your website or landing pages. If you go this route, we recommend against using Facebook’s default “email” field and force people to put in their current email address.

Make Sure To Call Facebook Leads

Lastly, on Facebook PPC, make sure your office managers call the leads as they come through. Unlike Google, most of your leads will come in via web forms. So, you may get very few if any phone calls from Facebook.

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