Franchise Ads

How Do You Create Franchise Ads

There are two primary types of Franchise Ads when it comes to PPC For Franchises:

  1. Consumer Ads
  2. Franchise Development Ads

So, when people say, “I need more franchise leads“, it is important to identify exactly which category the person is referring to.  Are you looking for “more leads for your franchisees” (yourself if you are a franchisee) or are you looking for “more leads of people who want to buy your franchise”?

Most ad agencies will provide both Consumer Ads and Franchise Development Ads.  However, some agencies, such as ourselves at Lead PPC, only specialize in Franchise Development Ads (aka people who want to buy a franchise).

What we have found is that the actual types of businesses that franchisors provide vary so vastly, that it is hard to be exceptionally good at Consumer Ads.  For instance, driving leads for pest control businesses is very different from tax businesses, restaurants, child services companies, etc.

But, when it comes to Franchise Development Ads, there is a huge crossover between someone who wants to invest in this businesses versus that business.  Someone who may want to buy a pest control business might also look into buying a restaurant or some other type of business.  So, the strategies in Franchise Development have a lot of crossover between industries.

At the end of the day, you are looking for people who have:

  1. Money To Invest
  2. Interest In Your Industry
  3. A Good Personality
  4. Commitment To Be Successful

This is why if you go to IFA or other huge in-person events, you will see hundreds of franchisors from almost every type of business lining up and going after the same types of people.

Do you need more qualified Franchise Development leads?  No problem, franchise lead generation is what we do.  Feel free to reach out!