Franchise Leads For Franchisors

Where Do You Get Franchise Leads For Franchisors

Where do you get Franchise leads for Franchisors?

When people say the phrase “Franchise Leads“, it can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  Here at Lead PPC, we specialize in PPC For Franchises.  So, if you’re in need of help with your lead generation needs, please feel free to reach out to us.

If you are a Franchisee, it means “I need leads for my business”.

If you’re a Franchise Broker, it means “I need generic leads of people who may want to buy any type of franchise”.

However, if you are a Franchisor, it means “I need very specific leads of people who would be interested in buying a franchise like mine”.

As an advertising agency, we work exclusively with Franchisors.  The type of leads that we provide them are called Franchise Development Leads.

We currently provide leads for roughly 70 different Franchisors.  And, we have managed over $5,000,000 in ads for Franchisors seeking to acquire new Franchisees.

To be completely candid, many of our Franchisor clients buy leads from many different sources.  Some of them do Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Some of them buy leads from Franchise Portal Sites, such as Franchise Gator, Franchise Direct,, America’s Best Franchises,, and many other Franchise Portals.  Many of our clients also work with Franchise Broker Networks, such as The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES), FranServe, FranNet, Franchise Broker’s Association (FBA), etc.

By and large, the feedback that we get is that our leads are about 3X more qualified as leads that you would receive from a Franchise Portal, and they like that our leads are exclusive rather than being sold to many different Franchisors.  Also, our Cost Per Sale tends to be cheaper than Franchise Brokers.  On average, it costs around $22,000 to get a sale from a Franchise Broker.  Our average Cost Per Sale is between $2,000 – $13,000, depending on the brand, how good they are at closing deals, and the cost of the investment.

In my opinion, your best bet is to get as many different lead sources working for you as possible.  The more different lead providers and lead sources that you can get to perform for you, the less lumpy your sales will be and the faster your brand will grow.

Even for our own business, we drive leads through SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, Referrals, Trade Shows, and other lead sources.  One good strategy to consider is to hold each one of your lead sources accountable for sales.  Then, seek to grow the number of qualified opportunities and sales that you get each year from each source.  This will keep you from being stagnant and trading one good lead source for another.

If you are interested in testing our “Franchise Leads For Franchisors”, feel free to reach out.  Franchise lead generation is what we do.