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So, you have a business, and it’s growing but you want to grow faster, right?

The question then becomes, how do you generate enough new leads to substantially and consistently grow your business? This day in age, most businesses employ PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising as at least one of the primary strategies used to grow their businesses.

Top PPC Networks

Some of the top networks used by businesses for PPC include:

  • Google / YouTube Ads
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Bing / Yahoo Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads

Some of the networks listed above are grouped together because those networks are actually included in a singular advertising network. For instance, Facebook owns both Facebook and Instagram, and you use the Facebook ad platform to advertise on Instagram. Likewise, Google owns YouTube, so if you want to run YouTube ads, you do that within the Google Ads platform.

If you haven’t already created an advertising account with any of these networks, we would suggest that you start with Google and Facebook. For Google, simply go to and for Facebook just go to

Types Of PPC Keywords To Use

Once you have created your accounts there, start with a small budget, such as $500 / mo. on each of the networks. With Google, you will want to begin by advertising on the types of terms that most people would type in to find you on Google. So, if you own a hair salon, terms like the following would make sense:

  • hair salon
  • hair salon near me
  • hair salon city name

PPC Geo-targeting Reminder

Always make sure that you are only advertising to the geographic areas that make the most sense for you and your business. So, if you’re a national company and you want clients nationally, choose those geographic targets. But, if you are only in a specific city or zip code, enter those as your geo targets.

For Facebook, remember that the clicks on Facebook are cheaper and in general the leads on Facebook are cheaper. However, often times the quality of the leads are superior on Google.

Facebook PPC Image Optimization

In order to make the most of your Facebook advertising, always make sure that you choose good pictures. A good picture will cut your CPL (Cost Per Lead) in half or better.

If you need help getting things going on Google or Facebook, feel free to reach out. This is what we do.

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