Top 30 Franchise Marketing Agency List

Top Franchise Marketing Agency List

Top Franchise Marketing Agency List

There are truly an overwhelming amount of marketing agencies out there on the internet.  And many of them that claim to be a expert franchise marketing agency simply are not.  The purpose of this article is to identify who the top franchise marketing agencies are along with some information about them.

Keep in mind that the word “agency” can mean different things to different people, so some of these firms listed below may provide services that are outside of the normal realm of what is typically considered to be an advertising agency. 

I actually deviate quite a bit from what you might find on FranchiseRankings, as many of the agencies listed there like Boostability and ReachLocal are just big agencies and the chances of you getting an account manager who is really an expert in franchise advertising is slim to none.  Our list is also very different from what you will find as Credo, as I’ve been in this space since 2010 and have never even heard of any of those agencies like Elevato Digital, Search Nurture, etc.

Our list is going to be more similar to what you might find on Propellant Media‘s site, although this list is more comprehensive in scope.

Top 30 Franchise Marketing Agencies:

Top 30 Franchise Marketing Agencies

Top 30 Franchise Marketing Agencies

#1 – Lead PPC

Again, we’re biased on this, but when it comes strictly to franchise lead generation via PPC (Google Ads, Facebook / Instagram Ads), we feel like we are the best at it.  However, we don’t do SEO, Content Generation, PR, and many other types of marketing services, so if you’re in need of those types of services, you may need to use the list below to find vendors that can provide that.

#2 – NineOneNine Marketing

If you search for the term “franchise marketing agency” on Google, most likely 919 is going to come up first.  So, we’re going to give extra points to 919 since they are a strong marketing agency and also dominate this search term.  Also, they are a full-service agency.

#3 – Scorpion

While Scorpion is mainly known for their presence within the Law Firm and Dentistry fields, they have made strides in acquiring agencies with franchising and have really improved their offering over the years.  Their staff of artists is strong, and they can even do print media for franchisors after acquiring Wheat Creative.  So, they are one to look at.

#4 –

This is one that you normally wouldn’t consider to be an agency as they are more of a franchise portal.  But, the detail they provide for each of their franchises (including a graph year over year of the # of corporate versus franchisee units owned, investment amount etc.) is so powerful and the leads generated from their site are beyond that of normal franchise portals, that I’m going to give them a boost in our rankings here.

#5 – NinthRoot

Like us, NinthRoot is out of Utah.  They have a great team and do an excellent job especially with Google My Business and location advertising.

#6 – Location3

These guys are big.  They have over 80 people on staff and are best suited for brands that have hundreds of locations.

#7 – Reshift Media

Reshift was voted the world’s best franchise marketing firm by the Global Franchise Awards at IFA in 2023.

#8 – ChoiceLocal

While they only have about 50 franchise systems that they work with, their retention rate is an astounding 96% and they have solutions for both franchisors and franchisees.

#9 – Integrated Digital Strategies

One thing that I like about Integrated Digital Strategies is that while their core service offering is franchise lead generation, they also do provide a level of franchise sales services, much like an FSO, which pushes the quality of their leads higher than some agencies.  If you’re in need of both franchise sales and franchise lead generation, they would be one to consider.

#10 – Curious Jane

Curious Jane is all about creating long lasting relationships.  Their staff is sincere about helping you succeed over time and is passionate about helping execute your vision and strategy.

#11 – Bright Pink Agency

Bright Pink reminds me a bit of Curious Jane.  A lot of brands fail because they never put together a strong overall marketing strategy.  If you feel like your brand is off or needs some work, Bright Pink may be able to provide a more holistic marketing approach for you.

#12 – Sharpnet Solutions

Sharpnet is known more for their franchise SEO services.  To be honest, driving high quality franchise leads from SEO for franchisors is not easy.  We don’t even try to do it.  So, if you’re unhappy with your SEO vendor, I’d have a conversation with these guys.

#13 – Crush 2.0 Agency

Crush has some unique service offerings I haven’t found anywhere else, such as proximity marketing and text enabled land lines.  They seem to be a creative team that thinks outside the box about how to really get your brand out there. 

#14 – Goodway Group

Many franchise agencies focus on either franchise development lead generation or local franchise marketing.  Goodway Group puts a heavy emphasis on national marketing and is able to help put all of the pieces together for large multi-location brands, similar to perhaps Location3 in that regard.

#15 – Franchise Gator

Franchise Gator is the largest franchise portal in the space.  While not a traditional agency, nobody drives more franchise leads than Gator.

#16 – Franchise Direct

If Gator is #1 among franchise portals, Franchise Direct would be #2.  For some franchisors, Franchise Direct is able to drive a slightly higher quality lead than Gator, although it really depends on the specific sub-niche that your franchise resides in.

#17 – Hyperlocology

Hyperlocology is a bit hard to spell but has a unique platform that allows franchisors to keep control of their brand while supporting local franchisees.

#18 – Sparktank Franchise Marketing

In some ways, I would say that Sparktank is one of the more similar agencies to us here at Lead PPC in that all of their account managers have worked specifically in franchise lead generation for a very long time.

#19 – SalesOptima Digital

Like many of the agencies listed above, SalesOptima provides local SEO, local paid search, social ads, and brand development.

#20 – AMP Agency

While not limited to franchising (they also do retail national chains, consumer electronics, travel, gaming, etc.), they obviously have some experience in franchising and their overall artwork is solid.

#21 – Ignite Visibility

Ignite operates in many industries, but they have made the Inc. 5000 and won several Clutch awards.

#22 – TopFire Media

TopFire Media is strong when it comes to franchise development SEO as well as local franchise marketing.

#23 – Franchise Hive

Franchise Hive is a combination franchise marketing agency and CRM software solution.

#24 – Qiigo

Among other marketing services, Qiigo also does reputation management, which many agencies on this list do not provide.

#25 – Franatics

Franatics provides local content creation, social media content creation, and various lead generation services.

#26 – Silvercrest

Silvercrest is a technology company that delivers sophisticated marketing and media solutions for brands.

#27 – SOCi

Over 600 multi-location brands use SOCi as their marketing platform.

#28 – Elysium Marketing Group

If you are a food or restaurant franchise, Elysium might be one to consider.

#29 – Local Hero

Local Hero is platform based and most similar to SOCi while focusing on hyper-localized ads.

#30 – Thrive

Thrive is a results driven marketing agency that has experience in the franchising space as well.

Why Hire A Franchise Marketing Agency?

In the past, franchise businesses were often limited to local markets and relied on word-of-mouth advertising to generate customers. However, in recent years, with the rise of digital marketing and technology, more and more franchise owners have started to explore different marketing strategies to reach a broader audience.

Hiring a franchise marketing agency is essential for any business looking to grow their presence in the marketplace. Such agencies specialize in understanding the unique needs of franchises and can develop effective promotional campaigns that will generate more brand exposure and leads. Here are some tips on how you can find the right franchise marketing agency for your business.

Research Your Options – When hiring a franchise marketing agency, it’s important to do your research. Look into what services they offer as well as their track record with other franchises, so you can get an idea of whether or not they are capable of delivering results. Doing this research upfront will save you from having to deal with an inexperienced or unqualified agency later on.

Understand Your Objectives – Before hiring a franchise marketing agency, it’s important to clearly define what outcomes you want from their work. Do you want to reach a wider audience? Increase sales? Develop a stronger online presence? Knowing these goals ahead of time will help your chosen agency develop an effective strategy that specifically meets your needs.

Look at Their Portfolio – Most reputable agencies will have a portfolio of previous clients they have worked with, so be sure to take some time looking through their case studies. This will provide insight into both their process and results, as well as give you an idea of what kind of skillset they possess. If possible, contact some of the previous clients listed in the portfolio and ask about their experience working with the agency; this should give you a good indication about whether or not they would be suitable for your project.

Set Clear Parameters – Before signing any contracts or agreements with an agency, make sure that all expectations are laid out clearly from both sides – this includes things like costs associated with services provided, deadlines for deliverables, etc. Setting clear parameters helps ensure everyone is on the same page throughout the duration of the campaign and reduces chances of miscommunication down the line.

Monitor Progress & Results – Once you’ve selected an agency and set up all necessary parameters/agreements/contracts needed for them to start working on your project, make sure there is regular communication between both parties throughout its duration – this way any changes or roadblocks can be addressed quickly instead of waiting until it’s too late and incurring unnecessary costs due to delays in deliverables or output quality issues caused by miscommunication between teams. Additionally, set up benchmarks that need to be achieved at certain points during your campaign (e.g., 5% increase in website traffic after 2 months) – doing this allows both parties involved keep track of progress made over time and adjust strategies accordingly if necessary based on changing market conditions/behavioral shifts from potential customers/etc.

Finally – don’t forget to measure results! Make sure that all key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to your campaign are tracked regularly throughout its runtime so it is easier identify if objectives have been met (or exceeded!) once it concludes; this could include things like website traffic numbers/conversions rates/social media engagement metrics/etc., depending on which strategies were implemented during the campaign period as part of your overall strategy developed by your chosen franchise marketing agency team beforehand.


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Video Transcript

Hi there! And welcome to our website. You’re probably viewing this video on our website or on YouTube, but welcome to leeppc. Com. My name is Grant James and we are going to talk about the top 30 franchise marketing agencies that are out there. Obviously we are very biased in this because we believe that we are one of the best agencies out there, but I wanted to show some love to some of the other groups that exist within the greater franchising ecosystem so that you have more information on what are some good agencies that you could take a look at so here are what we consider or I consider to be the top kind of 30 franchise marketing agencies. I tried to put them in order as much as I could, but there are some differences. Some people are looking for franchise development lead generation. Other people are looking for like a franchise portal. Other people are looking for local franchise marketing so there are some differences there and I try to address that a little bit in the article.

The first one I’m just saying is us here elite PPC. We have worked with over 250 brands. We’ve been working with franchises since 2010. I used to be a chief marketing officer for a franchise or back in the day, and a lot of my staff has kind of come out of the franchising space, so whether it is franchise development legion that you need. Help with or if it’s local franchise marketing we can definitely get you covered on that some other good groups if you were to go type in 919 marketing is great. If you were to type in the search tournarm franchise marketing agency usually 919 is going to show up. They are pretty good. This is kind of what their website looks like and they have some they have some good information on there so I’ll be one that I’ would take a look at when we get phone calls from people. One of the agencies that a lot of people have worked with or consider is 919 Marketing.

Another one is going to be Scorpion. One thing that I love about Scorpion is they have really good designs. They use their own content management system which bug some people because it’s not WordPress, but if you need help with SEO or you need help you know, just kind of all encompassing and you’re not. You’re okay with using their CMS. They can be really good. Um, we have a good relationship with them. They’re great people. They kind of come out of the law for marketing space. They doing more and more with franchising. Um. And they also do a lot with dental offices so they’re one to take a look at entrepreneur. Com. There is a lot that I really like about Entrepreneur. Com. I would consider them to be more of kind of like a really high. End portal. I think that their leads are really good. Also they have some different search features that are on there that show how many units people have as far as like how many like the unit growth year over year within a franchise system which is pretty cool so there are listings on Google on their site.

They get listed on Google are pretty good night through, really like these guys. I feel like what night through is good at is kind of Google, my business and local search results. If you have multi unit types of situations here at least PPC we only do paper click so we don’t do some of the more like organic type of stuff. So if you’re looking to get ranked organically, these guys do a great job of that. We’ve we’ve sent a lot of clients their direction they’ve sent some backguard direction we’re both out of Utah. I probably got in a lunch with these guys maybe 5 times over the years. Really good people next is gonna be a location 3 these people have over 80 people on staff and they’ve also worked with 1t of brands. I don’t know if they’re venture capital back or how that works, but it’s kind of kind of has that vibe. They’re out of Denver, Colorado, so if you are and Denver they might be one to take a look at as well.

Next we have Reshift Media. They were voted the world’s. Best franchise marketing firm by Global Franchise Awards at IFA in 2023, so you know anytime something shows up in IFA that’s something to kind of be aware of but I think they have some cool stuff going on there as well. Then I’m just gonna kind of blow through some of the next ones of these choice local. They have about 50 franchise systems that they work with and their retention rate is 96 percent, which is actually quite insane. I’m not sure kind of what time period they’re looking out that with, but that is really good.

Integrated digital strategies as the next one and if the internet is being kind in it looks like their website is kind of slow, but they provide things like let’s see, and on here I wrote one of the things that I like about integrated additional strategies is that while their core service offering is Franchise league generation, they also do provide a level of franchise sales services like an FSO, so that’s one to keep in mind where if you need help with franchise sales that can help you. Also curious genus one that I like a lot. Um, these people are really nice so we’ve done some booths at different events and they’ve actually helped me like put up my booth and so I’ve gotten to know them. I can get 2 different events and I I just really like them a lot. I think that they do a good good job with a variety of different services and you can kind of go to their site and see some US stuff they do. It’s a lot like media planning, national Ad Fund, PR franchise, Italman SEO web designs, kind of a little bit of everything. So if you’re like if there’s someone’s more like an all encompassing agency, they might be one kind of take a look at the rest.

I’m just kind of read through bright pink agencies. Good sharpened solutions crush this one’s not necessarily a franchising specific one’ but they do do some enfranchising good way group franchise, Gator franchise direct, hyper Locology, Spark Tank Franchise Marketing Sales, Optima Digital amp Agency, Ignite Visibility, Top Fire Media, Franchise Hive, Kigo, Fernatic, Silver Crest, Soaky. Not sure I say that saying that right. Elysian Marketing, Local Hero and Thrive. I think these guys used to be Dex back in the day, not 100% sure. I also kind of talk about some of the reasons why you would hire a franchise marketing agency.

Things such as looking at your options understand your objectives like these are some kind of basic things when you’re looking to hire an agency what to look for in doing that anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this video, of course, would love to talk with you if you’re interested in talking with us, just click on the contact us button, fill this out and then we can. It’ll right away you can. Set up a calendarly invite. We can set a point right there to have a conversation, but thanks for coming to our site. We appreciate it. We’ve got lots of articles on here. I think we have more kind of content around franchise marketing than just about anybody, so I hope you’ll enjoy that. Talk to you’ soon bye.