What Is A Franchise Marketing Agency?

Franchise Marketing Agency

Franchise Marketing Agency

The definition of a “Franchise Marketing Agency” is an outsourced company that helps promote and sell franchises on behalf of franchisors or helps local franchisees acquire more customers.  There are 2 main types of franchise marketing agencies, including:

  1. Franchise Development Marketing Agency
  2. Local Franchise Marketing Agency

Franchise Development Marketing Agency

There are about 6 franchise advertising agencies that focus on providing franchise development leads for franchisors.  These leads are then used by franchisors to help sell franchise opportunities in new areas.

The top franchise development marketing agencies are as follows:

Franchise Agencies

Franchise Agencies

Local Franchise Marketing Agency

There are about 15 franchise ad agencies that specialize in driving more customers to the local stores of a franchise system on behalf of franchisees. 

The top local franchise marketing agencies are as follows:

Local Franchise Marketing Agencies

Local Franchise Marketing Agencies

The Benefits of Working with a Franchise Development Marketing Agency

A marketing agency can become an invaluable asset for any business looking to expand their brand and reach a wider audience. A well-run franchise development marketing agency has the expertise, knowledge and technical know-how that can help a business take its products or services to the next level. Here are some of the benefits of working with a franchise development marketing agency:

1. Comprehensive Planning & Strategy Development. A franchise marketing agency will be able to plan out your entire strategy from beginning to end, from market analysis to product launch. This helps ensure that you’re getting the best return on investment for your money and time spent in franchising. The agency can also work with you on budgeting and targeting specific markets through various channels such as digital, print and radio.

2. Access to Resources & Research Tools. Working with a franchise marketing agency can give you access to the best resources for researching potential partners and markets that are relevant to your product or service. This includes market research reports and trend analysis from industry experts. The agency is also able to offer valuable insights into the competition, helping you stay ahead of the game in terms of innovation and strategy development.

3. Professional Branding Solutions. From creating logos to developing websites, a franchise marketing agency will have everything you need in order to create a professional image for your business that stands out in the marketplace. They’ll be able to provide creative solutions as well as technical support when it comes to website design and other promotional materials.

4. Marketing Campaigns & Advertising. A franchise marketing agency will have the ability to develop comprehensive campaigns designed to boost brand awareness and drive sales. They’ll be able to produce creative content for digital, print, radio and television advertising that will help you reach a wider audience in an effective manner. Additionally, they’ll be able to track the success of each campaign in order to make adjustments as needed for future campaigns.

5. Strategic Networking Opportunities. Working with a franchise development marketing agency can provide your business with access to important contacts throughout the industry that can help you further grow your brand and increase revenue. This includes partnerships with local businesses and organizations as well as national retailers who may find your product or service an attractive addition to their existing portfolio.

A franchise development marketing agency can be a great asset for any business looking to expand and reach its target market. With the right planning, strategy and resources, they can help you take your products or services to the next level while maximizing profits. Their vast array of services are tailored specifically to the needs of each individual client, ensuring that every campaign is successful in reaching its intended audience. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider partnering with a reputable and experienced agency today!

Why Work With A Local Franchise Marketing Agency?

For businesses looking to expand into new markets or further develop existing ones, there are few better investments than hiring a local franchise marketing agency. Such companies have extensive knowledge of the region they serve, as well as experience in helping both large and small businesses reach their goals. As such, they are able to offer tailored solutions that meet the needs of each individual business they work with. Through this approach, businesses can benefit from targeted marketing strategies designed specifically for their target audience.

Most importantly, local franchise marketing agencies have access to extensive networks of contacts in their respective industries. This allows them to leverage these connections when it comes time for creating campaigns or launching initiatives. For example, many agencies will be connected with influential bloggers in the area who can help spread awareness about particular products or services offered by a business. By collaborating with professionals who already have a significant presence in the industry, businesses are able to increase visibility for themselves much more quickly than if they were attempting to do so alone.

Another key benefit of working with a local franchise marketing agency is that they can provide unique insights into the demographics of different regions and how best to reach consumers within those areas through various tactics such as local store direct mailings or targeted online advertisements. Furthermore, these companies often have experts who specialize in devising strategies that take into account competitor activity as well as trends within specific industries or sectors; this allows them provide strategic guidance that is far more comprehensive than what most businesses would be able to create on their own without the assistance of experienced professionals.

Finally, working with a local franchise marketing agency gives businesses access to valuable resources and tools that may otherwise be unavailable or difficult to secure on one’s own. In addition to providing creative staff capable of producing high-quality materials and designs suited for any type of campaign, most agencies also have relationships with various media outlets that allow them access discounted rates which can result in considerable cost savings over time.

For business owners looking for ways to grow their operations and access untapped opportunities within new markets, there is no better option than partnering with a reliable local franchise marketing agency who understands your needs and can provide tailored solutions designed around achieving success together. With an experienced team at your side capable of leveraging regional networks and resources while offering expert advice backed by years of industry knowledge, you can rest assured knowing you have made one of the best investments possible toward ensuring long-term success for yourself and your business alike!


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Video Transcript

Hi there! This is Grant James with Lead PPC. If you are viewing this video you are probably either on YouTube or you’re on Google, and either way you’re probably looking for a franchise marketing agency. This article that I’m gonna go over here is about what is a franchise marketing agency. Most likely you are shopping for some type of a franchise marketing agency that may be someone who does SEO, someone who does paper click, content creation, print media. There’s all sorts of different kind of franchise marketing agencies out there, but I’ll kind of walk walk through what those are and kind of what to look for. In this article I talk about 2 primary groups of marketing agencies. It really comes down to whether you’re looking for someone who does franchise development marketing and that’s going to be groups like us here.

At least PBC scorpion also does some Curious Jane does some franchise hive, top fire media and Kiko. These are guys, I would say, or probably some of top 4 franchise development. Um, obviously I’m super bias with us we’ve worked with over 250 brands. I used to be a chief marketing officer for Franchise or 13 years ago. Um, we’ve spent we’ve managed over $25,000,000 in ads and this is like at its core, this is what we do. We feel like we are barn on the best group for franchise development, especially paper click. That’s kind of what we focus on if. You’re looking for SEO content creation things like that some of these other groups may be ones to consider, since all we do is paper click. If you’re looking for local franchise marketing, there are a few groups that do that it’s a little bit of a longer list because there’s actually more money in it. A lot of times like we’re on the cheaper end for in agency. We just have like a. Flat fee and we can talk to you more about what that is, but basically franchise developments pretty cheap when you get into doing lots and lots of locations.

There’s a lot of scale and money there because some franchises have 1050, 101,000 locations and that can scale really nicely for a lot of organizations. So again we would we feel like we’re the best at anything that has to do with paper click franchise marketing whether it’s local or franchise development, but some other grips that are good. I think knife route is pretty good, especially if you’re doing Google local local service ads. Those they do some cool stuff with that as it relates to kind of both organic and kind of some of those local ads, so they’re pretty good. Scorpion does some stuff. Their background is mainly law firms and dental offices, but they’ve acquired some agencies that are in franchising that are pretty good fernatics. Curious James Jane Reshift Media Choice local.

I forget what this one’s called kigo Sales optimose. Silver Crust brand muscle suchi local hero. These are all ones that that do offer some type of local franchise marketing. Again, if you’re considering them we would love to, you know, be the first to talk with you about that. We can at least share some of our experience on it. So what are some of the benefits of working with the franchise development marketing agency at the end of the day? I don’t know how much about I go into this in this article, but really comes down to knowing what your cost for sale is. If you’re working with a franchise broke or neckwork, maybe you’re working with like IFPG, TS France or Fran net Bai any of those different types of groups? Um, you’re gonna be paying somewhere between around 25 to $40,000 per sale. Um, if you’re a newer franchise or and you’ have all you don’t have like an item 19 and maybe you only have like one corporate store. They may charge you 40 grand for your first couple stores.

Um, after that it’s usually about $25,000 per sale aggregate. That’s including, you know, the commission that you pay them, the yearly fee, any and the sponsorships that you typically do 01:59 of those a year for us. Our cost per sale usually ranges between if you’re if you’re um a franchise or and your um overall cost for investment is between 2. 50 and 7. 50 we’re about 5000 to $12,000 cost. Per sale, so we’re about 1/3 2/2 of um what it is to work with a franchise broker network, having said that a lot of groups that we work with and working with both us and 02:59 broker networks so there will take profits from out the ads that we do. A lot of times budgets end up being somewhere between about 1500 dollars to about $7,000 a month. Usually people start pretty small though and do that for a while, but once they’re getting profits they’ll put a little more into paper click and then they’ll also start doing franchise broker networks that they haven’t done that already.

A lot of our clients also work with FSOS groups like Raintree, Franap Rep, um, there’s Pentacle, there’s different groups out there’ that are good at you know, outsourcing sales, but yeah, lots of benefits, planning, strategic development, branding solutions, marketing campaigns, working with, you know why work with a local franchise marketing agency? I think that really comes down to scale. It’s a lot of pressure to put on. You’re in house staff to be in charge of all these budgets and so many things when that’s not like they’re not specialist with things with all things local marketing and it’s not like a core business thing. So all most franchise wars will work with some type of agencies and then you have some type of a ticketing system through like Zoho where where internally you can see all the.

Communications that happen. An agency can see the franchise you can see and you know reporting and all that type of stuff. If you are interested and you need help with either franchise development marketing or local consumer marketing just click on this, contact us button here and you can fill out the form and then we can have a discussion with you and see if we’re a good fit for one another, but thanks for coming to our site. Hopefully this is helpful and we’d love to talk with you. thanks!