What Are The 3 Main Types Of Franchise Marketing?

What Are The 3 Main Types Of Franchise Marketing

What Are The 3 Main Types Of Franchise Marketing


The answer to the important question of, “What Are The Main Types Of Franchise Marketing?” is as follows.  Here are the main types of franchise marketing are:

  1. PPC Franchise Marketing
  2. SEO Franchise Marketing
  3. Trade Show Franchise Marketing

This is an important distinction because some agencies like ourselves here are really strong at PPC franchise marketing but don’t offer any services for SEO franchise marketing or Trade Show Franchise Marketing.

Having said that, sometimes a specialist beats a generalist, and you may be better off hiring 3 different firms who are good at each of these 3 aspects of franchise marketing rather than just going with a single agency that is mediocre at all 3 types of marketing.

Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation.


#1: PPC Franchise Marketing

So, PPC Franchise Marketing is exactly what we do here at Lead PPC.  We basically advertise on behalf of franchisors on advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Meta Ads and help drive interested prospective franchisees for your franchise development reps to follow up with.

Here is an example of what the ads might look like on Google Ads:

Franchise Google Ads Example

Franchise Google Ads Example

Here is an example of what the ads might look like on Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads Franchise Advertising Example

Facebook Ads Franchise Advertising Example

As far as Cost Per Lead (CPL) goes, you should expect around a $30-$75 Cost Per Lead depending on what industry you are targeting and what platform the leads are coming from.  Our average CPL all-time across all of our brands is about $32 per lead (on about $25,000,000 of ad spend).  For Cost Per Sale (CPS), it’s probably somewhere between about $5,000-$15,000 per sale, depending on how expensive the brand is and how good the opportunity is.


#2: SEO Franchise Marketing

The 2nd type of marketing is SEO Franchise Marketing.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing honestly takes forever.  It used to be that backlinks were the way to go to help bolster your website’s organic rankings.  However, it’s almost all about making great content these days.  Even the article that you are reading here today is driven by SEO content creation strategies.

In the franchising space, we would recommend taking the top keywords that have driven sales for your via PPC and then writing articles around that type of content.  It’s hard to pin down exactly what your Cost Per Sale should be for franchise development, and it really depends on how expensive the staff is that you are paying to write your articles.

One thing to consider is using tools like Chat GPT and Jasper.ai to help you finish parts of your content that you do not want to write.


#3: Trade Show Franchise Marketing

Before the advent of the internet, trade shows is where most franchise sales came from.  Now, over 60% of all franchise sales come from online sources such as SEO and PPC.  Even Franchise Portals use SEO and PPC to drive their leads.

The only trade shows in my opinion that are worth doing are any of the Franchise Broker Networks that you are already paying for.  Getting in front of those brokers and spending time with them is absolutely key.


Other Types Of Franchise Marketing:

Franchise marketing is a specialized type of marketing that is unique to the franchise business model. It involves strategies that are designed to attract both potential franchisees and end consumers of a franchise’s product or service. There are several key types of franchise marketing that every franchise owner should be familiar with, which we will explore in detail.

Direct marketing is a type of franchise marketing that involves communicating directly with potential franchisees. This can be through email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing, and even face-to-face meetings. The goal of direct marketing is to create a personal connection with potential franchisees, providing them with information about the franchise opportunity and persuading them to take the next step.

Digital marketing has become an essential part of franchise marketing in the digital age. This usually includes strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing. Digital marketing helps franchises attract both potential franchisees and end consumers by increasing their visibility online.

Local marketing is another significant type of franchise marketing. This involves marketing strategies that are targeted at the local market where a franchise is located. It can include local SEO, community involvement, local events, and local advertising. Local marketing is essential for franchises because it helps them establish a strong presence in their local community.

Cooperative marketing is a type of marketing where multiple franchisees within the same franchise system collaborate to fund and implement a marketing campaign. This can be an effective way to pool resources and reach a wider audience than a single franchisee could on their own.

National marketing is a type of franchise marketing where the franchisor leads a marketing campaign on a national scale. This type of marketing helps build brand awareness and can attract both potential franchisees and end consumers.

In conclusion, franchise marketing is a multifaceted field that encompasses a range of strategies. Whether you’re a franchisor or franchisee, understanding these different types of marketing is crucial to the success of your franchise. By leveraging direct, digital, local, cooperative, and national marketing strategies, you can attract potential franchisees, drive customer engagement, and ultimately, boost business growth.


Need Help?

Now that you have some examples of what Franchise Marketing should look like, if you want for someone to do it for you we can definitely help.  It fact, it’s all we do for a business.  Please fill out our Contact Us form if you’re interested and we’ll hop on a call to discuss further.

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Video Transcript

Hi there! This is Grant James with Lead PPC, and in this video I’m going to talk about this article that you’re probably looking at right now called what are the 3 main types of franchise marketing there are a lot of different ways that I could have gone with this article so that could have talked about franchise broker networks versus franchise portals versus franchise ad agencies but I kind of decided to talk about paper click marketing versus SEO, franchise marketing versus trade show franchise marketing because at the end of the day even with portals stuff is usually coming from either paid sources or search engine optimization and then Treation has been around for a long time one thing to keep in mind is that about 60 percent of all franchise sales come from come online so that’s this’ franchise development, but through either paper click or SEO and all of this also works in general except for maybe trade show franchise marketing even for the local consumer side of things so I put some examples in here of some different things that do work on paper click so this would be a Google add right here so some there’s a lot of little key nuances in here’ so things about like own a Cool Cats franchise.

I just kind of created cool cats but um I like to say kind of what the investment required amount is um, what you’re kind of’ looking for so generous territories build it your own pay stuff like that and then if anytime you are um and this is just I just used our own Lead PPC um page right here but you want to make sure in your Facebook ads that you do talk about what your investment amount is that’s really really important because you’re trying to get rid of’ tire kickers basically as far as cost per lead goes, expect somewhere between about a 30 to 75 dollar cost per lead with inflation and what have you that is tending to increase but our all time cost per leaders about 32 dollars a lead things like QSR restaurant stuff like that is going to be cheaper. It’s more visually appealing whereas when you get into home services education and that’s where you start seeing a little bit higher cost per lead cost per sale we see stuff in here.

I said we see stuff but yeah, between 5000 to $12,000 cost per sale on the SEO side of things I think you have to be really careful about link building in general I’m a big fan of um right, just writing good content and staying consistent with it for myself. I try to put out a minimum of you know, one or 2 articles a day um when I’m really churning um for kind of s longer ter tail types of terms um sometimes I’m putting out like 10 articles a day um when I’m into the if it’s uh, if it’s one or 2 articles, it’s a lot of handwritten stuff that I’m really taking the time to think through and building lists of different in pulling pictures and data um, when it’s a lot of longer tail stuff than all lean into things like chat, GTP or Jasper AI to finish parts on my content, cause it’s just so monotonous trade show marketing can still work well there you could go to things like IFA I think there’s like an IFA East West and then there’s also franchise broker network trade shows that you can go to so working with franchise broker networks can be good some other types of franchise marketing I mean there’s also direct marketing digital Mark you got local quadra.

I mean there’s so many different types’ up there’ but I think these are the kind of some of the main things to look at is make sure you have an agency that understands paper click. There’s really only about 6 agencies that do any type of volume anywhere between about most of them do between above um 00:50 brands we we currently have about 80 active brands 80 active brands that we do we’ve done over 300 total over the last 13 years, so evenly space we understand. I would I would definitely not work with an agency unless they’ve done at least all time’ about 50 different brands because it just takes a while to understand franchise marketing, but if you. Would like to talk to us there’s a contact us button up here’ you can click on that, fill out this form or you can just you can call us at 833 lead PVC, but thanks so much for taking the time to listen this video. Read this article and we’ll talk to you soon.