Top 16 Franchise Development Agencies In 2024

Top Franchise Development Agencies

Top Franchise Development Agencies

When it comes to identifying the Top Franchise Development Agency, it really comes down to 2 separate categories of agencies:

  • Franchise Development Marketing Agencies
  • Franchise Sales Organizations

Let’s talk about each of these.

Top 6 Franchise Development Marketing Agencies:

There are really 6 strong franchise development marketing agencies.  The first one is us here at Lead PPC.  After that, I would put Scorpion, Curious Jane, Franchise Hive, TopFire Media, and Qiigo in that order.

Franchise Agencies

Franchise Agencies

Each of these agencies has been doing franchise development lead generation for quite some time, they understand the market, and they know what it takes to get franchisors the types of leads online that they are seeking.  Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation.

Top 10 Franchise Sales Organizations:

Franchise Sales Organizations or “FSOs” take the leads that are generated by franchise marketing agencies and process them.  The end result is qualified franchise candidates who are ready to move on to stages like Meet The Founders, Discovery Day, and becoming a full fledged Franchisee.

The top FSO agencies are going to be Rain Tree, Pinnacle, Franchise Evolution, The Revenue Catalyst, UFG, Rhino 7, Franchise Performance Group, Oak Scale, Franchise Beacon, and FranSmart probably in that order.  However, some of these FSOs are better at niches like restaurant franchises versus home services or education brands.  So, depending on what type of a franchisor you are, certain FSOs might be better for you than others.

Top Franchise Sales Organizations 2024

Top Franchise Sales Organizations 2024

#1 – Franchise Evolution Partners (+2)

Franchise Evolution Partners is up 2 spots since 2023.  Their team has tenaciously grown over the past 12 months and they continue to produce a high level of results for their clients.  If you’re looking for an FSO that has experience and isn’t going to gouge you on pricing, Franchise Evolution would be our top pick this year for outsourced franchise sales.  When you team up with Franchise Evolution Partners, you add a dedicated sales and lead nurturing system to your organization that guides franchisees from initial interest all the way to territory purchase.


#2 – REP’M (NEW)

REP’M is new to our list for 2024.  They have grown like crazy and really made a name for themselves in the FSO space.  Some of their brands include Pause Studio, HOMEstretch, Healthsource, sugaringLA, The Lash Lounge, Art of Drawers, Milkshake Factory, Garage Kings, Alloy Personal Training, Ellie Mental Health, Kidokinetics, 4Ever Young, Splash and Dash, and skoah.  We’d honestly put them right up there neck and neck with Franchise Evolution.  Either one of these FSOs are dynomite.


#3 – Fransmart (+7)

Fransmart has also made some big leaps this year on our list of top FSOs.  If you’re a food / restaurant / QSR they would be one to consider.  Some of their brands include Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, Cilantro Taco Grill, Curry Up Now, Ike’s Love & Sandwiches, RISE Southern Biscuits and Righteous Chicken, Taffer’s Tavern Food and Spirits, The Halal Guys, JARS Sweets and Things by Fabio Viviani, Schmackary’s, PayMore, Personal Care, and GLO30.


#4 – Rain Tree (-2)

Rain Tree still makes our list for Top 5 Franchise Sales Organizations for 2024.  Their team has grown like crazy this past year with 35+ employees.  Brent Dowling is a stud.  They’ve helped brands like Dog Training Elite grow to 300+ locations.  Some of their other brands include Anchored Tiny Homes, Cabinet IQ, Capital Tacos, Footprint Floors, Hounds Town, Skedaddle, Taostique, and Voodoo Brewing.  I like that they’ve chosen to focus on less brands but really putting a lot of firepower behind the brands that they choose to work with rather than trying to grow by bringing on more and more brands.  Very experienced group.


#5 – Rhino 7 (+3)

Rhino 7 has moved up 3 spots on our list for 2024.  I don’t recommend them to our clients as much as Franchise Evolution, REP’M, or Rain Tree primarily because we don’t know their executive team as well as we would like to and because they like to own a percentage of your company in order to work with you, which is hard for us to recommend.  But, they are a great team with fantastic results nonetheless.  Their brands are 76 Fence, Fetch! Pet Care, QC Kinetix, Door Renew, Furry Land, SprayFoamGenie, Playful Pack, Silicoat Roofing, and Yardsweepers.


#6 – Pinnacle (-3)

We haven’t heard much from Pinnacle as of recently, but they have continued to hone in and solidify their client list, which now includes Kitchen Solvers, True Install, Clothes Bin, Always Faithful Dog Training (dog training seems to be a trend among FSOs), B Nutritious, All American Pet Resorts, C3 Wellness Spa, 2nd Family, Cookie Cutters, and RSVP.  They have been voted a top supplier 4 years in a row by


#7 – Franchise Performance Group (0)

Much like United Franchise Group, Franchise Performance Group has been doing outsourced franchise sales since before many of these other FSOs were even around.  They’ve worked with 140+ brands for 20+ years.  Always much love and respect for the OGs in the industry.


#8 – United Franchise Group (-2)

These guys are still one of the big boys in the space.  You give up a lot including ownership and autonomy to work with them, but it’s hard to argue against their methodologies.  They’ve helped some brands reach thousands of franchised locations.


#9 – Franchise Genesis (NEW)

New to our list this year is going to be Franchise Genesis.  Franchise Genesis is primarily known for helping businesses become franchises, but they do offer a certain level of franchise sales capabilities.  We’ve enjoyed getting to know their team better in general, and they are worth a mention.


#10 – Oak Scale (-2)

Last on our list for 2024 is going to be Oak Scale.  If you’re in need of capital to help you grow, these guys operate as somewhere between a VC / Private Equity group and a typical FSO.  Arrangements would be similar to that of UFG or Rhino 7.


If you’re looking for more information on this subject, I would recommend checking out our “Top 80 Franchise Lead Generation Sites” article as it goes into more detail on each of these.  If you’d like to hop on a call and talk further on the subject, please schedule a call online using our Contact Us form.  Thanks!

10 Ways To Take Your Franchise Development Strategy to the Next Level

Franchising is a great way to expand your business and reach more potential customers. But if you want to fully capitalize on the many advantages of owning a franchise, it’s important to have an effective marketing strategy in place. That’s where a specialized franchise development marketing agency can help. A good agency will have a deep understanding of the franchising industry and how to maximize profitability for both franchise owners and franchisors. Here are 10 ways that such an agency can take your franchise development strategy to the next level:

1. Provide Valuable Market Research – Once you have identified potential partners or locations for your new franchises, one of the most important aspects of any successful launch is comprehensive market research. By engaging with experienced professionals in the field of franchise development, you can gain insights into the most profitable markets and consumer trends.

2. Create a Unique Brand for Your Franchise – A good franchise marketing agency will help create a unique brand identity that represents your franchise’s values and positioning in the marketplace. This includes designing logos, creating slogans, developing a website and social media accounts dedicated to your franchise, and other elements essential to establishing an effective marketing strategy.

3. Develop Effective Advertising Strategies – Once you have recognized areas with potential customers, it’s important to develop ad campaigns specifically tailored for those audiences. A quality marketing agency can help you craft compelling messages that will resonate with consumers and ultimately lead to more conversions.

4. Create Targeted Email Strategies – In today’s digital age, email marketing is a powerful way to reach potential customers. A good franchise development marketing agency can help you create highly effective messages that will encourage people to learn more about your franchise and hopefully become long-term customers.

5. Leverage Social Media To Promote Your Franchise – Developing an online presence through social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach potential customers. Experienced marketers can help you craft content that resonates with consumers and increases visibility for your franchise.

6. Optimize Search Engine Rankings – One of the most important aspects of any successful digital strategy is search engine optimization (SEO). By optimizing the content on your website, a qualified marketing agency can help your site rank higher in search engine results and increase the visibility of your franchise.

7. Establish Partnerships with Local Organizations – Developing relationships with local organizations such as nonprofits and schools is one of the best ways to increase awareness about your franchise. A good agency will have connections that can open doors for these partnerships and help you build long-term relationships with potential customers in the community.

8. Create an Integrated Franchising Strategy – It’s important to devise a plan to manage all aspects of franchising, including legal issues, finance management, training programs, customer service policies, etc. A quality marketing agency can offer comprehensive guidance on how to develop a successful strategy while addressing all the different facets of owning a franchise.

9. Track Results and Make Adjustments – Last but not least, it’s important to track the performance of your marketing campaigns and make necessary adjustments based on what works and what doesn’t. A good agency can provide you with insights into which strategies are performing best and help you make changes quickly in order to maximize results.

10. Foster Long-Term Relationships – While most agencies will focus on launch strategies, it’s also important for them to foster ongoing relationships that ensure success over time. This includes building loyalty programs and continuing to market products or services related to your franchise even after launch day. With an experienced agency backing you up, these long-term relationships will only benefit your franchise in the long run.

By working with a qualified franchise development marketing agency, you can ensure that your business is able to reach its full potential. By taking advantage of these strategies, you’ll be able to maximize profits and establish a successful franchising business for years to come.


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Video Transcript

Hi there! My name is Grant James with Lead PPC, and in this article we’re gonna be talking about the top 16 franchise development agencies. This is on our website, this is the url appear, you may be doing this on Google or you may already be on this page, but with franchise development it’s a little bit different than perhaps just franchise marketing in general trying to get consumers to come to specific locations. So having kind of a distinction between franchise development marketing and then kind of franchise consumer marketing because very important. So in this article I’m just going to separate out agents so we only talk. We’re only talking about agencies that actually do franchise development marketing because there are a lot of agencies out there that love having lots and lots of units and the scale that comes with franchising but have nothing no experience.

Really with you know how to find new investors and that’s kind of what we do here at’ least PPC I would say I mean hands down. I personally feel like we’re the best group at franchise development leap generation. That’s what we do, you know all via pay per click, Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, meta ads where you see most of the deal. Some other groups that I think are good though that wouldn’t be ones that you should necessarily shy away with and would be in that very small bucket of groups that actually know what they’re doing is going. To be Scorpion, curious Jane franchise hive, top fire media in Qiigo. If the group isn’t on this list, I would, you know, really ask them more about what their experience is. You want to have a group that has worked with, I would say at least 50 brands and manage at least maybe $5,000,000 in ad span for us. We’ve been doing it since 2010. We’ve we’ve worked with 250 brands. It’s well over that. I don’t know what it is now and we manage all over 25 million dollars and ads, but you want people that really have experience and what it takes to self franchise.

Us cost per lead stuff. A cost per lead for a lot of groups has gone up but our average cost per lead all time is about 32 dollars a lead maybe a little higher with some inflation stuff in our average cost per sale ranges on franchises that are between 250 to 750, 000 dollars is usually around 5, 000 to 12, 000 dollar cost per sale. If your investment levels under that here’s the business opportunity. It may be, you know, 04:59 thousand dollars a sale. If you’re over $1,000,000 on your investment amount, you may be looking a little north of $12,000 cost for sales. You just have to drive more leads. Um, it’s also good to know about franchise sales organizations or FSOs some of my favorites right now. My favorite is probably a Franchise Evolution. Partner so FranEp. I also like rep them a lot. Those would be made in my top ones. I like Raintree. Also we’ve done stuff with them for over 10 years.

They’re very good um, pinnacle Franchise Developments, reputable revenue callus has done some stuff if you don’t mind giving up a percentage of your company UFG and a franchise group right on 7 oak scale. Those are once a look at. We also have Franchise Performance Group, Franchise Beacon and Fran Smart as artiflies. I have some different 10 ways to take your franchise development strategy the next level. Those might be some good things to look out things about like you know, marketing follow up stuff, having people set a you know set an appointment right away when they fill out a web form. All that good jazz. If you do need some help, you can go to this, contact us section on our website and fill out a forum that will send you to probably my calendar where you you can schedule a call with me right there and we can kind of talk through things in more detail for you, but thanks for coming to our site and hopefully we’ll talk to you soon.