What Are The Top 18 Franchise Websites?

Top Franchise Websites

Top Franchise Websites

There are a lot of ways to look at what the top franchise websites are.  For the purposes of this article, I’m going to focus less on the websites that are franchise lead generation sites (although I will include a few of the important ones) and more on franchise websites that have great content or are even good resources for building your own killer franchise website.  These are all franchise websites that at the very least you should be aware of and have a general idea of the type of information and content they provide within the greater franchising space.

Our list has some crossover with what you might find on sites like All Business, but focuses less on sites like Franchise Registry, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Small Business Association (SBA), etc. or lists of franchise websites on Feedly (which focuses more on sites like Franchise Chatter or Unhappy Franchisee, which can get a little… negative at times) and more on content that is helpful once you have already finished your FDDs. 

Top 18 Franchise Websites:

Top 18 Franchise Websites

Top 18 Franchise Websites

  1. Franchise Times – Franchise Times has excellent content.  It is a trade magazine that really digs in deep.  For them, it’s not about just trying to rank organically for specific SEO terms.  Their content is unique, deep, well researched, and timely.
  2. Entrepreneur.com – Entrepreneur.com sits somewhere between being a small business / franchising trade magazine and a franchise portal.  So, whether you are looking to read up on franchise trends or buy franchise leads, it’s a one stop shop for many things franchising related.
  3. The Franchise King – This guy Joel Libava aka “The Franchise King” really knows his stuff and doesn’t get enough attention or accolades in the space.  I like a lot of his opinions he has a great blog.
  4. IFA – The International Franchise Association (IFA) is pretty much one of the most important and reputable leaders within franchising.  They also host some huge conferences every year, so much so that the longer you hang around in franchising, the more times each year people will ask you “Are you going to IFA”.  I usually don’t go, but they do have some great content and I hear some of the after parties are even more fun than the event itself.
  5. Lead PPC – I mean, I’m biased on this.  But, I think that our franchise content is pretty good and covers a variety of topics.  In fact, I currently try to produce about 2 pieces of blog content per day.  So, I would put us in the top 5 for franchise content.
  6. Franchising.com – If you’re looking to buy into a franchise opportunity, Franchising.com has a lot of important information such as news, comprehensive guidelines, events, franchisee success stories, etc.  Overall, it just has a lot of great content.
  7. Fit Small Business – Fit Small Business has over 80 million readers and focuses on answering various questions that small business owners run into.  It’s not necessarily franchise specific, but it does pertain to all things small businesses face, including franchisees since they are small businesses as well.
  8. Franchise Coach – Adam Goldman is a franchise consultant that runs a site called Franchise Coach.  He has both a blog and a podcast.  He’s done a variety of things in the franchising space including even growing the Vanguard Cleaning concept as an Area Developer into a multi-million dollar business (which he recently sold) with 30 franchisees.
  9. MSA Worldwide – Global Franchise Magazine named MSA the Best Franchise Consultancy for 2023, the second year in a row.  Their content is easy to follow and provides resources for franchisors that are just looking to get started all the way up to brands that have been around the block but are looking for ways to tweak their marketing and sales strategy to continue to grow further.
  10. Devhub – This one is quite interesting.  Devhub has this solution that allows you to create as many individual franchisee websites as you need and scale across a centralized platform.  So, if you’re looking for a franchise website solution (as opposed to content) and one of your constraints is that you need something that allows you to create dozens or hundreds of separate websites for each franchisee that also meets a set of brand standards, Devhub might be worth looking into.  Another similar solutions would be Cybermark, Digisphere, or Helium.
  11. Franchise Gator – If you’re a franchise broker / consultant, Franchise Gator is one of the easiest and fastest way to get leads flowing.  They are the largest lead generator in franchising and if you’re good at calling people back quickly and don’t mind battling it out against lots of other franchise consultants and franchisors, then it can be worth the grind.
  12. Franchise Direct – Franchise Direct has 400+ franchise and business opportunities available on their website.  But, above and beyond that, they also produce a lot of solid general franchising content that is worth taking a look at.  
  13. Madison Marketing – Madison Marketing takes a bit of a different approach and provides a guide for franchisors who need help creating a franchise website.  The guide is called “What Makes A Great Franchise Website”.  I think that their  guide is best for SEO driven websites and not so much for PPC, as PPC landing pages tend to do best without any navigation, no phone numbers on the page, and a strong call to action above the fold of the page.  It’s all about conversions for PPC where as SEO is more about content and indexing properly with Google.
  14. 1851 Franchise – 1851 has 2 major products.  The first is their journalistic publication that helps provide timely and relative content for both franchisors and franchisees.  The second is a content marketing tool that is a dedicated page that features SEO-rich, longform feature stories about the brand, designed to appeal to potential franchisees.
  15. Webflow – I’ve had a hard time finding franchise website templates on sites like ThemeForest or Envato, but Webflow has a handful of templates that are worth taking a look at if you’re wanting a cheap way to get a new franchise site up and running quickly.
  16. Core DNA – Again, for our audience that is looking for help with creating a franchise website for themselves, Core DNA has a guide to creating franchise websites as well.
  17. Sparktank – Like us, Sparktank is a franchise marketing agency.  They have some solid blog content as well as case studies that are solid.
  18. Walibu – Walibu doesn’t come up much with it comes to top franchise marketing agencies as they also work in the political campaign, real estate, and general small business marketing sphere (as opposed to being a specialist agency).  But, they do have some good content.

BONUS: Adapting Content Management Systems Within Franchise Websites To Create Dynamic Content that Attracts Potential Clients

Creating a successful franchise website is essential to growing your business. A key element in creating an effective franchise website is the content management system (CMS) that allows for easy uploading and updating of content while protecting vital information. Additionally, having a CMS that allows you to easily add multiple pieces of content without manually coding every page can be invaluable when it comes to expanding your online presence.

The first step when selecting a CMS for a franchise website is to determine the level of customizability needed. Different CMSs offer different levels and types of customization; some allow for full customization from top to bottom while others provide only basic functionality with little flexibility or control over design and layout. Depending on the size and needs of your franchise, you may need to select a CMS that is highly customizable or one that meets only basic requirements.

Once the right CMS has been selected, the next step is to create dynamic content that will attract potential customers and keep them engaged. Dynamic content refers to content that is ever-changing and updated regularly, rather than static content which remains unchanged for long periods of time. This type of content encourages visitors to come back often and spend more time on your website, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

Creating dynamic content requires starting with an idea and then turning it into something interesting. For example, writing about recent franchise news or industry trends can be effective ways to create engaging content. Additionally, video and audio clips are great ways to provide dynamic content that can be easily shared with potential customers.

Finally, once you have the content created and uploaded to your franchise website, you need to ensure it is optimized for search engine rankings. This means making sure all the content is professionally written with proper grammar and key words strategically placed throughout. Additionally, creating backlinks to other sites within your industry can help boost your rankings and increase visibility of your website.

In conclusion, having a CMS in place is essential when creating an effective franchise website. Selecting the right CMS will allow you to create dynamic content that engages visitors and keeps them returning again and again. Once the content has been created, it must then be properly optimized so that it appears on search engine results pages when potential customers search for products and services related to your franchise. With a little bit of effort, you can create a franchise website that will attract and keep customers, helping your business grow.


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