Top PPC Agencies

Top PPC Agencies

What Are The Top 15 PPC Agencies?


There are literally thousands of PPC agencies out there.  But, which is the Top PPC Agency?

To be honest, it really depends on what industry you are in.  For instance, if you’re a law firm or dental office, an agency like Scorpion might be best.  If you’re an eCommerce store, then you might want to go with a PPC agency like PPC Geeks or Stryde.  Or, if you’re a franchise, then hands down an agency like us here at Lead PPC would be ideal.

But, let’s zoom out high level and talk about who the Top 15 Overall Ad Agencies are.  This article will be most beneficial for people who are on Google searching for terms such as:

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Top 15 PPC Agencies:

Top 15 PPC Agencies

Top 15 PPC Agencies

#1 – Disruptive Advertising

When it comes to large PPC agencies, I can’t think of any company better than Disruptive Advertising.  Their team is passionate, driven, and experienced across a wide range of nearly every major industry out there.  Whether you’re in need of eCommerce or lead generation PPC services, these guys can handle just about everything.  They are ranked #145 on the Inc. 500, have 160+ employees, and manage over $450M in yearly ad spend.  Disruptive’s Founder Jake Baadsgaard is a good dude that I’ve known for more than a decade (we used to be neighbors), and he’s one of the best businessmen that I’ve ever met.

#2 – Klient Boost

Klient Boost is right up there with Disruptive as one of the very top paid search ad agencies.  They might even have a slight edge when it comes to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and landing page design.  They also seem to have higher client retention and a better trackable ROI than the majority of PPC agencies out there.  Klient Boost’s Founder Jonathan Dane is also a friend, and he’s just as good at PPC as he is at he is at basketball (he has some serious 3 point range).

#3 – WebFX

WebFX has driven over $3B in revenue for their clients.  That number is absolutely nuts.  They have a Revenue Acceleration Platform as well as a CRM Platform.  They have generated around 8M leads and have 1,000+ client testimonials.

#4 – Scorpion

Scorpion is an agency that started in specific niches such as Law Firms and Dental Offices and over the years has expended into Home Services, Multi-Location Brands, and Franchising.  Their art work and branding is perhaps the best out there.  Everything we have seen them produce looks fantastic.  If your business is in any of these 5 major markets, then Scorpion would be one to look at for sure.  I don’t know any of the executive team at Scorpion, but I do know some of the leadership in agencies they have acquired, all of which are solid.

#5 – 97th Floor

97th Floor has been in the digital marketing game long before most PPC agencies were even conceptualized.  I don’t think of them as merely a PPC agency but more as an overall advertising agency that happens to also be great at PPC.  Their Founder Chris Bennett is a friend, serial entrepreneur, and in general an extremely innovative and creative person with all things tech.  He’s also done some cool things in the web 3 space.

#6 – Neil Patel Digital

I’ve been following and reading Neil’s marketing content for over a decade.  The dude really knows his stuff.  They have 500+ employees, have made the Inc 500 list for America’s fastest growing private companies, and work with some of the largest international brands out there.  Much respect for them.

#7 – SmartSites

SmartSites isn’t one that I know personally, but they win a ton of awards for PPC agencies, have 80+ employees and 500+ clients.  They have made the Inc 5,000 list for 6 years.

#8 – Thrive

Thrive is another agency out of Utah’s Silicon Slopes (similar to Disruptive and 97th Floor).  They continue to win many awards such as Clutch Top Digital Marketing Agencies as well as many awards around SEO marketing.  If you need help with not only SEM but also with SEO, Thrive might be a good one to look at.

#9 – JumpFly

One thing that is really unique about JumpFly is that they actually work on some less common ad networks such as Ads For Amazon, including sponsored products, brands, and storefronts.  They are also strong when it comes to branding and overall marketing strategy.

#10 – WebiMax

WebiMax offers a lot of different PPC related services, but what stands out to me is their ability to also handle Reputation Management (which is not an easy task), Public Relations, and Review Acquisition.  These are services that not a lot of PPC agencies are great at.  So, if you have local stores that need help with reviews or handling negative reviews and also need help with PPC in general, WebiMax would be a good one to have a conversation with.  

#11 – Loud Mouth Media

I put Loud Mouth a little lower on the list since they are out of the UK with offices in London, Dublin, and elsewhere.  Programmatic Advertising is a unique offering that they have as compared to other agencies.  This is especially helpful for eCommerce related businesses that need to maintain a certain profitability in order to stay in business.

#12 – PPC Geeks

PPC Geeks is also out of the UK.  They have 1,000+ brands that they work with.  PPC Geeks provides free PPC Audits and specializes in Google Merchant Center and Facebook Shopping Ads, both of which are on the more complicated side of PPC advertising for eCommerce stores.

#13 – Ignite Visibility

We run into Ignite Visibility a little bit in the franchising space.  Similar to Klient Boost, these guys are out of California.  Ignite Visibility has a newsletter and similar to Neil Patel provides a lot of good insights around Thought Leadership within the broader digital marketing space.

#14 – STRYDE

STRYDE is all about eCommerce PPC advertising.  They work with eCommerce brands that are doing $1-4M in yearly revenue.  Their goal is to help grow 7-figure brands into 8-figure brands within 2-3 years.

#15 – Lead PPC

Here at Lead PPC, we are a niche PPC agency that really focuses mainly on Franchise Advertising.  Luckily franchising touches almost every major category of advertising, so as long as it’s Lead Generation focused (we don’t do eCommerce) and you are a franchisor or multi-unit brand, we can help you.


9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your PPC Campaigns To An Experienced PPC Agency

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an effective way to drive traffic and leads to your website. It involves bidding on strategic keywords related to your business, which can be expensive if done incorrectly. While many businesses attempt to manage their PPC campaigns in-house, it’s often better to outsource this service to a top PPC agency with experience in the field. Here are 9 benefits of doing just that:

1. Get Expert Advice – A professional PPC agency will have experienced professionals who know how best to run these types of campaigns and ensure you get the highest return on investment possible. Their expertise can help you formulate effective strategies for targeting the right audience and choosing the right keywords at competitive rates.

2. Save Time – Setting up and managing a successful PPC campaign is a time-consuming process. By outsourcing this service to an experienced PPC agency, you can free up your own resources and concentrate on other aspects of running the business.

3. Stay Up To Date With Trends – A top PPC agency will have their finger on the pulse of new developments in the field, allowing them to stay ahead of trends and adapt campaigns accordingly for maximum success. An in-house team may not be able to keep up with such rapid changes in technology or strategy.

4. Quality Control – Experienced professionals are more likely to make sure that all ads meet Google’s quality guidelines while also avoiding any potential problems that could spell disaster for the campaign.

5. Access to Advanced Technology – Professional PPC agencies have access to advanced analytics and reporting tools that can be used to optimize campaigns in real-time and help you make better decisions about your ad spend.

6. Cost Savings – When done correctly, outsourcing your PPC campaigns to a professional agency can save you money in the long run. You don’t need to hire full-time staff to manage the campaigns or pay for expensive software tools when an experienced agency already has them at their disposal.

7. Test Different Strategies – Experienced professionals know how best to test various strategies and determine which ones will yield the best results for your business. Instead of investing time and money in different approaches, you can rely on a PPC agency to zero in on the ones that will work best for you.

8. Maximize Results – A top PPC agency will ensure that all campaigns are fully optimized to bring in maximum results. They can help identify problem areas and suggest improvements so your ads reach as many people as possible and drive conversions.

9. Scalability – As your business grows, so will its PPC needs. A professional agency is equipped to manage any level of campaign complexity or budget size, allowing you to scale up quickly and efficiently without having to hire additional staff or invest in new technology.

When it comes to driving leads and sales through paid search, outsourcing your campaigns to a top PPC agency can be the best decision you make. With their expertise and advanced technology, you can improve performance while saving time and money in the process. By choosing the right partner, you can ensure that your business gets the maximum benefit from investing in paid search.

Think about these nine benefits of outsourcing your PPC campaigns to an experienced agency before making any decisions about how to run them. The right partner will have the knowledge and resources needed to ensure success with minimal effort on your part.


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