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Need some Facebook Dental Marketing Ideas and Lead Generation For Dentists?  One of our top specialties is Google Ads for dentists.  More and more, dental practices are turning to Facebook in order to acquire new customers.  But, don’t expect the phone to ring.

Facebook has never been particularly good at getting people to make phone calls.  However, if you’re open to having your office manager or receptionist call interested parties back, you should expect to generate web form driven leads on Facebook for about half of what you may be paying on Google.

Let’s Talk Numbers

Let’s talk specific numbers.  On Google Ads, if you know what you’re doing, you can consistently generate phone calls for around $35 or less.  On Facebook, this number is often times around $20 or less.

Make Sure To Call Leads Back

The difference is, however, with Facebook leads, if you do not call them back those leads will be wasted and probably never turn into paying customers.

Facebook Dental Promos

Also, with Facebook you really should focus your energy on creating good promotional offers.  As a professional, very few dentists want to offer discounts.  But, if you have ever tried direct mail before, you know that it requires a good enough offer for someone to refrain from throwing your sheet of paper away and picking up the phone to schedule an appointment.

Facebook is no different.  Try offing discounts on braces, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, new patient specials, invisalgn, or other unique value propositions that will no cannibalize your existing revenue streams but also allow new patients to get to know you for cheaper.  Keep in mind that you are already spending money to acquire these new patients, so you might as well create an offer that gets more of them to do something about it.  If your offer is really terrible, you’ll waste every dollar that you ever put into it.  So, save yourself some money by coming up with a good offer.

Don’t Forget To Have Good Pictures

Also with Facebook, pictures are really important.  Try split testing 3-10 different pictures or videos for each ad that you come up with.  Then, after a week or two, pause the pictures that have the most expensive leads.

Facebook Ads Cost Per Lead

Here’s the next tip on our list of Facebook Dental Marketing Ideas.  Never run Facebook ads without tracking Cost Per Lead.  We recommend using Facebook Lead Ads, as it is the simplest and easiest way to track Cost Per Lead, and it requires no more than a push of a button for people to fill out their information.  With Facebook Lead Ads, a person’s First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone # can all be pre-filled with what Facebook has on file, eliminating the need for customers to type anything at all.

Keep Track Of Leads

Here’s the last tip on our list of Facebook Dental Marketing Ideas.  In addition to sending an email receipt to your office manager or receptionist as leads come through, try using a service such as Google Sheets as a repository for your leads.  This will help your staff keep track of all of the leads in one place and help more of these leads turn into paying customers.  Follow-up is key with Facebook leads.

9 Creative Ideas to Get More Leads with Facebook Ads for Dentists

As a dentist, having the right marketing strategy is essential for success. A great way to get more leads is through Facebook Ads. With over 1.6 billion active users, Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms and it offers an effective platform for targeting potential patients. Here are 9 creative ideas that you can use to get more leads with Facebook Ads:

1) Target Local Audiences – Take advantage of Facebook’s geotargeting feature to reach local audiences who may be interested in your services. By using this feature, you can target people within a certain distance from your practice and display ads specifically tailored to their needs and interests.

2) Use Video Ads – Video content is more engaging than static images, so take advantage of this by creating video ads that highlight your services. You can create videos to showcase different aspects of your practice, such as patient testimonials or a tour of the office.

3) Utilize A/B Testing – Use A/B testing to determine which ad campaigns are more effective and get better results. This way, you can identify what works best and focus on those campaigns for maximum efficiency.

4) Offer Specials & Promotions – Facebook users love discounts and special offers, so make sure to include them in your ad campaigns. This will help attract potential patients who may not have been considering dental services before but might find it more attractive with the added incentive.

5) Capitalize on Holidays – Take advantage of the holidays to create special offers and campaigns that are relevant to the season. Use unique visuals and short videos to make your ads stand out even more.

6) Utilize Patient Reviews – Ask existing patients to share their experience with you on Facebook, as this is a great way to get more leads for your dental practice. Encourage them to leave reviews so potential patients can see what others have experienced at your practice.

7) Post Relevant Content – Make sure that any content you post is relevant and useful for your audience. Keep it interesting by sharing tips on oral hygiene and health or stories about satisfied patients who have received exceptional care from your practice.

8) Try Remarketing – With remarketing, you can target people who have already interacted with your ads in the past. This is a great way to stay engaged with previous visitors and encourage them back to your practice for additional services or follow up visits.

9) Utilize the Latest Features – Facebook constantly updates its features to make it easier for businesses to reach more potential customers. Take advantage of these new features by experimenting with different ad formats such as carousel ads, canvas ads, lead forms, and dynamic ads.

By utilizing these creative ideas for Facebook Ads, you can get more leads for your dental practice and ultimately increase your patient base. Make sure to test different strategies so you can find what works best for you and maximize results.

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Video Transcription

Today I’m going to take a moment and go over some Facebook dental marketing ideas. A lot of dentists don’t know this, but Google’s not the only place that you can actually drive patients off the internet. Facebook works really really well also, except it’s just a little bit different, because instead of people calling you, calling your office like they do with Google, most likely they’re going to submit a web form. So, going to kind of talk through some of the things to be aware of.

A little bit of background on us. We are an ad agency. We work with about 100 different dental offices. Been doing that for maybe five or six … about six years now. And we drive about 5,000 leads a month for dentists. And a big chunk of those come from Facebook. Probably half or … yeah, probably about half of them come from Facebook. 

So in this article here, which I’m going to kind of be going over, Facebook is definitely on the rise as far as people using … using Facebook to drive more dental patients. Not just Google. So as far as numbers go, if you’ve tried it, if you’ve tried Google or you’ve tried Facebook, you kind of want to know how you’re doing. I can tell you this. Our average cost per lead on Facebook is about 15 dollars a lead. And on Google, it kind of oscillates a little bit between 32 and 38 dollars. So if you’re above 20 dollars a lead on Facebook or above 40 dollars a lead on Google, it’d be really good to take a look at your strategies and make sure that you’re just not blowing a bunch of money on the wrong stuff.

One of the things that we see a lot with Google is just people actually advertising on the names of their competitors without meaning to, because it’s so easy to do because the words dentistry, dentist, things like that are in the names of so many different people’s companies. And so if you have the wrong match types selected within Google, you’re literally advertising on the name of your competitors. And what happens is, someone just calling, trying to book with your competitor, they think that you’re their competitor but no … Very unlikely for people to switch from one dentist to another. So it’s just wasting clicks if you do that.

So one of the things I talk about here is making sure to call leads back. It’s very different for an office staff to receive a web form submission, just like an e-mail receipt than it is receiving a phone call. Because you have to do something, the phone’s not going to call itself. 

There are some programs like Speak To Leads out there that allow you to call … A lead comes in through a web form or from Facebook, and it calls you and calls the lead at the same time and connects them. So there are some things like that you can look at. But it’s usually just best to send those leads … Send an e-mail receipt and also send it to a Google sheet, which is a spreadsheet online, and have your staff mark kind of what happens with that lead. So you got to make sure to call those leads back. You’re not going to have an ROI at all if you don’t call your leads.

Next tip is with having promotions. You can’t just say, “Here we are. Here’s our office and come.” Facebook is all about having specials. So a new patient special, Invisalign special, teeth whitening. Choose one service and offer a limited discount on it. Now it doesn’t have to be a lot, I know dentists don’t like to not get paid full price on something. But you’re paying for a lead anyway, so already it’s going to be more expensive than just a referral. And so make it cheaper for yourself by offering something that’s of more value. 

The next thing is, you have to have good pictures on Facebook. A bad picture can be 100 dollars a lead. A really good picture can be four dollars a lead. So you’ll want to constantly be trying to have better and better pictures. We’ve talked with Facebook and had them make some updates to their policies, which is nice. So now you can do before and after type of stuff, pictures of teeth, as long as it’s not disgusting. So make sure to have good pictures.

 If you have questions … I literally have a million followers on my own Facebook account and been doing Facebook stuff and my staff’s been doing Facebook stuff for quite awhile. And so if you have questions, love to hear from you. Or if you just want to just let us know what your situation, what have you. If nothing else, we can give you some suggestions. So feel free to reach out on our website, Leadppc.com. Thanks.