How To Choose A Dental Google Ads Agency

How To Choose A Dental Marketing Agency

How To Choose A Dental Marketing Agency

Need help figuring out How To Choose A Dental Google Ads Agency (or Dental Google AdWords Agency)?  We can help!  We’ve worked with hundreds of dental offices since 2010 providing leads via both Google Ads and Facebook Ads and have developed proven strategies for acquiring new dental clients via both major ad networks.

This article is primarily intended for dental practices that are looking for any of the following solutions:

  • Dental Google Ads Agency
  • Dental Google AdWords Agency
  • Dental PPC Agency

In this article, we will walk through some of the things to look for to make sure that you choose the right dental Google Ads agency for your practice.

Step #1: Identify The Top Dental Google Ads Agencies

I’ll go ahead and help you with the heavy lifting on this one.  Below, you will find a list of what I consider to be the top 12 dental Google Ads agencies.

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies:

Let’s start with identifying some of the top advertising agencies that specialize in dental practices:

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies

Here’s a detailed break down of each of the Top 12 PPC Agencies:

  1. Lead PPC – Obviously, I’m a bit biased on this one.  Our average Cost Per Lead all-time for dental leads via Google Ads is $26 and on Facebook Ads is $17.  Some of our dental clients spend close to $1M / year on PPC so it’s a space much like multi-unit franchising that we know very well.  On Google, our Click To Lead Conversion Rate usually hovers between 25-35%.  And, our leads typically convert into new patients at a rate of 10-20%, depending on how skilled the dental office is at answering phone calls and sales.  Some of our campaigns have performance metrics well beyond this at around $3.80 per lead and as high as a 45% conversion rate.  One of our clients spent $286 on a single Facebook Ads campaign and brought in a production of around $120,000.  We have many campaigns already designed and ready to go for new practices that we know already work for both Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
  2.  Delmain – I put Delmain as #2 because they focus exclusively on working with dental practices.  While they are not as large as some of the other agencies on this list, any time you have an ad agency that specializes in 1-2 core areas like we do with franchising and dental practices, you’re going to really figure it all out versus some much larger agencies that work with all types of businesses.  Delmain provides a variety of services from PPC to branding, web design, SEO, and booking software.  So, if you’re looking for a dental marketing agency that does more than just Google Ads, this would be one to take a look at.
  3. Dental Marketo – Much like Delmain, Dental Marketo is focused exclusively on the dental industry.  Their branding is quite aesthetically pleasing and they put a heavy emphasis on not just driving leads but converting those leads into actual patients.  They also really hone in on that 5 mile radius, which is key.  We’ve found that doing about a 6 mile radius on Google and a 10 mile radius on Facebook works very well, so this coincides with the general belief system of Dental Marketo.  The only complaint I have on this one is that “Marketo” is such a well known marketing tool that the name may be a bit distracting.
  4. Clue Dental Marketing – These guys also operate exclusively in the dental industry, but their focus seems to be a little bit more on building websites and designing branding than just PPC.  If your branding and website needs some work, then this could be a good fit for your dental practice.
  5. Klient Boost – The owner of Klient Boost is Johnathan Dane.  He and I used to be business partners along with Jake Baadsgaard from Disruptive Advertising.  Johnathan is about as skilled and driven as anyone that I have met in the space.  And, he also is one heck of a basketball player.  Klient Boost has become a very large advertising agency, and they work in most major industries and have some huge names as clients such as airbnb, Stanford University, Upwork, etc.  The only reason I didn’t put them higher on the list is because they work in lots of different industries so depending on what account manager you get, you may or may not get someone who excels in working exclusively with dental practices.  Also, Klient Boost tends to be on the pricier side of things.
  6. Disruptive Advertising – Johnathan Dane, Jake Baadsgaard, and I all originally founded Disruptive Advertising but ended up parting ways as it grew and now we each just own our own ad agencies.  Jake is an extremely savvy businessman.  And, I would put Disruptive up there on the list with the likes of Scorpion, 97th Floor, and other high class agencies.  Again, Disruptive works in virtually every industry, so it’s a bit luck of the draw as to whether or not you will get an account manager who knows the dental industry well.
  7. Wonderist – Wonderist is going to be similar to Delmain and Dental Marketo.  They work exclusively with dental offices, and they are an ROI focused ad agency, which is great.  Their services include SEO, website creation, Google Ads, social media, print design, branding, local marketing, direct mail, and copywriting.  If you’re in need of copywriting skills for things like direct mail, Wonderist might be a group to consider, as many agencies don’t provide copywriting for direct mail.
  8. Savvy Search Marketing – These guys have been around since 2005, which even surpasses us here at Lead PPC, as we were founded in 2010.  They have 200+ clients, which is similar to us.  They also do Google My Business optimization, which is becoming increasingly important as Google Local Ads (GLA) are starting to dominate search results.
  9. Enlightened Media – Enlightened Media is going to be like a smaller version of Klient Boost or Disruptive.  The operate in many different industries and are good at all things PPC.
  10. Yoyofu Media – This ad agency also operates in the dental space.
  11. Social Dental Now – The branding on this one is a little unique in that they are called Social Dental Now, but their website is  It’s a bit confusing, but most likely it’s a bid to rank higher organically on Google.  I do like that their website shows examples of client campaigns.  Oftentimes, dental practices like to keep their data to themselves, so this is a bit unique.  But, they do seem like they have some experience in the space for sure.
  12. Profitable Dentistry – Profitable Dentistry focuses specifically on SEO and PPC.  Some of their clients have been with them for 5+ years, which is a good sign.

Step #2: Choose 2-4 Agencies To Reach Out To

Now that you have a place to start, choose around 2-4 of these agencies to reach out to.  If it were me, I would probably look at us here at Lead PPC, Dental Marketo, and Klient Boost.  But, it really depends on what other marketing needs you have outside of just PPC.

Once you’ve chosen a few that you like, simply go to their websites and fill out one of their lead forms or call them in order to setup a call.

Step #3: Gather Proposals

From here, you’ll want to talk with each group for around 30 minutes.  Make sure to ask them how many dental offices they have worked with.  You’ll want to work with a group that has worked with at least 100 dental offices.  Also, as them what their average Cost Per Lead is.  It should be somewhere in that $20-$40 range.  Ask them what their Cost Per Sale is.  That should be in the  $100-$200 range on average, although they may have some promo campaigns that are much much cheaper that run periodically on Facebook PPC or something like that. 

Step #4: Negotiate Pricing & Budgets

For your ad budget, you’re going to want to spend about $1,500 / mo. on your Google and Facebook Ads.  I would recommend working with an agency that does both as Facebook can sometimes out perform Google yet both are important.  

In regard to management fees, this is going to depend a lot on how many locations you have.  You may be able to get them as low as $300-$350 per location if you have 10+ locations.  But if you have a single office, you may be looking at $750-$1,000 for a management fee.

All in, you’re going to want to spend about $1,800-$2,500 / mo. total for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and your management fee.

Step #5: Don’t Sign Long Contracts

Don’t sign any contracts that aren’t month-to-month.  It’s a giant red flag if an agency wants you to sign a 6-12 month agreement.  Once the contract is signed, it should take around 2 weeks to get everything created and launched.


Need Help?

If you need help testing Google and/or Facebook ads for your dental practice, please fill out our Contact Us form. We would be glad to help.


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to our website here at Lead PPC. We are a boutique paper click advertising agency, meaning all we do is paper click. We don’t do any SEO and we only work in a few markets. One of them is dental, which is probably why you found us. We have a lot of articles that are ranked online for Google around, you know, dental paper click, Google ads, all that type of jazz. So in this article I’m going to walk you through how to choose a dental Google Ads agency. I’ve tried to make this pretty easy and straightforward for you. I wrote a lot on here. I try to have some type of video on a lot of our pages, especially as they start to rank and drive more traffic. So there is a human connection. So it’s not just like you’re reading text and have no clue about who’s on the other side of writing the content and all that type of stuff. So um, so a couple things to be aware of this is these are the groups I would say are some of the top dental Google ads agencies out there.

Some of them I know personally, personally, some of them I do not the ones that I know on this list. Well, obviously ourselves. Here at Lee PPC we’ve done over 200 dental offices. We feel pretty confident about that space, but also Quiet Boost and Disruptive. Maybe in that order those. Are friends that I have that have large agency is that they do a good job. Some other ones that are just kind of like industry renowned for dental are gonna be Delmain, Dental Marketo, clue wondrous. These guys do a lot of advertising like paid as well, savvy search marketing, enlightened media, yoyofu media, social dental now and profitable dentistry. So and in this article I kind of break down some information about each one of these different groups. I’ll kind of read a few little parts of this just so you can kind of like sometimes people like to listen instead of just reading.

So for Delmain I put Delmain is number 2 because they focus extreme exclusively on working with dental offices. They’re not as large as some agencies, but this is just kind of what they do dental Marketo. They’re really big on really focusing on what drives into patients which we do the same thing here at Lead PPC where it’s not just about, you know. Try to have like a twenty five thirty $35 cost per lead, whatever it may be, but what is your cost per sale? Truth be told, you’re probably looking at like around a 200 dollar cost per sale. I like to track that stuff even for my own business. Our cost per sale for when we run ads online or probably just barely over $1,000 cost per sale, and that’s good to know what is it going to cost me? To acquire them, but also remember a lot of times you get like a 3 to 5 x off of that because of referrals, so you get something that kind of starts that initial new person and may introduce you to more new people. Clue Dental Marketing.

They’re also exclusive, which is why I like them. They can also help you with your branding and your general website in general which we do not do all we do is paid advertising client boost owners, Jonathan Dane, um bubble watch, disruptive, that’s Jake Baadsgaard’s company. They’re really, really strong and you know all things paper click, Wonderist. They’re similar to Delmain and Dental Marketo. They work exclusively with dental offices, their ROI focused. They do some services like SEO, website creation, Google ads, social media, print design, brandings, just about everything savvy search marketing. They’ve been around since 2005. Since we have founded in 2010. They’ve actually been around longer than we have. They have 200 plus clients and they seem like they know what they’re doing, a couple other good ones in light media, yoyo from Media Social Dental.

Now the profitable dentistry. What I would do is I would reach out to one of these groups gather some proposals and then negotiate on pricing. It’s the price he’s gonna range all over the place. Some groups aren’t gonna do anything for less than like a thousand or $1,500 dollars a month plus ad spend. Some are like 10 percent. Of ad spend plus whatever else? I mean everyone’s kind of all over the board, but you’re probably all in gonna be about 800 to 20 $500. If you’re spending more than that out the gate, probably overpsending, you should be able to get both Google ads, Facebook ads and someone to manage it all within that kind of 2, 000 dollar-ish budget.

Don’t sign any long contracts, try to do everything month to month don’t get in one of those like 6 to 12 month contracts because if it doesn’t work out then you’re wasting a lot of money anyway. If you would like to talk with us, you can call us here at 8. 3. 3 lead PPC and I’ll probably be the one that picks up the phone. Maybe not, or you can go to contact us and fill out the form there and that’ll go directly on my calendar. You’d rather not talk right now but want to book something than that can work as well, but thank you so much for coming to our website. Really appreciate it. I hope you have a fabulous day and we’ll talk to you soon.