What Are The Top 12 Dental Marketing Agencies?

Top Dental Marketing Agencies


Having worked with hundreds of dental offices since 2010, we’ve learned a lot over the years about what works in regard to dental marketing and who the top dental marketing agencies are.  When trying to identify the right dental marketing agency for your dental practice to engage with, the most important thing is that you choose an agency that actually has a lot of experience in the dental advertising space.

Since there are thousands of marketing agencies out there, we’ve tried to do our best to narrow down who we consider to be some of the top agencies are out there for dental marketing so that you at least know that you’re choosing a marketing firm that knows what they are doing and aren’t trying to learn the dental marketing industry on your dime.

Here’s what we consider to be the Top 12 Dental Marketing Agencies:

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies

#1 – Lead PPC

We’re obviously biased on this one, but we feel extremely confident in our ability to perform on both a CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPS (Cost Per Sale) basis when it comes to dental lead generation.  All-time our CPL on Google is $26 and on Facebook it’s $17.  Our CPS ranges from about $80-$200 depending on how responsive the dental office’s staff is in picking up the phones and booking new patients.

#2 – Delmain

Delmain has a great guide on the “5 Things” that will help you convert more website visitors into patients.  Whereas here at Lead PPC, we only do PPC marketing (Google + Facebook Ads), Delmain offers a host of services ranging from web design to SEO to online booking software.  They also do a great job with helping to tell your dental practice’s story via improved branding.

#3 – Dental Marketo

One of the services that Dental Marketo offers that you don’t see from a lot of agencies is Dental Reputation Management.  There’s nothing worse than having a lot of negative reviews, and improving your online ratings can go a long way.  They also have a Dental Chatbot that can help you convert more of your leads into patients, which is helpful for organic websites.

#4 – Clue Dental Marketing

Digital advertising is important, but combining print and digital marketing can help provide a seamless experience for your patients.  Clue Dental Marketing has a Patient Education service that comprises both print and digital information that helps your patients understand their treatment options via dental brochures, treatment presentation aids, and a web-based video library.

#5 – Klient Boost

Klient Boost is a bit of a larger agency that has experience in a variety of markets, including dental advertising.  Their team is very focused on making sure that you don’t overspend on your budgets as they seek to maximize overall performance metrics.  They are one of the most skilled CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) teams in digital marketing.

#6 – Disruptive Advertising

Disruptive Advertising has this “Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Dental Marketing Plan” that is pretty good.  They are one of the largest digital ad agencies in the western United States and have some of the top talent for digital advertising.

#7 – Wonderist

If you’re looking for an agency that is able to really prove their ROI, hit deadlines, and changes strategies as needed, Wonderist would be one to look at.  They are out of San Diego and have a unique culture that aims to help improve their community and provide excellent service.

#8 – Savvy Search Marketing

Savvy Search Marketing works in 3 major industries including: Law Firms, Home Services, and Healthcare (including Dental).  They have 200+ active clients and manage over $600K in monthly ad spend.  Some of their clients include MyDentist, Lasting Smiles, Nadler Dentistry, and Scott O. Kissel, and their client base is spread across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia.

#9 – Enlightened Media

Enlightened Media has some great case studies.  Many of their clients are getting between a 400-500% increase in new patients via their PPC and SEO marketing techniques.

#10 – YoYoFuMedia

YoYoFuMedia is out of Irvine California.  Some of their case studies include a cosmetic dentistry that is getting 10+ new vaneer patients per month, a dental clinic that is getting 300+ more patients month over month, and another general dentistry that is getting 20+ new patients per month.

#11 – Social Dental Now

One of Social Dental Now’s services is ongoing dental training to help your new patient intake staff covert calls into consultations and consultations into sales at a higher rate.  If your staff is struggling to convert leads at a high rate, this may be helpful for you.

#12 – Profitable Dentistry

Breathe life into your dental marketing with a marketing agency that specializes specifically in dental advertising.  Profitable Dentistry has clients in the US, Canada, UK, and Ireland.


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10 Questions to Ask Potential Dental Marketing Agencies Before Signing on the Dotted Line

Are you thinking of hiring a dental marketing agency to help grow your business? It’s an important decision that can have a huge impact on your bottom line. But how do you choose the right one? Here are 10 questions you should ask potential dental marketing agencies before signing on the dotted line.

1. What experience do you have in the dental industry? A successful dental marketing agency will understand the nuances of the industry, from government regulations to competitive landscape dynamics. Ask prospective agencies for their experience and success stories within the field of dentistry, as well as any Specializations they may offer such as Pediatric Dentistry or Orthodontics.

2. How will you measure our success? Measuring results is key to any successful marketing campaign. Ask your prospective dental marketing agencies exactly how they plan to track key performance indicators such as website traffic, conversions, or number of appointments booked. You also want to ensure the metrics used are specific for the dental industry and not generic across all businesses.

3. What strategies do you use? It’s important to understand what tactics the agency plans on implementing in order to reach your goals. Do they specialize in SEO, PPC, social media, email campaigns or other advertising channels? It’s also important to inquire about their creative process—how will they ensure that your message resonates with potential patients in a compelling way?

4. Who makes up your team? Look beyond just who is listed as the ‘founder’ and ask about the agency’s team. Who will you be directly working with on a daily basis? Make sure that the agency has enough qualified staff to meet your needs and demands, and that they have experience in the areas of expertise they claim.

5. What processes do you have in place for communication? Communication is key when partnering with any agency, but especially important when it comes to dental marketing services. Ask prospective agencies how often they will update you on progress and findings, and what channels (e-mail, phone calls, etc.) they prefer for communication. Also inquire about who specifically within their organization is responsible for reporting back to you—do not assume that it will always be the founder of the agency.

5 Questions To Ask Potential Dental Marketing Agencies

5 Questions To Ask Potential Dental Marketing Agencies

6. Have you worked with clients like me before? Experienced dental marketing agencies will have a portfolio of successful campaigns from which to draw upon, and may even be able to provide case studies to demonstrate their work. Ask prospective agencies if they have any relevant experience with similar businesses, such as those in your industry or geographic area.

7. Do you outsource any part of your services? Many dental marketing agencies rely on outsourced services for certain tasks, such as web design or graphic design. If this is the case, ask who specifically will be handling these aspects and how much experience they have doing so. This is particularly important when it comes to digital marketing activities that require technical expertise—you want to make sure that the agency you hire is well-versed in the most up-to-date tactics and technology.

8. What pricing structure do you use? Different dental marketing agencies may offer different pricing structures, such as flat-fee or hourly rate. Make sure you understand what type of payment structure they use along with any associated fees or additional costs for services outside of their base package.

9. How long will it take to see results? Be realistic about your expectations—many factors go into successful campaigns, and it can take time before measurable successes are seen. Ask your prospective agency approximately how long a typical campaign lasts and if there’s a timeline for when major milestones should be achieved.

10. Do you have any references? The best way to gauge the effectiveness of a dental marketing agency is to speak to their real clients. Ask your prospective agencies for a list of past and current customers who have achieved success with their services, and consider reaching out for further feedback once your decision has been made.

By asking these 10 questions before hiring a dental marketing agency, you can make an informed decision that will set you up for success in the long-term. Once you’ve identified the right partner, it’s time to get started on creating an effective strategy!


Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Grant James, with Lead PPC, and today we’re going to be going through this article that you are probably reading right now or viewing this video on YouTube and it is about what are the top 12 dental marketing agencies. If you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you’re in the market for a new agency. Maybe you’ve used down their agency before. Maybe it’s your first time to hire a Denzel marketing agency, but either way, I’m kind of wanted to walk you through as someone who’s. We’ve worked with hundreds of dental offices over the last 13 years, so I just wanted to kind of give you some of our thoughts on what to look for, who are some groups to kind of check out and those types of things. So on this list did you kind of scroll down? I put who I think of the kind of the top 12 that are out there? Obviously I’m super biased so we put ourselves up there kind of toward the top um cause this is our site and we’ll have you, but we definitely feel like we have a lot of experience working with dental offices.

We’ve done a lot with um dental service organizations which is allowed us to work at scale with millions of dollars where the ads spin across Google ads Facebook ads and those types of things. What we mainly see is that a lot of it is like kind of a 09:54 mile radius where people are typing in things like dentist near me or teeth whitening or their insurance carrier, plus dentist or you know maybe like 2 thick or those types of things, but within your geographic area on Google and then on Facebook. Same type of thing with like a 6 to 10 mile radius, but it’s a little more offer based on on Facebook. So making sure that you’re switching up your offers about every 6 weeks to 3 months, but you definitely don’t want to go too long on a certain offer because the effectiveness that offer since this display advertising will kind of continue to go down, so switching it up from like teeth whitening to free dental exam to you know any of the different services that you may offer, just having good promotions that are kind of being switched up there.

We’ve seen some really cool results, we’ve even seen things where we’ go spent like a couple hundred bucks and they’ve got like 50 plus patients because that offers so good, but it’s definitely more lumpy on Facebook, whereas Google tends to be a little more evergreen our in here I kind of talk about our cost per lead all time is about 26 dollars. I’m sure there’s been some inflation and stuff like that on Google and then 17 dollars on a Facebook, but those are kind of our all time numbers. Cost per sale ranges from about 80 dollars. A 200 dollars that putting on how responsive the dental office is getting back to people and those types of things, some other grips that are pretty good, I think elements pretty good Dental Marketo , pretty good clue, and then we kind of get into Client Boost and Disruptive. These are agencies that are kind of bigger agencies Jonathan Dane has client booze, Jake Baadsgaard has Disruptive, AB Disruptive advertising.

Disruptive has this really cool step by step guide to creating dental marketing plans. I think it’s pretty good worth taking a look at some of these groups. They do some things like dental brochures like Clue dental has like a web based based video library. Dental Marketo has a dental chatbot that’s pretty cool and I think dolman’s just one of the strongest groups is out there. They also do SEO, which we do not do so that’s one thing to consider Wonderist if you’re looking online a lot of times they’re running ads. There are also number one for a lot of search terms, so they show up a lot savvy search marketing and light media, yo yo Foo media, social dental now profitable dentistry. These are all ones to kind of take a look at we I also put in some questions about like 10 questions to ask your potential dental marketing agency before signing on the dotted line. Some of those types of questions might be like how will you measure success? What strategies will you? Use who makes up your team? Who your point of content will be just some basic things like that.

It’s also good to kind of get an understanding. I will say if you’re like a single dental office they’re gonna charge you more for that one office because they’re communicating with with you, whereas with DSOs, multi unit dental offices and things like that a lot of times there’s a marketing person they can talk to. That’s over like 10 or 15 different offices, so you get some types of economies of scale, but if it’s just you, you know I would say um, you’re probably if you’re a single office you’re probably looking at a minimum of maybe 450 dollars per location someplace. Some of these places may charge you over $1,000 just for their management fees. As far as ad spend. You know, you probably need to be spending um around $1,000 a month on your ads. Um, each group is a little bit different, uh, but spending less and that’s gonna be hard to tell.

You’re not gonna have enough through put on your clicks and your phone calls really know what’s working. I would say if you’re a DSO you may be able to get away with like 250 to $300 a location, but maybe some of the fees in general for different grips have started to go up for agencies. You can also offer references you can see ask along results will take, but those just. Type of basic questions I think are good. Again, if you’d like to talk with us, feel free to you can call us A33 leap BC or you can just fill out the form with like a contact us form you can fill that out and then we’ll get back to you and we can kind of kind of go from there. But thanks so much for reading the article. Hopefully this is helpful to some degree and we’ll talk to you later.