What Are The Top 10 Insurance Marketing Agencies?

Top 10 Insurance Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Insurance Marketing Agencies

Quality insurance marketing agencies are in high demand.  Luckily, there are a decent amount of marketing agencies that specialize in working with Insurance Agencies and Insurance Carriers.  Here’s our take on who the Top 10 Insurance Marketing Agencies are:

Top 10 Insurance Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Insurance Marketing Agencies


#1 – BrightFire

BrightFire is a digital marketing agency that helps connect independent insurance agencies with insurance buyers. Their pricing is quite reasonable at $210 / mo. for their Ultimate SEO Bundle, $95 / mo. for Reviews & Reputation Management, and $50 / mo. for Local Listings Management. Their Insurance Agency Websites look cheap at $115 / mo., but in the long run, you’re probably better off just paying a one-time fee for an agency to make a website than a monthly fee for a website that’s already built. Also, if you’re only doing 1 campaign then their $125 / mo. Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Google and $90 / mo. Social Media Marketing can be reasonable. But, it really depends on how many ad campaigns they say that you need to run. Some of their clients include Messina Insurance Group, Chagrin Valley Insurance Agency, Insure Mentor, Southern Insurance Group, Davis Insurance Care, and All Assured Solutions.


#2 – Stratosphere

Stratosphere works with Independent Insurance Agencies/Brokers, Insurance Carriers, and General Insurance Agencies. They charge $250 / mo. for Insurance Websites and $499 / mo. for SEO. Their SEO service is quite reasonable, but again I’m not a huge fan of paying a monthly fee for websites. Some of their clients include J Archer Insurance Group, CV Mason & Company Insurance, James Page Insurance, Tompkins Insurance Agencies, and CIA Insurance.


#3 – Agency Marketing Machine

Agency Marketing Machine is an insurance agency marketing firm out of Miami, FL that offers services including Digital Presence, Community Involvement, Public Relations Campaigns, Brand Identity, Monthly Publication, and Email & Text Campaigns. Some of their clients include Bowker Insurance Group, Jeff Kincaid Insurance Group, Caldwell Insurance, Paul & Dixon Insurance, Chavez Insurance Agency, Garlow Insurance Agency, and many other insurance agencies. They have around 20 employees.


#4 – Agent Branding & Marketing

Agent Branding & Marketing helps insurance agents attract the customers they want through effective inbound marketing strategies. Services include SEO, Local SEO, PPC, Social Media Ads, Web Design, and Marketing Strategy. Some of their clients include multiple StateFarm U.S. Home and Auto Insurance Group agents. They also have some webinars on their website that are worth taking a look at.

#5 – Convirtue Digital Agency

Convirtue works in 3 industries including Independent Insurance Agencies, Home Services, and Medical & Dental Practices. Services include Content Marketing and SEO. Clients include Southern Insurance Group, Bellken Insurance Group, Elemental Risk Management, Oakland Insurance, and many others. Convirtue is out of Denver, CO.


#6 – Lead PPC

While our primary industry is not the insurance marketing space (it’s franchise marketing), it’s definitely a space that we can deliver high quality leads in via Google Ads and Meta Ads. We’d love to have a conversation about what your need are, and if we aren’t a good fit, we can definitely point you in the right direction.

#7 – Thrive

Thrive is a large marketing agency that is able to provide leads and website development services in most major industries.


#8 – WebFX

WebFX is also a large marketing agency with experience in most markets.


#9 – Insurance Marketing Partners

Insurance Marketing Partners provides Agency Websites, Social Media Marketing, Paid Search, Strategic Insurance Marketing, Local Search Optimization, Insurance Marketing Analytics, and Personalized Service. They are out of Strum, WI.


#10 – BlueTrain Marketing

BlueTrain is out of the UK and offers Messaging, Content Creation, Copywriting, Hubspot Assistance, Lead Generation, PPC, and SEO services. The markets that they operate in are Insurance, Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain, Financial Services, eCommerce, and SaaS niches.


Why Should I Hire An Insurance Marketing Agency?

As a business owner in the insurance sector, you might have questioned the need for hiring an insurance marketing agency. After all, why not just handle your marketing in-house? The answer is simple: expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness.


Insurance marketing agencies have the specialized knowledge and experience that is crucial in the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. They understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), social media management, and content marketing, to name just a few. This specialized knowledge can help your insurance firm stand out in the crowded online space, attract more potential clients, and ultimately grow your business.


Running an effective marketing campaign requires time – time to plan, execute, monitor, and adjust. But as a business owner, you have a multitude of other responsibilities that demand your attention. An insurance marketing agency takes care of your marketing needs, allowing you to focus more on your core business operations.


Finally, insurance marketing agencies have the tools and techniques to measure the effectiveness of every campaign. They can provide insights into what’s working, what isn’t, and where improvements can be made. This means your marketing budget can be spent more effectively, resulting in a higher return on investment.

In conclusion, hiring an insurance marketing agency offers a range of benefits that can help your business thrive. By leveraging their expertise, efficiency, and effectiveness, you can ensure your marketing efforts are well-targeted, measurable, and successful.


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