What Are The Top 10 Moving Marketing Agencies?

Moving Company Marketing Agencies

Moving Company Marketing Agencies

Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few marketing agencies that specialize in digital marketing for movers and moving companies.  If you’re looking for one of the Top Moving Marketing Agencies, this list below would be a good place to start.

Top 10 Moving Company Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Moving Company Marketing Agencies


#1 – Movers Development

Movers Development currently works with 100+ moving companies including brands such as Van Express Moving, Zippy Shell, Orange Movers, Number 1 Movers, Moving Kings, Evolution Moving, and many more.  They also have an instant quote calculator, which is kind of nice if you’re looking to get a quote right away, even before you speak with their sales team.  Services offered include SEO, PPC, Website Development, and GBP Reputation.


#2 – Marketers For Movers

Marketers For Movers has been around since 2010 and has some great testimonials from moving companies such as Pink Moving And Storage, Metro Moving And Storage, Huberwilmot Moving & Storage, and The Wheaton Group.  Their services include SEO, Web Design, Site Auditing, Hosting, Lead Generation, and Reputation Management.


#3 – Moving Company Marketing Experts

Moving Company Marketing Experts is used by 1-800-PACK-RAT, Storage Squad, Viktoria Professional Movers, and RIF Moving among others.  They have packages with management fees that range from $1,500 – $10,000 / mo.  Their services provided include Google Ads, Landing Page Design, SEO, and Branding & Website Design.


#4 – My Moving Marketing

My Moving Marketing is a full service marketing agency for moving companies.  They have 20+ active clients and 7+ years of experience.  Clients include moving companies such as Mayzlin Relocation, Happy Wheels Moving, Trinity Capital Solution, and Top Rated Movers.


#5 – Lead PPC

I’m going to put ourselves here at Lead PPC at #5 on this list.  While there are other groups that have worked with more moving companies than us (our portfolio includes College H.U.N.K.S Hauling Junk, Moving U & Junk U, You Move Me, and more), we are unique in that we work primarily with franchisors.  So, if you’re looking not only for local moving marketing assistance but also to help drive more moving company franchisees, we are 100% the agency to help you with this.


#6 – Blue Corona

Blue Corona is a bit unique in that they work in many sub-niches within the greater home services marketing arena.  Examples include of course moving companies but also Roofing, Remodeling, Windows & Doors, Contractors, Electrical, Painting, and more.  These guys are a large, highly capable agency that know the moving space well but can also bring other unique ideas to the table that they pull from strategies in other related industries.


#7 – Moving Service Marketing Co.

Moving Service Marketing Co. provides Web Design, Local SEO, PPC Management, and Review Generation for moving companies.  They also provide a free local SEO report that will help identify opportunities for improvement.


#8 – Moving Company Marketing

Moving Company Marketing provides Local SEO, Paid Leads, and PSL Leads.  Their minimum ad spend for Google is $1,000 / mo. and for Facebook is $500 / mo. which is quite reasonable for most movers.


#9 – Moving Marketing Results

Moving Marketing Results is a moving company digital marketing agency that specializes in Web Design & Brand Consistency, Reputation Management, SEO, Marketing Automation, and Analysis & Reporting.


#10 – Thrive

Thrive is a relatively safe choice when it comes to any type of marketing agency.  They have 150+ Reviews on Google, 50+ on Clutch, and 50+ on UpCity.  They work in nearly every major industry.


What Are The 3 Keys To Success When Working With A Moving Company Marketing Agency?

Operating a successful moving business isn’t just about having the best movers or the most reliable trucks. It also requires an effective marketing strategy. However, managing marketing efforts while running the day-to-day operations of your business can be challenging. That’s where a moving company marketing agency comes into play.

1. Clear Communication

The first key to successful collaboration with a marketing agency is clear communication. Ensure that you articulate your business goals, target audience, and budget constraints accurately to the agency. Regularly discuss strategies, campaigns, and progress reports to maintain transparency and establish mutual expectations.

2. Trust in Their Expertise

The second key is to trust in their expertise. You’ve hired a marketing agency because of their knowledge and experience in the field. While your input is valuable, allow them the freedom to devise and implement an effective marketing strategy. Trusting your agency can lead to innovative solutions that drive growth.

3. Regular Review and Feedback

The third key is regular review and feedback. It’s crucial to measure the effectiveness of the marketing initiatives against the set goals. Use metrics like lead generation, website traffic, or customer retention rates to gauge success. Provide constructive feedback to the agency and work together to refine strategies if necessary.

Working with a marketing agency requires a balance between active involvement and giving them space to do what they do best. With clear communication, trust in their expertise, and regular review and feedback, your moving company can reach new heights of success.


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