Can You Advertise NFT Game Projects On YouTube?

NFT YouTube Advertising Overview

While there are limitations on advertising for most crypto projects on major ad networks such as Google Ads, Facebook (Meta) Ads, and YouTube Ads, it is possible to advertise for NFT games on YouTube.  If you need help with PPC NFT advertising, please reach out to us and let us know.

In addition to owning an ad agency, I also invest heavily into NFT games such as Axie, Pegaxy, Mech, BR1, Binamon Firewars, Dragon Master, Fancy Birds, CyberDogz, and many others.  In fact, our guild BreedFi is one of the largest in the world and we own 10,000+ NFTs across 25+ games.

In the case of Mech, I actually first ran across the game while doing some research on Dragon Master.  I typed in “Dragon Master NFT Game” into a YouTube Search, clicked on their video, and the ad that played before the video was one that Trey from Mech put together.

At the time, the Mech project was very new and extremely small, but I ended up buying 14 Legendaries (current floor price is 2-8 ETH on the ones I own) plus another 125 more later.  Had I not ran across that ad, I would have never known about the project.

This is an experience that I have reflected upon again and again, especially since I own Lead PPC, a pay-per-click ad agency, and I’ve been in the advertising space for over 12 years.  I’ve often wondered why more NFT games don’t advertise on YouTube, Google, or Facebook.

With time, I came to realize that most of these major platforms do not want crypto projects advertising on them.  However, NFT gaming seems to be one that some of these platforms, especially YouTube, has allowed to advertise.

One pattern that we are seeing emerge even more is that many blockchain games are expanding beyond Web 3 back into Web 2 in order to increase their Daily Active User (DAU) player base as well as increase profits.

Because there are such few Web 3 players in the world, they are extremely expensive to acquire.  In fact, most Web 3 players expect to make money just to play the game, oftentimes without ever investing a dime into it.

To combat this unhealthy phenomenon, many Web 3 games are starting to have Web 2 versions that are playable either via web browser or downloadable on launcher platforms such as Steam or Elixir to help onboard for players that just want to play the game and own their assets, rather than prospectors or scholars who strictly want to make money from the game ecosystem.

If you are a Co-Founder or in charge of marketing for an NFT gaming project, we would love to connect.  Perhaps we will even invest and buy some of your NFTs via our guild BreedFi.

As far as an advertising budget goes on YouTube, we would recommend starting with about $1,500 / mo. in ad spend.  Also, we charge $750 / mo. for what we do.  So, all in you’re looking at about $2,250 / mo. to engage.  It’s month-to-month so you can cancel any time.

But, do remember this.  If your game fails to get above about 10,000 DAU, it will most likely eventually die.  So, acquiring new players is one of the most important things that you can do.  And, advertising on YouTube as well as a few other platforms is one of the most important things to test.


How do I engage with you?

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