5 Reasons Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Could Be a Game Changer For Your Business.


For business owners, growing website visits on a consistent basis can prove to be very difficult. Growing a steady visitor flow is a long, hard process that often requires a team of people to maintain. With the excitement and passion business owners bring to their brands, it can be frustrating when that enthusiasm is not reciprocated from your audience or potential customer base.

When building strategy to generate website traffic, there are a number of channels that businesses can utilize. These various channels need different lengths of time to develop and each channel has its own set of pro’s and con’s.

SEO for instance, is key to obtaining organic traffic. But initiatives can take six to nine months to develop and gain traction.

Pay-per-click advertising on the other hand is one of the fastest and most effective ways to drive a steady stream of traffic to your website. Using a PPC Management Firm to advertise your business on ad platforms like Google AdWords allows you to instantly drive potential customers to purchase.

Aside from just growing traffic levels, PPC advertising can also influence your business in a number of ways. Here are 5 ways that PPC can help your business:

Become a recognizable brand

Get your brand noticed with PPC. This is especially pertinent for new brands looking to make a splash in their market place. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to stand side by side with more established competitors instantly.

By having a presence in the search results next to recognizable brands, you start to become familiar. Users might not click on your ad the first time they see it but they are 10x more likely to click on your ads the 2nd and 3rd time. After all it’s human nature to be drawn to “familiar”.

Know which keywords work (and don’t work)

Keyword testing through PPC is a great way to get insight into valuable keyword data as it pertains to your business and website. Through running ad campaigns around a number of various  targeted keywords, your business can get access to precise and accurate data around keyword search volume.

Additionally, your business can find out which keywords drive conversion rates and which do not. If you think you have a great keyword but it doesn’t convert into sales, maybe that keyword shouldn’t be the focus of your marketing efforts on any platform. On the other hand, advertisers can quickly discover high converting keywords then build their SEO campaigns based off of those findings.

Get insight on what messaging work the best

Running PPC ads is a good way to test copy and messaging for your brand. By using multiple ads, businesses can compare, monitor and test messages simultaneously while seeing which messages and ads resonate with their targeted audience and which do not. This is VERY valuable information.

By testing and tracking what works, you can replicate the messaging where your brand “lives”. Your website content, social media profiles, email marketing campaigns and a number of different brand outreach initiatives.

Generate leads & control the cost

With PPC advertising efforts, business owners can generate leads such as calls, online form completions, and e-commerce sales while being able to set daily or monthly budgets on how much your willing to spend on these leads. In addition, your reaching audiences that were very likely out of reach using standard SEO efforts.

Regardless of how a customer is looking for products or services, you are able to stay connected with your customers across a variety of devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet). No matter the target audience (businesses or consumers), Pay per Click can get your business quality leads to grow sales, while sticking to the set budget.

Potentially Massive Revenue Driver

PPC is not just a good marketing tool; it is also a good way to make additional revenue. No matter what product or service your business promotes, the end result should always be aimed at revenue growth & ROI.

How much am I spending on marketing efforts?

How much revenue are those efforts are producing?

While PPC marketing can deliver a number of outcomes aside from traffic and revenue, which we have outlined here, the leading goal should always revolve around revenue.

Advertisers who create organized campaigns with targeting keywords, tailored ad copy, and engaging onsite experiences can see direct revenue increases from their paid search traffic. If executed properly, PPC Advertising campaigns are capable of being a major revenue driver for your business.

In Conclusion

While not all of these ideas are directly aimed at your bottom line, they all can play a part in a business’s overall marketing approach.