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PPC Agencies are becoming more of a necessity these days as opposed to a commodity or “nice to have” feature of most businesses.  It’s not even a matter of whether or not your business is a virtual or “online business” versus being a bricks and mortar type of a company.  Nowadays nearly all companies have an element of at least their marketing and sales that is associated with the internet.  In fact, whether you like it or not, people are probably talking about your business and their interactions with your business via social media regularly.


What Is The History Of PPC Agencies?

The history of Pay Per Click (PPC) agencies traces back to the late 1990s, coinciding with the advent of the internet and digital marketing. The first PPC model was introduced by Planet Oasis in 1996, a tool that provided businesses with a platform to advertise their products online. However, it was Google’s AdWords (now Google Ads) launch in 2000 that brought PPC advertising into the mainstream.

This system revolutionized the digital advertising industry, utilizing keyword targeting to serve relevant ads to internet users. In the ensuing years, other prominent platforms like Yahoo and Microsoft also introduced their PPC services. These advancements led to the rise of PPC agencies, professional entities dedicated to managing businesses’ PPC campaigns to maximize their online visibility and profitability. The PPC agency landscape has significantly evolved ever since, adapting to the ever-changing digital trends and customer behaviors.


Who Are The Most Influential PPC Agencies?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising offers a powerful tool for businesses seeking to increase their online visibility and conversion rates. With the right strategy, it can drive targeted traffic to your website, ultimately boosting sales and your bottom line. In the realm of PPC, several top-tier agencies have emerged, offering their expertise to help companies maximize their advertising spend. Let’s take a look at some of the most influential PPC agencies that are making a significant impact in the industry.

  1. Disruptive Advertising: Known for its data-driven approach, Disruptive Advertising focuses on optimizing every aspect of clients’ PPC campaigns, from ad design to targeting and conversion. They have a proven track record in increasing conversion rates and decreasing cost per acquisition.
  2. KlientBoost: KlientBoost takes a unique, comprehensive approach to PPC. They not only manage PPC campaigns but also focus on conversion rate optimization. This dual focus ensures that the traffic generated from PPC ads is more likely to convert, increasing ROI for their clients.
  3. JumpFly: With over 20 years of experience, JumpFly has established itself as a pioneer in the PPC agency space. They offer a complete suite of PPC management services and have a reputation for their unrivaled customer service and campaign success rate.
  4. Ignite Visibility: Ignite Visibility is a full-service digital marketing agency. Their PPC services offer comprehensive solutions, including keyword research, bid management, and conversion rate optimization. They build custom strategies tailored to each client’s business goals.
  5. Directive: Directive is a leading B2B and enterprise search marketing agency that not only focuses on driving traffic but also aligns its strategy with business outcomes. They offer a unique performance dashboard that allows clients to track their PPC campaign performance in real time.

Remember, the most influential PPC agency for your business will depend on your specific needs and goals. It’s worth spending time to research and consult with several agencies before making your decision.


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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to our site here at Lead PPC / leadppc.com. My name is Grant James. I apologize for being a little more dressed up today. I have a church thing and I need to go to and I definitely wanted to make sure that I got this video shot. This video is about this article around PPC agencies. I wanted to kind of have a little bit of a different flair on this. Like talking about kind of the history of paper click companies. Google adds came out which used to be called Google AdWords. It came out in 2000 before that. The first paper click model was introduced by Planet Oasis in 1996, but the whole idea is basically when you click on something, then you pay for it.

Another way you could do. It is based off of impressions. So this number of impressions there’s all sorts of other models like based off of conversion and purchases and things like that. But paper click is kind of the standard for search engine marketing. I also wanted to talk about who some of the most influential paper click agencies are. 2 of them. I know really well, I know disruptive advertising really well. Yeah, the Jake Baadsgaard started disruptive advertising. He was my neighbor. We live like through 4 houses down from one another and was actually I was actually involved to some degree with that and then client boost is Jonathan. Danes company and the 3 of us know each other really really well, so these 2 are definitely 2 of the most influential some other ones that are out there that have kind of a lot of notoriety.

Jump Fly has been around for 20 years. They’re very well known in the paper click space along with Ignite Visibility and Directive, which is more of like b to B and enterprise types of stuff as opposed to small businesses. If you need help with paper click advertising, we would definitely love to talk with you, and if we’re not the best fit for you, we can tell you who is. You can either call us at 833 LEAD PPC or click on the contact us button on the top right, fill out the form there and we can have a conversation, but thank you so much for coming to our website. Really appreciate it.