Top PPC Company List

Need To Hire A PPC Company?

Are you looking to hire a top PPC company to manage your Google and Facebook/Instagram Ads?

In 2021, there’s a lot to look for to make sure that you hire the right PPC firm.  There are 2 main routes that you can go.  You can either hire a large firm that manages thousands of PPC clients and has experience in general with lots of markets.  Or, you can go with a  smaller boutique firm that specializes in 1-10 markets.  Personally, I’m a much bigger fan of higher a specialist over a generalist, but if you can’t find someone who knows your industry well, go with one of the big boys.

Top PPC Companies For 2023:

Our ad agency is much more of a specialist firm that focuses on Franchise Leads, Dental Leads, Personal Injury Leads, and Home Services Leads (Solar, Garage Repair, Pest Control etc.).  If you need leads for one of those industries, we would be a good fit for you.

But, since we’re in the PPC space, we have a pretty good handle on what agencies are good and which ones aren’t.  Here are some of the groups that we actually think do a good job:

  • Disruptive Advertising – Good, big PPC firm out of Utah.  Nice guys, and they know their stuff
  • Klient Boost – Located in Southern California.  They can be a little bit more pricey, but they do a good job, and they are nice people to work with.
  • Scorpion – We compete with them in a few markets, but they’re really good at advertising for lawyers especially.  Just use your own landing pages though, because they try to get you to use their in-house CMS (Content Management System), and it’s a mess to move away from.  So, just use Unbounce or LeadPages.
  • JumpFly
  • Hanapin Marketing
  • Directive Consulting
  • Loud Mouth Media