How To Get Roofing Leads

Roofing Leads

Roofing Leads

Generating Roofing Leads can be tough!  But, do to the nature and price point of roofing contracts, a single roofing lead can lead to tens of thousands of dollars worth of revenue.  So, what are the best ways to get roofing leads?


Option #1: Google Local Service Ads (GLSA):

If you’re a smaller roofing company, using Google Local Service Ads is probably the easiest and most affordable option for you.  Simply go to the Google Local Service Ads Website and apply to be a part of their program.  You can get started for a reasonable amount of money, you only pay for the calls that you receive, and you can even ask for a refund on calls that are off the mark.


Option #2: SEO

Writing high quality content can be the gift that keeps giving.  For myself here at Lead PPC, I write about 1 article per day.  Last year, I wrote about 300 articles in total.  And, even though I spend about $3,000 / mo. on Google Ads, I get about 3X as many leads organically for free from content that I have produced.  The main thing that I do is publish the article on WordPress and then submit it immediately on Google Search Console.  I also really try to pay attention to what my # of impressions are each day on Google Search Console.  If I’ve missed a few days of writing content and my impressions start to dip, then I make sure to be more consistent in the future.

For instance, all of these dips in impressions that you see in the image below are from me not being consistent with my content publishing.  When I see those, I know I need to get back on it and write that article each day.

Roofing Leads Google Search Console

Roofing Leads Google Search Console


Option #3: Google Ads

Long term, running Google Ads consistently at high volume can be one of the best ways to drive consistent new sales for  your business.  It’s the equivalent of running ads on DoorDash if you’re a restaurant.  For the restaurants that I own, anywhere between 40-100% of my orders come from DoorDash, and I would never consider not running ads on DoorDash.

Likewise, if I owned a roofing company, I wouldn’t hesitate at all to run ads on Google Ads.  Even if you just start with a $1,000 / mo. ad budget going after either [Exact Match] terms or using Performance Max campaigns, with time you can potentially build up a great asset for you and your business that continues to produce consistently.


Option #4: Hire An Agency

Here at Lead PPC, we currently are only taking on roofing companies that are franchises, as it’s hard for us to work with individual roofing companies at the moment.  But, having a good agency in your back pocket can be extremely helpful.

If you’re looking for a list of quality roofing lead generation companies, here’s a list that we put together that might help you: