Senior Housing Lead Generation Sources

Finding age and income qualified leads are vital to the financial success of your organization. But they can be really hard to come by. Most lead generation strategies like direct mail, billboards, events, or telephone marketing cast a wide net hopping to find the right leads. However, this approach also leads to wasted time with contacts who are either not interested or not qualified. This wasted time leads to a higher cost per client acquisition. The solution is to utilize advertising strategies that are better targeted and more tightly focused. Two of the easiest ways to create focused campaigns are with search engine advertising and Instagram and Facebook ads. 

Senior Housing Google PPC

The beauty of search engine advertising is that you are only paying for advertising to individuals who are already searching for your product or a product similar to yours. Well that is if you have your ads set up correctly. As you set up your google ads make sure that your bracket your search terms like this: “senior+housing+near+me” otherwise each term will be treated like a broad search term match and google can pair it with anything the algorithm thinks is relevant. Also, be sure to click in my area when it comes to geography. Otherwise your ads will show up for someone in Albuquerque when your community is in Seattle. 

Senior Housing Facebook PPC

Instagram and Facebook ads are also fantastic because you are able to utilize all of the data that Instagram and Facebook have collected by cataloguing what people “like” and put that data to use in reaching exactly the right sort of potential residents or the right sort of potential residents’ children. You can also utilize print, pictures, and videos in these ads really effectively. Right now short video ads have great impact on Instagram in particular. Time and experience will help you to refine your target lists and your ad options to maximize your impact. 

Need Help?

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