Low Testosterone Lead Generation

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There are a lot of different approaches to getting more patients into your men’s health clinic. People use radio ads, billboards, and other mass marketing approaches, but all of these approaches have a high cost and low return on investment because they are shotgun approaches. These marketing approaches blast a message out to as many people as possible and hope that a few potential clients hear the message. 

Testosterone Leads On Google Ads

There is a much more effective way: Google Ads. This is the way everybody shops for basically everything. When you want to find a restaurant or a new pair of shoes you search for it online. Marketing in this way allows you to connect with people who not only need you but are looking for your help. Google Ads are also great because you can scale them to your clinic’s needs. You can spend as little or as much as you want, and you can set the geographic radius of the ads so you are only connecting with people who live close enough to book an appointment. 

If you do decide to setup a Google Ads account, make sure you are careful with your keyword syntax. For instance, if you want to target the term “Low T Treatment Near Me”, you would want to input it is as one of the following:

Testosterone Leads Keyword Examples


[Low T Treatment Near Me]

“Low T Treatment Near Me”

Otherwise, if you just enter the terms low t treatment near me, it is considered a broad match, and Google can replace each word with anything that they feel is relevant. This will make your ad less targeted. For example, this same broad match term might show up for the search query: looking for bodybuilding supplements near Orlando and you could be in San Francisco.  So, be careful with match types.

Testosterone Leads Geo-Targeting

Another thing to be wary of is your location targeting.  Always set your locations to target people search “in” your area, not “in our about” your area.  If you fail to do this, you will target people all across the world.  I’m not sure why Google does this by default, but it seems like an extra way to make them cash.

Other Lead Sources

Is Google the only place to find new prospective clients?  Absolutely not.  Instagram, Facebook, Bing/Yahoo, and LinkedIn are among some of the other great networks you can use to drive new Men’s Health Leads.

Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation for those in need of PPC leads.  If you are in need of leads, please feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us form.


Video Transcript

Hi there and welcome to LeadPPC.Com. My name is Grant James. I am the owner of the company. We have been in business since 2010 and you’re probably viewing this article right here, which is about low testosterone legion generation. We work in a few different industries. Our biggest industry is franchise development. We actually have some franchisors that work exactly in the space, which is where we gave a lot of experience on. You know these types of wellness types of situations with testosterone and what have you with Legion, but we also do a lot kind of in medical space. My dad is a physician and so kind of coming out of that. We work with a lot of dental offices, orthodontic offices, chiropractors and things of that nature, and so testosterone is actually kind of similar to how the back end of that works.

So in this article, as far as Lee generation goes, we kind of talk a little bit about Google ads with Google ads. You just want to make sure that you’re very focused on exactly what it is that you’re going after a lot of times people will be looking up things such as low tear, low testosterone treatment near me so making sure that you’re showing up in those local markets for Google ads you really don’t want to go too much further than maybe around 10 miles a lot of times if you go out too far people. Just aren’t willing to come visit you even though they’re interested in it same type of thing with Facebook ads. Although a Facebook gets to be a little bit more careful because things do get shut down anytime you’re dealing with things of this type of nature.

Especially if you’re kinda go to edgy um, it’s you’re likely to get more likely to get shut down on meta Instagram, Facebook than you would be on Google. It’s Google and YouTube are a little more open with those types of things. Um, so if you are in need of lead generation for your clinic, feel free to reach out to us to do so. Just you can either just call this number up here 833 lead PVC or you can click on the contact us button. If you go there, you just fill in a form and then hit request appointment. You can actually schedule right here on your website. I’d love to talk with you if we’re not the best fit for you can definitely point you in the right direction, but thanks for coming to our website and I hope that you have a great day.