How To Do Digital Marketing For Franchises

How To Do Digital Marketing For Franchises

How To Do Digital Marketing For Franchises

Digital Marketing For Franchises is different than a lot of more generalized industries because it touches virtually every type of business on the planet.  There are franchises for nearly industry you can think of.  There are flower franchises, food franchises, real estate franchises, and basically anything you can think of… even sports franchises.

So, when people refer to digital marketing for franchises, they typically mean one of two things:

  1. Franchise Development Marketing
  2. Consumer Development Marketing


Let’s Get More Granular

Here at Lead PPC, we focus primarily on franchise development lead generation, meaning we help drive leads of people who are interested in becoming a franchisee.  This is an extremely niche type of lead generation, and there are really only about 5-6 agencies that have any clue about what they are doing with fran dev lead gen.

The other type of digital marketing for franchises is consumer or local marketing.  Basically, it’s the type of marketing that you do in order to help your franchisees drive more customers.  There are dozens if not hundreds of marketing agencies that do this type of work.  Many agencies don’t even know that they are working with franchisees or franchisors but provide lead generation services for them.

Digital marketing for franchises presents unique challenges and opportunities. The goal is to maintain brand consistency across all locations while allowing for local market customization. Here are strategic approaches to effectively manage digital marketing for franchises:

  1. Unified Brand Message: Ensure all digital marketing efforts, from social media to email campaigns, communicate a cohesive brand message. This consistency helps reinforce the brand identity across different franchises.
  2. Local SEO Optimization: Each franchise location should optimize its website and content for local search. This includes using local keywords, registering on Google My Business, and managing local listings and reviews. This strategy improves visibility in local search results, attracting more customers to each individual location.
  3. Customizable Digital Assets: Create digital marketing materials that allow for some level of customization. Franchisees should have the flexibility to tailor content to their local audiences without deviating from the overall brand message.
  4. Leverage Social Media Locally: While maintaining a central brand presence on major social media platforms, also create local accounts for franchises. This allows each location to engage with its local community, share relevant events, and respond to customer feedback directly.
  5. Training and Support: Provide comprehensive digital marketing training and resources for franchisees. This ensures that they understand the brand’s digital marketing strategy and can effectively implement it.
  6. Data-Driven Decisions: Encourage the use of analytics and data to drive marketing decisions at the local level. Understanding local customer behavior and preferences can help in tailoring marketing efforts more effectively.
  7. Adaptable Online Advertising: Utilize targeted online advertising that can be adapted for different locations. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, for example, can be customized to target specific geographical areas.
  8. Cross-Promotion and Collaboration: Promote collaboration across franchises for cross-promotion opportunities. This can amplify the reach of digital marketing campaigns and create a sense of community among different locations.

Implementing a cohesive yet flexible digital marketing strategy for franchises requires careful planning and execution. It’s about striking the right balance between maintaining a unified brand presence and catering to the unique needs of local markets.


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