Ugly Truth Of Franchise Development LinkedIn Marketing Agencies

Franchise Development LinkedIn Marketing Agency

Franchise Development LinkedIn Marketing Agency

Here’s the ugly truth about trying to find a Franchise Development LinkedIn Marketing Agency.  There isn’t a good one and marketing on LinkedIn via ads doesn’t really work.  Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation.

I know you’re probably searching around on Google for things like:

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And, I bet that there are dozens of agencies out there who would be willing to take your money and hope for the best.  But, before you do so, here are a few things you need to understand before dumping a bunch of money into LinkedIn ads to try and find qualified franchise development leads.

After managing $20M+ in ads since 2013 for 200+ brands who need help with franchise development leads generation, this is what we’ve learned.  On LinkedIn, you end up paying Google prices for the clicks.  And, you end up having click to lead conversion rates that are similar to Facebook.

What this means in layman’s terms is that you end up overpaying for clicks on LinkedIn that don’t convert into leads at a very high rate.  On Google, maybe clicks cost you $6 a piece.  And, maybe you convert 15% of them, so it costs you $40 per lead.  That works.  And, on Facebook maybe you’re spending $2 per click and you’re converting 5% of your clicks into leads, so it costs you $40 per lead.  That works at well.

What doesn’t work is if you’re paying $6 per click on LinkedIn (similar to Google) and it’s only at a rate of 5% (like Facebook).  This being the case, you would be paying $120 for a lead that at the end of the day isn’t any more qualified than a Facebook lead.

For this reason, we rarely if ever encourage franchisors to spend their precious advertising dollars on LinkedIn.

Exception To The Rule For LinkedIn Franchise Development Advertising:

There is, however, a time that advertising on LinkedIn may make sense for your brand.  We’ve seen this a handful of times.  One of the clients that we’ve worked with has a franchise system that they only sell to truck drivers.  This is a job title or position that is very easy to find on LinkedIn but nearly impossible to find on Google or Facebook.

Similarly, another client only works with franchisees that are registered pediatrists.  In both of these cases, LinkedIn could make sense for you.

Outside of a job title based advertising, we would highly recommend doing Google and Facebook Ads instead of LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator For Franchise Development Marketing

Having said all of this, we do occasionally run into clients who have had some success using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  This can work if you have franchise development sales reps that have a lot of time on their hands and not enough leads.  LinkedIn is best for outreach similar to how job recruiters do it.  If you’re used to this type of an approach, then manually reaching out to prospective investors via LinkedIn as if you are a job recruiter could work for you.

Note, this is still not running LinkedIn Ads.  It’s purchasing LinkedIn Sales Navigator and having an employee manually do outreach.  There is a difference, and you don’t need a franchise ad agency to help you with this.


If you do need help with driving high quality franchise development leads, we would love to help you, just not with LinkedIn.  If you’d like to hop on a call, please use our Contact Us form to book a call with us today.  Thanks, and hopefully this advice to not use LinkedIn Ads for franchise development will save you some wasted time and money.