What Is The Best Franchise Facebook Advertising Agency?

Franchise Facebook Advertising Agency

Franchise Facebook Advertising Agency

Are you trying to find a Franchise Facebook Advertising Agency?  Perhaps you’ve been searching on Google right now for terms such as:

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If so, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here at Lead PPC, we’ve managed Facebook Ads for franchisors since 2010, and we’ve worked with over 200 franchise brands.  There are a few key things that are important when it comes to Facebook Ads for franchisors.  Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation.

Key #1: Don’t Use Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads is a built-in tool within Facebook that allows for you to generate leads on Facebook and Instagram without having people fill out a web form or leave the Facebook / Instagram platform.  This means that you don’t have to be good at creating mobile optimized landing pages (about 80% of social traffic is mobile), and Facebook Lead Ads have a very low friction or barrier of entry for consumers because it prefills all of their information in the web form.  People interacting with the ads literally just have to click 1 button and you’ll get their contact information.

For a franchise Facebook advertising agency though, what ends up happening is that agencies that employ this methodology end up driving the worst leads on the planet from people who are so uninterested in the offer that when a franchise sales development representative calls them, the leads get angry and say that they never filled out a form for any type of an offer.

So, what you want to do instead of using Lead Ads is really hone in the targeting on Facebook so that you are going after people who are interested in investing into franchise opportunities, include the investment amount on the ad itself, use videos in the ads, and then have killer landing pages that convert well that reinforce the offer as well as the investment criteria as they are filling out the form.

Key #2: Use Lookalike Audiences

Using Lookalike Audiences as a criteria in your Facebook Ads is extremely important.  To do this, take a list of your existing franchisees including name, email, and phone number and append to that list people who made it to stages in your sales pipeline that are very far down the path such as leads that made it to:

  • Highly Qualified Opportunity
  • Meet The Founders
  • Discovery Day

From there, you upload that list to Facebook and do about a 1-3% Lookalike Audience.  You’ll want to include this as one of the targeting criteria in your Facebook and Instagram Ads, basically notifying Facebook of exactly the types of people that you are looking for and allowing their AI to find similar people for your ads.

Key #3: Follow Facebook Compliance

Over the past 5 years, Facebook compliance has gotten increasingly difficult.  For franchises especially, they try to put them into the category of “employers” which removes a lot of important targeting options.  The reason for this is that Facebook faced a lot of class action lawsuit around not allowing for the equal opportunity of employment.  Employers would go on there and weed out anyone that wasn’t ultra qualified, which in turn caused lower income individuals to not have as many job opportunities.

If your ad account does get suspended for employment regulations, don’t try and refute it.  Just accept it and lean heavily into the audiences that do exist along with custom Lookalike Audiences.  We’ve been through this dozens of times and already have extremely good custom audiences that work for most franchising industries. 

What you don’t want to do is keep getting your ad account suspended, which will lead to bans and all sorts of other problems for you.  We also have access to very high level account reps at Facebook that can help ad accounts get re-approved by following their guidelines.

Key #4: Focus On CRO & Reinforcing Investment Criteria

With Facebook, getting a Cost Per Lead (CPL) that is within about a $15-$40 range is relatively easy if your franchise Facebook advertising agency knows what they are doing.  They key then is to really focus on landing pages that tell the story of your brand and gets people excited about the opportunity.  Imagery and awesome videos go a long way on social media.  Make sure to include the investment amount in your ads and landing pages, as the last thing you want is underqualified people wasting your clicks and the time of your sales reps.


Need Help?

Hopefully this article is helpful for you.  If you would like to hop on a call so that we can walk you through how we setup our ads and landing pages as well as send you a free proposal, please fill out our Contact Us form.  Looking forward to speaking with you!


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Lead PPC. My name is Grant James. I am the founder of Lead PPC. We have been working with franchise ores since 2010. Used to be. I used to be a chief marketing officer for a franchise ore and ended up starting an agency and we work with over 250 different franchises now and gained a lot of experience over the years in this article that you’re probably viewing right now discussing what is the best franchise Facebook advertising agency. So maybe you’re on Google when you’ typed in things like franchise development, Facebook advertising agency or restaurant franchise, Facebook advertising agency or something like that. I honestly there aren’t that many great add agencies that are out there that really do understand how to do franchise development lead generation.

I think there’s maybe 6 of us and we probably do the majority of it as far as paper click goes or some other groups that do a good job with SEO and content. But when you get into Facebook franchise development lead generation type of stuff, I have some tips that may be helpful for you. Key number one don’t use lead ads. We get a lot of phone calls for people that have signed contracts that are like a year long with an agency that doesn’t really work in franchising but will help them out and they end up spending like 10 grand a month and they’re doing all Facebook lead ads and they’ close. 0 deals out of it. Facebook lead ads is going to use the built in phone numbers that are already on Facebook a lot of times.

It’s people who filled up forms in college and now they’re 45 and it’s not even the right contact information. So you definitely want to send people to a landing page that is mobile optimized since about 80 percent of your leads are going to come from mobile devices. So you want to be asking for first name, last name, phone number, zip code, net worth the net worth pieces pieces especially important for Facebook paper click as opposed to Google where you can do it or not, but there’s already intent there’ whereas it’s all demographic basically for advertising and wrong people on meta adds Facebook ads. Then you you really need to know that much quicker, which I need to ask network questions number 2 use look like audiences a lot of the custom. A lot of the built in audiences within Facebook fall under some of the guidelines that have to do with equal opportunity and employment because investing in an opportunity is kind of like getting employed.

A lot of people are buying a job for themselves if it’s, you know if it’s one of those you need to work in the franchise type of situations, there’s a lot of legal constraints around it, a lot of the targeting that you used to be able to do as far. As net worth and things like that, you can’t do the same way as you used to in Facebook, so using look like audiences can be really helpful. So for instance, as somebody you want to take a list of your existing leads that you’ve generated all time. So especially people who have already purchased a franchise. Maybe they made it to meet the founders discovery day or they’re a high qualified, highly qualified opportunity. You want to take those leads uploaded with Facebook to a 02:59 percent look like audience and use that as one of your criteria for trying to find those right types of people. There are some other good built in types of situations. We have a lot of custom lists that we work off of you know franchise buyers and things like that that really help use the AI and Facebook, but using look like audiences and custom audiences can be very helpful. Some other things you want to make sure to follow the compliance that Facebook has.

You can run into issues with like you know multiple accounts and if things get, you know if you get one account that gets hammered and you have it linked to the same credit card, you can have problems with that type of a thing. Focus on conversion rate optimization CRO and reinforcing investment criteria. So within your ads on Facebook make sure you show right there in the headline what the investment amount is, so if it’s. $350,000 investment. Say that there don’t be shy about it because you want to be attracting people to have that amount of money. And then once they go to the landing page and they’re filling out the form you want to reiterate like minimum investment, get those qualifications out there because this is display advertising. It’s just shown to people as opposed to them searching so those are really important. If you do need help with Facebook advertising, that is exactly what we do for franchise orders. If you’d like to speak with us, just click on this, contact us, button up here, fill out the form with your information, hit request appointment that will go to probably my Calendly. Then we can book called to talk with one another instead of just like using the internet like this.

But thank you so much for coming to our site and we hope that you will find it helpful whether you use our services or not, but thank you so much.