Keys To Franchise Online Marketing Success

Franchise Online Marketing

Franchise Online Marketing

Franchise Online Marketing can be an enigma for a lot of franchise organizations.  Why is it that some franchise brands reach hundreds of units in the first few years of their formation while other brands only grow by a few stores if any during those same time periods?

Let’s dive into some of the mysteries and keys to success that drive success for the top franchise brands.


The Opportunity Itself

Some opportunities are so good and profitable that despite failing at nearly every other aspect of their business the company makes so much money that they just win and win big.  If you dig deeper, typically you’ll find that this has to do with the Item 19 within that company’s FDD.

Typically, most franchise brands have profit margins that are in the 15-20% range.  Anything under around 15% is avoided by most investors.  And, oftentimes it’s hard to get over 20% profitability for many businesses.  But, occasionally, you’ll run across brands that are in the 30-50% profitability range.  These are the types of opportunities that make your head turn and ask more questions about what kind of opportunity it is and why it makes so much profit.

These types of opportunities can be compounded when it’s NOT an owner / operator situation meaning that you can still maintain profit margins of 30-50% even if you don’t have to do any type of day to day operations within the company.

If you run across a brand like this, the next types of questions you’ll be asking are “What is the total investment amount?” and “How much revenue can it produce?”.  Most franchise brands are brick and mortar and thus cost between $250,000-$750,000 to get started.  But, occasionally, you find brands that are less than $100,000.  And within that subset, some of these brands can produce $1,000,000+ in revenue.

Show me a brand that has profit margins of 30-50%, is NOT owner operator, costs <$100,000 per location, and can generate > $1,000,000 per year in revenue and you’ve got yourself a winner regardless of most other factors.


The Team Behind The Opportunity

Despite our best efforts as a franchise lead generation digital marketing agency, sometimes we drive great, high-quality leads for our clients but the team on the other end is so disjointed and negative that we fail to succeed collectively.

Sometimes what is holding you back from success isn’t the opportunity that you’re involved with or the franchise online marketing that you’re spending money on.  Instead its you yourself as a franchisor and the team that you’ve crafted to run the show.  If your team is negative, doesn’t follow up with leads within 24 hours, doesn’t believe what they’re doing will work, or is constantly butting heads with one another, go ahead and expect this to bleed over into your franchise sales processes and face a lack of success with franchise sales.

You have to remember that you’re selling something that is more expensive that what many people pay for cars or even houses.  People are literally mortgaging their future on you and your opportunity.  If that same confidence and passion doesn’t translate over to the prospective franchisee via your sales calls and email follow-up, people aren’t going to be sold on the opportunity and will eventually fizzle out or at least have less success than you could otherwise have.


Google Ads & Meta Ads

Regardless of whether or not it’s currently working for you and your brand, 99.99999% of the time both Google Ads and Meta Ads should work for your franchise opportunity.  You may not have the right franchise marketing agency retained (most franchisors hire terrible local marketing companies that are clueless when it comes to franchise development lead generation).  You may have terrible landing pages with poor Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  You may be targeting the wrong types of keywords and audiences or have an unsustainable Cost Per Lead (CPL).  Or, your sales team may not be following up with the leads fast enough and be bad at getting prospective franchisees on the phone.

But, whether it’s working for your brand individually or not, both Google Ads and Meta Ads should be producing sales for you at least several times a year if not dozens of times a year.


Franchise Broker Networks

Working with franchise portals and having great SEO and content are NOT requirements for success when it comes to franchise online marketing.  However, once you have Google Ads and Meta Ads working for your brand, you should highly consider hiring at least 2-4 franchise broker networks to help sell your brand.  Yes, it’s going to cost you north of $25,000 per sale, even on multi-units.  Yes, it’s overpriced.  Yes, some broker networks will bring you nothing.

But, if you look at the lead sources that nearly ALL Franchise Sales Organizations (FSOs) use, it comes down to Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Franchise Broker Networks.  Why?  Because they work.


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