3 Crucial Home Service Franchise PPC Tips & Tricks

    3 Crucial Home Service Franchise PPC Tips & Tricks

    3 Crucial Home Service Franchise PPC Tips & Tricks

    Looking for some Home Service Franchise PPC tips and trips to help you drive more leads and sales online?  We can definitely help!  We have worked in the franchising space since 2010, helped 200+ franchise brands, and currently over 30% of our clients are home service franchise brands.  Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation.

    Some of our service offerings include:

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    • Home Service Franchise PPC Management
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    So, whether you are a Franchisor or Area Developer who is looking for franchise development lead generation or a Franchisee who is in need of local franchise marketing for your location(s), we can certainly help.  The one thing we don’t do is provide franchise leads for brokers, but if you fall into this category here’s an article we wrote called “Franchise Consultant Leads” that may help you. 

    Let’s go ahead and dive into it.

    Home Franchise PPC Tip #1: Your Landing Pages Matter

    I can’t tell you how often we get phone calls from home service franchisors such as those in the home renovation, garage door repair, cleaning, or other service brands that can’t seem to get their Cost Per Lead (CPL) down to that healthy $20-$100 range (our average all-time across all of our brands is about $32).  If your CPL is over $100, the first place to look especially on Google is going to be your landing pages.

    Make sure that you are following these rules below:

    1. Use a separate platform like Unbounce rather than your SEO CMS like WordPress
    2. No top navigation
    3. Web form above the fold of the page
    4. Mobile optimized
    5. Aesthetically pleasing

    If your landing page looks bad, you will get less leads and worse candidates.  Make life easier for yourself by making awesome landing pages with strong Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) in place.  We don’t even charge our customers for landing pages because it is just that important and fundamental for PPC success.

    Home Franchise PPC Tip #2: Advertise On Both Google And Facebook

    We’ve been doing this forever professionally, and even we don’t know ahead of time whether Google or Facebook will work best for our home service franchise brands.  While a Google lead may cost you $65 versus a $25 Facebook lead for franchise development, we actually see about as many deals come from Facebook / Instagram as we do from Google while they both tend to have a similar Cost Per Sale regardless of lead price.

    Facebook allows you to tell more of your story with videos and pictures along with much longer text within your ads.  Make sure to include the investment amount in your ads so that you get less leads from people who aren’t financially qualified.  Also, NEVER NEVER NEVER use Facebook Lead Ads for franchise development.  It’s fine for local franchisee ppc advertising but not for franchise development.  Using Facebook Lead Ads for franchise development will get you cheaper leads but 9/10 times they will be complete junk from people who don’t even know that they are filling out the form.

    For Google Ads, if you’re doing franchise development lead generation, make sure you go after industry terms and competitor terms.  So, if you’re a brand like CertaPro, you should be going after industry terms like:

    • Paint Franchise
    • Painter Franchise

    And, you should be advertising on competitor terms like:

    • Five Star Painting Franchise
    • Fresh Coat Franchise
    • 360° Painting Franchise

    Always make sure you put “franchise” at the end of competitor terms, so that you don’t get customer traffic for those brands and waste your money.

    For home service local franchisee marketing, make sure you are doing Google Local Ads (GLA), as those ads now appear even above normal PPC Google Ads, Maps, and SEO rankings.  It takes a lot of hoops to get “Google Verified” or “Google Guaranteed”, but it’s worth it and nearly necessary for most local advertising these days within the home services space whether you are a franchised brand or not.

    Home Franchise Tip #3: Use SMS Texts And Calendly

    Once a lead does come through, make sure you are following up with those leads immediately.  The best groups that we’ve seen call leads back within <5 minutes with some of them using automated systems to call web form leads back in under a minute.

    If you’re not sending at least 1 automated SMS text message, you should be.  And, make sure that you are always providing a way for people to book a call or appointment with you online right after they fill out a web form.  We use a free tool called Calendly, which helps a lot.  I would say that about 90% of our leads book a call right there online.  If you want to see what the process is like, feel free to fill out our contact us form and check it out.


    If you’re interested in speaking with us here at Lead PPC, please fill out our Contact Us form.  The form will allow you to book a call with us directly online via Calendly after you fill out the form.  Trust me, it will be worth the call.