National Franchise Sales – How To Grow Nationwide

How To Sell Franchises Nationwide

How To Sell Franchises Nationwide

You’ve done the hard part.  You’ve created a local business that thrives.  Maybe it does $1-2M+ per year in revenue.  Perhaps it has profit margins of 20%+.  But, how do you take the concept that you’ve created and poured your blood, sweat, and tears into to get National Franchise Sales?

High level, it’s not easy.  You may have to be honest with yourself and realize that the same skillset that took you to where you are today isn’t the same skillset that’s going to take you to where you want to be on a national level.  You may need to extend beyond your current network of employees and skilled laborers into a new realm that is dominated by some of the biggest brands in the world, such as McDonald’s, Subway, and for all practical purposes even NBA teams like the Lakers or NFL teams like the are “franchises” as well.

So, how can you take it to the next level?

If you are an immerging franchisor, here are a few resources that you may not have heard of before but should probably become familiar with:

  • Franchise Broker Networks – These are groups that plow through tons of leads that they buy from franchise portals like Franchise Gator, Franchise Direct, etc. and find the best leads, warm them up, and introduce you to them.  Their going to charge you roughly $25,000 per sale, so make sure your franchise fee is north of around $50,000.
  • FSOs – Also known as Franchise Sales Organizations, FSOs can be hired as a done-for-you solution for franchise sales.  It’s not cheap to do, but for between $5,000-$20,000 / mo. for a management fee along with 50% of your franchise fee (on non-broker network related sales), they will handle everything for you.
  • Franchise PPC Companies – This is what we do here at Lead PPC.  We work with 85+ franchisors and drive leads for them via Google Ads and Meta Ads.  You should anticipate that you’ll need an ad budget of somewhere between $2,500-$7,500 / mo. depending on how aggressive you would like to be.
  • Franchise Portals – These are websites like Franchise Gator, Franchise Direct, and Biz Buy Sell that you can purchase franchise leads from.


How To Sell Franchises Nationally

Starting a franchise can be an exciting venture for business owners looking to expand their brand’s reach. Selling franchises nationally requires strategic planning, understanding of the market, and a robust legal framework. Here’s a guide on how to effectively sell franchises across the nation.

Understand Your Brand and Market

Before you begin selling your franchise, it’s critical to have a clear understanding of what your brand stands for, its unique selling points (USPs), and the target demographics. Conduct thorough market research to identify potential markets and understand local competition. Your franchise should offer a compelling and consistent brand experience that can be replicated across different locations.

Develop a Solid Franchise Model

To sell your franchise successfully, you must have a proven business model that is easily duplicable and backed by a sound operational manual. This includes detailed information on business operations, marketing strategies, training programs, and support services. Potential franchisees should be able to visualize running the business with the processes and systems you’ve put in place.

Comply with Legal Requirements

Selling franchises nationally involves adherence to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state-specific franchising laws. You’ll need to prepare a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which provides critical information about the franchisor, the business, financial statements, and the legal responsibilities of both franchisee and franchisor. Consult with a franchise attorney to ensure all your documentation and processes meet legal requirements.

Marketing Your Franchise

Effective marketing is essential to attract potential franchisees. Develop a marketing plan that includes both digital and traditional marketing strategies. Your website should highlight the benefits of owning one of your franchises and provide a clear call to action. Attend franchise expos, utilize social media, and consider working with franchise brokers to reach a broader audience.

Support and Training

Prospective franchisees often consider the level of support and training provided as a deciding factor. Offer comprehensive training programs that cover all aspects of the business. Providing ongoing support such as marketing assistance, regular updates to the operational manual, and access to preferred suppliers can make your franchise more attractive to potential buyers.

Establish a Screening Process

As you receive interest from potential franchisees, it’s crucial to establish a screening process to ensure candidates are a good fit for your brand. This might include financial checks, interviews, and assessing their business acumen and passion for your brand. A well-selected franchisee is more likely to be successful, which in turn reflects positively on your brand.

Foster Relationships with Franchisees

Building strong relationships with your franchisees is key for national expansion. They are the ambassadors of your brand, and their success is your success. Foster open communication, address concerns promptly, and create a community among your franchisees. This not only helps in retaining existing franchisees but can also attract new ones through positive word-of-mouth.

Monitor and Enhance

Finally, monitor the performance of your franchises and be open to feedback. Use this feedback to enhance your franchise system continually. This shows potential franchisees that you’re committed to the success and growth of your brand.

Selling franchises nationally is an endeavor that requires careful planning and execution. Following these steps will help ensure you create a strong foundation for your franchisees and, in turn, for the national growth of your brand.


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