What Are The Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Agencies?

Top Healthcare Marketing Agencies

Top Healthcare Marketing Agencies

The Healthcare industry is great because there are a ton of great industry specific marketing agencies.  So, you don’t have to go just go with a big box marketing agency that doesn’t understand the needs of your specific industry.  Here’s our take on who the Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Agencies are:

Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Healthcare Marketing Agencies


#1- Cardinal Digital Marketing (+1)

Up one spot for 2024 is Cardinal Digital Marketing.  Cardinal is one of my favorite digital marketing firms.  They work with nearly every type of healthcare group including everything from ABA Therapy to Veterinary Medicine.  If you’re looking to go to RFP, Cardinal would be one to consider including in your RFP process.  Services include SEO, Facebook Ads, CRO, Web Design, Analytics, PPC Management, Programmatic Display, Reputation Management, and TikTok Advertising.  Cardinal has 60+ team members and has made the Inc 5000.


#2 – Healthcare Success (-1)

Healthcare Success is still in our top 3 for healthcare marketing agencies, this year at #2.  Healthcare Success is a full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency that focuses on a variety of healthcare industries such as Hospital & Health Systems, Multi-Location Medical, Multi-Location Dental, Additional Treatment, Telehealth, Long-Term Care, and other similar healthcare sub-categories.  Services include SEO, PPC, Social Media, Programmatic Display & CTV, Content Marketing, Reputation Management, Web Design, and other creative services.  Some of their clients include Astera, HRPC, Illinois Dermatology Institute, SynergenX, and many more.  Healthcare Success has 20+  years of industry experience, 1,000+ healthcare clients, and 40+ team members.  In general, the top healthcare marketing agencies tend to have between about 25-60 employees.


#3 – SPM Marketing (+1)

SPM has around 25 staff members and their capabilities focus on Insights & Research, Creative & Content Development, SEO, Branding, Media Buying, Analytics & Reporting, and Web Development.  With offices in Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles SPM has been able to acquire over 350+ clients such as Addiction Alliance Of Georgia, American Hospital Association, UChicago Medicine, Centra, Central Maine Medical Center, Emory Healthcare, Marshall Health and many other great companies.  If you are a health association, health system, cancer center, children’s hospital, stand-alone clinic, medical device company, or medical technology firm, SPM would be one to consider speaking with.


#4 – Intrepy Healthcare Marketing (-1)

Intrepy was founded in 2014 by Justin & Kelley Knott and was rated the Top SEO Company for the Medical industry by Clutch for 2023.  They are 100% focused on the medical market.  Some of their clients include Tennessee Orthopedic Clinics, Center For Vein Restoration, Carolina NeuroSurgery & Spine Associates, Midlands Orthopedics & Neurosurgery, and many other healthcare organizations.  Their primary services include Medical SEO, Paid Advertising, Healthcare Social Media, and Reporting.  Within the medical industry, some of their top categories include Orthopedic, Medical Spa, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Urology, Plastic Surgery, and Fertility Clinics.  Intrepy also has the #1 healthcare marketing agency podcast on Apple.  They have around 14 staff members.


#5 – Runner Medical Marketing (0)

Runner is a medical-only agency that focuses on practice areas including Addiction Treatment Centers, ER & Urgent Care, Fertility & Reproductive Centers, Medical Practices, Orthodontic Practices, Pain Management Clinics, and Spine & Orthopedic Practices.  Services include Content Marketing, Digital Advertising & Paid Media, Front Office Helper CRM, Google Business Page Optimization, Practice Listings, Reviews Management, SEO, Social Media Posting, Video Production, and Website Development.  With around 16 staff members, Runner Medical Marketing has generated a great portfolio with clients such as Society Hill Reproductive Medicine, Surepoint ER, Omni Sculpt MD, Advanced Orthodontic Specialists, Thrive Behavioral Health, ENT Specialty Partners, and many more.


#6 – Lead PPC (0)

Here at Lead PPC, our main practice areas that we have experience in are in working with 200+ dentists and orthodontists along with other niches such as chiropractors.  On a personal level, my father was an Anesthesiologist and the first job that I ever had was in the corporate wellness space.  The medical industry is one that we love and if you need help with Google or Meta leads via PPC, we would love to help you.


#7 – No Good (+3)

No Good is up 3 spots from #10 in 2023.  They have continued to make strides in their overall online / digital presence.  No Good as expertise in the Healthcare, SaaS, Fintech, B2B, Consumer, and Crypto spaces and has around 40 employees.  Their primary services include SEM/PPC, Social Ads, CRO, SEO, Content Marketing, Performance Branding, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, and SMS Marketing.


#8 – Ogilvy Health (+1)

Ogilvy Health works with some large healthcare brands such as Pfizer, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb, Spring Works Therapeutics, and Boehringer Ingelheim.  Services include Brand Development & Promotion, Data Intelligence & Strategy, PR & Influence, Medical Education, and Market Access.


#9 – Biotica Healthcare Marketing (-1)

Biotica is a bit of a smaller agency with around 4 employees that has an absolutely great tagline of “A Medical Marketing Agency That Knows A Femur From A Drumstick”.  Some of their clients include Kala Pharmaceuticals, Regener-Eyes, Premier Health, Mercy Health, Reichert Technologies, Avenova, and several others.  Services include Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Content Marketing, Web Design & Development, Email Marketing, Tradeshow Marketing, PR, and Medical Advertising.


#10 – Austin Williams (-3)

Austin Williams works in 5 major markets including Healthcare, Financial Services, Higher Education, Nonprofit, and Professional Services.  Within the Healthcare vertical, their specialties are Hospitals & Healthcare Systems, Specialty Group Practices, Urgent Care Centers, and Healthcare Technology companies.  Austin Williams’ services include Brand Development, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing & Strategy, Media Planning & Buying, PR, Reputation Management, Research & Analytics, and Web Development.  The staff pictures of their roughly 40 staff members are actually quite entertaining and very creative, highlighting the unique personalities of each staff member.


Why Hire A Healthcare Specific Marketing Agency Instead Of A Generic Marketing Agency?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing, it’s vital for businesses to partner with an agency that not only understands their unique needs but also the nuances of their industry. This is particularly true for the healthcare sector, which is characterized by complex regulations, prolonged decision-making processes, and meticulous attention to patient privacy. So, why should healthcare institutions opt for a healthcare-specific marketing agency over a generic one?

Understanding of the Healthcare landscape

A healthcare-specific marketing agency boasts an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry’s intricacies and challenges. They’re familiar with the terminology, trends, and even the legal constraints that are unique to this sector. Their knowledge extends beyond simple marketing strategies, which allows them to create campaigns that are not only effective but compliant with industry regulations.

Specialized Strategies

Generic marketing agencies often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to their campaigns. In contrast, healthcare marketing agencies tailor their strategies to cater specifically to the healthcare sector. These strategies are consequently more effective at reaching and resonating with the target audience, whether it be patients, doctors, or healthcare providers.

Empathy and Sensitivity

Healthcare is a deeply personal and sensitive area, requiring a delicate approach when it comes to marketing. Healthcare marketing agencies understand this nuance and are skilled at crafting campaigns that balance promotional content with empathy and consideration for the patient’s journey.

In conclusion, while a generic marketing agency might be able to drive some results, a healthcare-specific marketing agency brings industry insight, tailored strategies, and the necessary sensitivity to the table. Their specialized skill set can ultimately lead to more effective and efficient marketing efforts, making them a valuable partner for any healthcare institution.

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Video Transcript

Hi there! This is Grant James with Lead PPC, and in this video I’m going to talk about what are the top 10 healthcare marketing agencies perhaps you are looking for a new agency switching agencies perhaps you’ve never hired one and in any case you’re probably looking for help with lead generation the Google ads, Facebook meta, Instagram ads that type of stuff so in this little infographic I’ve kind of put their logos up there and let’s kind of walk through each one of these. The first is healthcare success I’m going to go ahead and click on their website here this is kind of what it looks like I put them as my number one.

They are full service integrated marketing and advertising agency that focuses on things like hospitality and health systems multi location medical multi location dental and those types of things they have a thousand plus healthcare clients and 40 plus team members and 20 plus years of industry experience so I kind of leaned into the fact that they have over a thousand health care clients I think that you really want someone who has a lot of experience in a specific niche the next one’s going to be Cardinal Digital Marketing. This is one of my favorites in general and healthcare they show up in a lot of different like sub healthcare initias, um, but they do everything from a B. A. Therapy to veterinarian medicine. Um. So if you’re looking. To do some type of an RFP, this is one that you want to include in there and just kind of see how they compare to healthcare success or other good ones um, they do SEO, Facebook ads CRO. Website design analytics reputation management, even TikTok advertising which is helpful if you have like a younger audience you’re trying to go after number 3 is going to be Entropy Healthcare Marketing.

This was founded in 2014 by Justin and Kelly Knott and they were rated the top SEO company for medical industry by Clutch in 2023. So let’s check that one out right here I love that they have stuff even in these little graphics right here such as 6.8. 680 cents per urgent care of visit. The next time you can get down to very granular specifics like that on cost per lead cost per sale that is crucial. Next is going to be number 4 SPM marketing they have around 25 staff members. They focus on insight and research, creative and content development SEO, branding, media buying and the like, so let’s check them out I like it when when groups have this type of like branding experience at the top with video and things like that I think of that super strong honor to win 55 healthcare advertising awards this year.

That is absolutely insane number 5 is going to be Runner Medical Marketing so this is also a medical only agency and that’s one thing that’s nice about the Medical Splash healthcare space is that there are a lot of people that just focused on healthcare where there’s a lot of industries. That’s not quite like that’ but these guys uh they some of the practice areas they work in our addiction, uh treatment centers, E. R. And urgent care fertility and reproductive centers medical practices, orthodontic practices. So one thing you may want to do is you’re looking through these is find some of these healthcare groups that actually work within your medical sub niche number 6. I put us here at Lead PPC.

We haven’t done a thousand but we have done over 200 mainly dentist orthodontist chiropractors groups like that also my dad was in an anesthesiologist, so I’ve done a lot just in general in the kind of corporate wellness space my sister is also on television a lot she was a really big skincare company so that’s us here I’d love to talk with you if you are in the healthcare space. At least I can kind of give you my feedback and help you find someone if we’re not a good fit or perhaps we might be for you. Number 7 Austin Williams. They work in 5 major medical markets or 5 major markets healthcare, financial services, higher education nonprofit and professional services so they’re not just like a healthcare specific organization, which is why I put them a little bit lower but still kind of. One to kinda keep in mind. Here little chatbox coming up. I’m just going to run through these other ones by Biotic Biotica, Healthcare Marketing guild by health and no good I actually like no good quite a bit.

Not necessarily just for healthcare, but they do stuff in SaaS, B2B and things like that may have over 40 employees so anyway there’s just some good ones to check out also in the article I talk about why hire a healthcare specific marketing agency instead of a generic marketing agency I think it’s fine if a group does just like a couple different niches like for us here at Lead PPC we do a lot in franchising we have we’ve done a closer around 300 different franchise brands and franchising touches everything like Chiropractic, all sorts of different things like that spinal care even but you don’t want to be just with a group that does, for instance plumbing in HVAC only in the news trying to figure out healthcare so anyway, hopefully this article is helpful if you do need help you like socialists, just click on the contact us form, fill that out and we can kind of go from there and have a conversation. But thanks so much for watching the video. Appreciate it