What Are The Top 10 Medical Spa Marketing Agencies?

Medical Spa Marketing Agencies

Medical Spa Marketing Agencies

Within the greater healthcare marketing space, more and more Medical Spa Marketing Agencies are emerging.  If you’re looking to hire a Med Spa Marketing Agency, here’s our take on who the Top 10 Med Spa Marketing Agencies are:

Top 10 Medical Spa Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Medical Spa Marketing Agencies


#1 – MedSpaMarketing.com

MedSpaMarketing.com guarantees that you will get 30 new patient leads per month via their 5-C Method for Med Spa Marketing:

  1. Custom Photography
  2. Customer Intent
  3. Clicks To Landing Pages
  4. Conversion Testing
  5. Cultivate Leads

Some of their clients include Botox, CoolSculpting, Juveerm, Kybella, CoolPeel, Ultherapy, Dysport, Belotero, Bellafill, Jeuveau, Silhouette Instalift, Latisse, Enlighten, and many more.  They also have a Buyers Guide on the 4 Ways To Guarantee You Hire The  Right Med Spa Marketing Agency.  They have about 16 staff members on their team.


#2 – Influx Marketing

Influx works in 4 industries, including Medspa Marketing, Plastic Surgery Marketing, Cash-Pay Healthcare, and Cosmetic Dentistry Marketing.  On average, their clients see a 3X increase in website speed, 500+ increase in keyword rankings, 200% more organic website traffic, and a 250% increase in new patient leads.  Some of their clients include Slim Studio, Skin Canvas Aesthetics, Soignez Vous, Sperling Dermatology, and Bonakdar Aesthetics.  Influx is known for their world-class Photo & Video Production capabilities.  They are a full-service Medspa marketing agency that offers Web Design, Photography, Video Production, Copywriting, SEO, Digital Ads, Social Media, and Analytics.  They have about 25 staff members.


#3 – Beacon

Beacon works in 5 industries including Medical Spas, Mental Health, Dental Clinics, Functional Medicine, and other Small Businesses.  Services include Social Media Marketing, SEO, Branding + Design, Content Marketing, Paid Ads, Websites, Video + Media, and Marketing Strategy.  Beacon is trusted by Elevate, AK Beautiful You Medical Spa, Premier Health and Holistic Medicine, Pure Bliss Med Spa, and other clients.  They have about 30 staff members.


#4 – MEDSPA Genius

MEDSPA Genius is a bit of a smaller agency with 4 staff members.  Services include Branding, Unforgettable Patient Experience, Customized Strategies and Solutions, Targeted Marketing and Lead Generation, Differentiation and Value Proposition, and Conversion Optimization.


#5 – Intrepy

The main niches that Intrepy operates in include Medical Spa, Orthopedic, Dermatology, Sole Providers, Opthalmology, Otolaryngology, Urology, Plastic Surgery, and Fertility Clinics.  Some of their clients include AR Roswell, Infinity Health & Body, Nore Women’s Health, and WiFii.  Intrepy will help you attract, convert, and retain new clients via Med Spa Advertising on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Geofencing Ads, Programmatic Ads, Display Ads, YouTube Ads, and LinkedIn Ads as well as SEO, Video Content Creation, and Marketing Growth Dashboards.


#6 – Cardinal

Cardinal overall is one of the best healthcare marketing agencies out there.  They work in virtually every major healthcare niche and are true professionals.  As a full-service agency, that can meet all of your marketing needs whether it’s SEO, PPC, CRO, Web Design, Reputation Management, and even TikTok Ads Management.


#7 – MedSpa Agency

MedSpa Agency is located in London and Albany, NY.  They offer comprehensive services such as digital marketing and website design.  They also have a free guide that you can download called the MEDSPA INSIDERS SECRETS that can help you learn how to boost your practice’s revenue.


#8 – Lead PPC

I’m going to go ahead and pencil us here at Lead PPC in at #9 on our list.  Most of our healthcare marketing experience is in working with Dentists, Orthodontists, and Chiropractors.  But, more recently since we are heavily involved in the Franchising space, we have been working more and more with various types of companies that provide MedSpa services and have continued to build up our skill in this practice area.  We would love to have the opportunity to speak with you about your marketing needs.  And, if we’re not the best agency for you, we will certainly point you on your way to an agency that would be a better fit.


#9 – PatientGain

PatientGain offers marketing services for Medical Spas at a rate of between $999 – $1,499 / mo.  Services include SEO, Social Media, Website, and Loyalty and Referrals.


#10 – Thrive

If working with a large agency is important to you, Thrive is one of the largest digital marketing agencies out there, and the Medspa marketing space is one that they operate in.  Some of their services include Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Paid Advertising, Social Media Brand Management, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing and more.


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Medical Spa Marketing Agency?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, medical spas stand out as unique entities that blend the luxury of traditional spas with the precision of medical clinics. As such, marketing a medical spa requires an intelligent blend of strategies that address both these dimensions. This is where a medical spa marketing agency comes in.

A medical spa marketing agency possesses industry-specific knowledge and expertise that can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation. They understand the unique selling points of a medical spa and know how to emphasize these in your marketing efforts.

One of the key benefits of hiring a medical spa marketing agency is their ability to create a distinctive brand image. They are adept at highlighting the unique combination of therapeutic relaxation and medical robustness that defines a medical spa. This helps in differentiating your brand from the crowd and attracting your target audience.

A professional agency can also provide a strategic marketing plan tailored to your business’s specific needs and goals. They can identify the most appropriate channels to reach your intended demographic, be it through social media, email marketing, SEO, or PPC campaigns.

Moreover, a medical spa marketing agency has the tools and skills to track and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns. This data-driven approach ensures informed decision-making and continuous optimization of strategies, leading to improved ROI.

In an industry where staying updated with the latest treatments and technologies is crucial, having an agency handle your marketing allows you to focus on what you do best – providing top-notch medical spa services.

In conclusion, hiring a medical spa marketing agency offers numerous benefits from creating a compelling brand image and personalized marketing strategies to data-driven decision making and allowing you to focus on your core services. Partnering with an agency can be a game-changer for your medical spa’s growth and success.

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