Markets We Operate In

As an ad agency, we work in 3 primary markets, one of which is PPC Services For Lawyers:

  • Dental Leads – We provide leads for 100+ dental offices.
  • Franchise Leads – We generate leads for 70+ franchise brands.
  • Law Firm Leads – We work with around 10 law firms.

Difficulty Of Lawyer PPC Advertising

Of these 3 markets, PPC Services For Lawyers is probably the most difficult. The primary reason for this is that lawyers usually advertise locally within a very tight geographic market (such as a city or small state). And, other lawyers have typically be advertising with that market for your target phrases for over a decade.

Why It’s Difficult For New Law Firms

So, the other competitors that you are going up against typically have very old Google Ads accounts that have spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars with long ad histories and a relationship with Google.

This being the case, automatically you are at a disadvantage when you decide to enter a market.

Sustainable Cost Per Case

The next challenge tends to be driving cases at a Cost Per Case that is sustainable. It depends on what your practice area is, but for many lawyers, this means somewhere between $500-$1,500 per case. When things get higher than that, it’s difficult to sustainably advertise via PPC.

Clicks Can Be Expensive

But, what if your clicks alone cost $100? This means that you have to drive a phone call for $200-$300, and then 1 out of every 2 to 8 of those calls has to turn into a signed up case.

Know Your Equation

You see, it all ends up being an equation. You really have to know and track the following:

  • Cost Per Click
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Cost Per Case

Other Ways To Break Into Your Market

Sometimes, you can enter a market very quietly. You can sneak in there by only spending a small $500-$1,000 / mo. for 6-12 months, advertising only on your most specific terms without over-bidding. And, you can choose to advertise only on a specific device like a mobile phone.

Patience Is Key

If you have the patience for it, with time you can create a strong Google Ads account that is positioned to scale. You’ll also need landing pages that convert at between 10-35% of your clicks turning into phone calls.

Ready To Compete

Once you have these 2 things, you are ready to compete. A strong Google Ads account along with highly converting landing pages means that you are ready to play ball and start driving more and more cases over time.

If you’re a big firm, and you have a lot of money to play with, you can get there more quickly by just spending $10-$20K / mo. for a couple of months to show Google that you are serious player and then optimizing things more efficiently to achieve your target Cost Per Case.

Need Help?

Have a question? Feel free to reach out. We can probably tell you pretty quickly whether PPC is a good avenue for you to test for your law firm.