What Are The Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Agencies?

Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Agencies


The law firm space is incredibly competitive, so much so that many law school graduates struggle to even make a living once they get their diploma.  For this reason, having a cutting-edge law firm marketing agency in your corner can be exactly what helps your firm make it or break it financially.  Here’s our take on who the Top 10 Law Firm Marketing Agencies are.

Top Law Firm Marketing Agencies 2024

Top Law Firm Marketing Agencies 2024

#1 – Scorpion

All things considered, Scorpion is still the gold standard when it comes to law firm marketing.  Working with law firms and dental offices is where these guys started, and they’ve worked with more law firms on the marketing side of things than just about anyone on the planet.  With time, they’ve added Healthcare, Home Services, Multi-Location Brands and Franchising, but historically what they cut their teeth in is working with lawyers.  One of the great things about Scorpion is that they made beautiful websites.  Granted, not everyone loves their home-grown Content Management System (CMS), but I’m yet to see an ugly website made by Scorpion.  From one agency to another, they make pretty sites.  And, as difficult as PPC can be for law firms, all things considered they’ve managed pretty well on the PPC side of things, even as the market has shifted more and more toward Google Local Service Ads (LSA).  Practice areas covered include Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family law, Immigration, Employment Law, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning & Probate, and General Legal.  Some of their clients include Yekrangi & Associates, Owenby Law, K2 Employment Law, Justice For Justice, and Rod Smith Law.


#2 – Comrade

Comrade Digital Marketing has worked with 300+ law firms since 2008.  Most of their clients spend $2,500 – $5,000 per month on their campaigns, so they are not overly expensive.  The practice areas that they work in include Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Estate Planning & Probate, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Employment Law, and Business Litigation.  Services include Law Firm SEO, Law Firm PPC, Law Firm Website Design, Law Firm Local SEO, Law Firm Social Media, Law Firm Lead Generation, AI Marketing, and Content Marketing.  Some of their clients include Barr & Young Attorneys, Stracci Law Group, Tauber Law, and many others.  They do work in some other industries outside of just the legal industry, but they have over 15 years of experience in law firm marketing.


#3 – Law Firm Sites

When it comes to making affordable websites for attorneys, Law Firm Sites fills that niche quite well.  In fact, they have worked with 5,800+ lawyers over the past 20 years.  The Law Firm Sites now has around 10 employees and their portfolio includes firms such as Summit Structured Settlements, Stanley Legal Services, Law Office of Bryan Stephenson, Law Office of Natasha M. Hanna, Rutledge and Encenia and many more.  Practice areas they service include Criminal/DUI, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Business, Immigration, Family Law, Estate Planning, and General Practice.


#4 – White Rabbit Marketing

White Rabbit is a company that we’ve grown to love over the years.  These guys are passionate about the law firm space with 2,650+ projects created, and they do a great job with both SEO and website creation.  Their services include Web Desing & Development, SEO & Branding Optimization, Local Search Marketing, Website Development, PPC Management, Social Media Optimization, Website Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Reputation Management, Review Management, and WP Engine WordPress Hosting.  Some of their clients include WeedenLaw, The Injury Law Firm Of South Florida, Neil J. Adams Criminal Attorney At Law, Hampton Eppes Law Group, and many more.


#5 – Dynamic Search

Dynamic Search (aka WebDS) is a web marketing agency specializing in PPC for legal firms. They have been around since 2003 and have been a leading force in shaping the paid ad industry. Some of their clients include 1800NoCuffs, Oliverson & Huss, AEI Law, The Browne Law Group, and many others. Dynamic Search is a certified Google and Bing partner and rated as a Top PPC company for legal in Arizona by Clutch and UpCity. Asher Elran, the owner, is a practical software engineer, the author of “Unlocking PPC – The Paid Ad Dominance Playbook,” and the co-founder of adalert.io – a PPC alerts system. Dynamic Search measures traffic and other progress signals, but their focus is on success metrics like acquisition cost, revenue, and ROAS. They take pride in providing a month-to-month service (no long-term commitments) and, more importantly, allowing their clients to keep 100% control of their marketing assets, something other agencies sometimes prefer not to do.


#6 – Nomos Marketing

Nomos (which is the greek word for “law”) is a full-service marketing agency that works exclusively with law firms.  It is an agency founded by attorney Tyler Roberts and his partner April Roberts that is for attorneys, built by attorneys.  They are based out of Charleston, SC.  Some of their clients include Bennett Law Center, Foster Massengill Attorneys At Law, Modern Law Practice, Atlantic Coast Title & Escrow, Applegate & Dillman, Natasha Misra Law, and many more.  Services include Websites, SEO, Social Media, Branding, Content Marketing, Google Ads, and Google Local Service Ads (LSA).


#7 – Elite Legal Marketing

Elite Legal Marketing only works with one client per market and only works with attorneys and law firms.  Some of their clients include Kirker Davis (Austin Family Law Practice), Malman Law (Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer), Spaulding Injury Law, Cesar Ornelas Law (San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer), Blackburn Romey (Personal Injury Lawyers),  TK Injury Lawyers, and MBH Family Law.  Services include Law Firm Web Design, SEO For Lawyers, PPC/Display Advertising, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Google Local Service Ads.


#8 – Lead PPC

I’m going to go ahead and put ourselves here at Lead PPC on this list as well.  When it comes to PPC only, we can compete with any of these agencies listed above, but we don’t do SEO, website creation, or a lot of the other services offered by many of these full-service agencies.  We’re best at Personal Injury, Criminal Law, and Employment Law.


#9 – TMD

TMD works in a few verticals including Automotive, Home Services, Manufacturing & Industrial, Healthcare & Medical, Law Firms, Political, Fitness & Gym, and Restaurants.  Their services include Social Media Marketing, PPC Management, SEO Services, Direct Mail, Video Marketing, Graphic Design, Agency Services, and Domains & Hosting.


#10 – Grow Law Firm

Grow Law Firm offers Law Firm Website Design, SEO Services for Attorneys, and PPC Ads for Lawyers.  Practice areas include Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law, Immigration, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy Law, Employment Law, Corporate Law, SSDI, Medical Malpractice, Taxes, Business Litigation, Real Estate Law, Civil Rights, and Intellectual Property.


Can Hiring A Law Firm Marketing Agency Help Grow Your Law Practice?

In the ever-evolving legal landscape, standing out in the crowd is more than just a necessity—it’s a matter of survival. Traditional methods of attracting clients, such as referrals and word-of-mouth, still hold value. However, the digital age demands a more robust and strategic approach to marketing and client acquisition. This is where a law firm marketing agency comes into play.

A law firm marketing agency specializes in helping law firms broaden their online visibility, improve their brand reputation, and ultimately increase their client base. This is achieved through a plethora of digital marketing strategies including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, and social media marketing.

The Power of SEO

In a world where 93% of online experiences start with a search engine, your law firm’s online visibility is paramount. An agency skilled in SEO can optimize your law firm’s website to rank high in search engine results, drawing more organic traffic and potential clients to your site.

Impact of PPC Advertising

While SEO is a long-term strategy, PPC advertising provides immediate visibility on search engines and social media platforms. A law firm marketing agency can manage your PPC campaigns, ensuring your ads are targeting the right keywords and audience, maximizing your return on investment.

Content Marketing and Social Media

Content marketing builds trust with potential clients by providing valuable and relevant content. An agency can help create and promote engaging content that not only informs but also positions your law firm as an authority in its field. Coupled with a strong social media presence, your firm can interact directly with potential clients, answer queries, and build relationships.

In conclusion, hiring a law firm marketing agency can help your practice grow by enhancing your online visibility, optimizing your marketing strategies, and enabling you to reach a larger audience. In a competitive legal market, having a team of marketing professionals by your side may be just what you need to tip the scales in your favor.


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Video Transcript

Hello there! This is Grant James with Lead PPC, and in this article I’m going to talk about what are the top 10 law for marketing agencies um, if you’re looking to hire a new agency switch agencies never hired an agency before. These are just some to consider. I know quite a few of them um on a on a personal basis. I know Scorpion law firm sites white Hat and then of course ourselves here at least PPC. These are groups that I personally know really pretty well, and then a few other ones I don’t have relationships with, but thought that I would mention them so this is just from and the perspective of somebody who actually works in this industry how we kind of view other agencies.

So for number one I put Scorpion it’s I think Scorpion, all Things Considered is one of the best brands out there they actually have a really awesome office building next to 6 Flags in Santa Monica, California, as well as other, offices they’re a legit group they’ve been around for a long time’ and they really started with law firms. Um, they law firms in dentists I think are really kind of what they cut their teeth in and then they’ve expanded in a fewer industries like franchising and other health care and and stuff like that but um what I like about them is they make really pretty designs. They do use their own content management systems of your WordPress only person then scorpion is probably not the best fit for you and then more and more just make sure that you have your own ad account that you’re working out of but as long as you kind of have an understanding of that type of stuff I’d say Scorpion, they just make really good looking stuff and they really do understand how to drive cases for law firms.

Let’s see number 2 don’t know why that’s taken along okay is gonna be comrade so comrade digital Marketing. They work with 300 plus law firm since 2008. Um most of our clients spend between 20 $505,000 a month uh which so I think it’s very affordable and they have a lot of experience anytime you have a group that has done over you know, 300 accounts and a given niche we’ve done the same and we’ve done uh, let’s see we’ve done right around 300 franchise or accounts um, we’ve also done a over 200 um, dentist uh, orthodontist type of thing and that’s really where you start getting experiences when you’re in the hundreds um, these guys. Let’s look at some of their practice areas here let’s see I can go to the other yeah, anyway but they are recognized as a leading lawyer marketing agency.

They have some good case studies on here but I kind of want to talk about practice areas that they’re good at so they do let’s see personal injury big one criminal defense, family law estate planning and probate immigration bankruptcy I mean they do tons of them employment law in business litigation so if you’re in any of those this is a bigger one to consider that they’ve been doing so over 15 years law firm sites. These guys have done over 5, 800 different websites for lawyers. I think that they’re best for if you want a cheap WordPress website, then law firm sites is a good one to work with they do a lot of outbound marketing or at least did back in the day through email so I don’t know if some people kind of don’t love that but you know they really carved out a good niche for themselves. They’ve been doing it for a long time’ I think they may have had some changes in who their management team does, but anyway they really do have their process down this would be one to consider. As far as affordable law firm sites go, another one is going to be white rabbit marketing.

Um, these guys have done uh, over 2650 different projects, so quite a few they do everything from web design to SEO, local search P. P. C, All that jazz I I’d’ say that um having done a lot of work with them in the past. Um, I think that they’re very on the ball and very approachable and they have a lot of clients that have been with them for a long. Period of time and they’re all about actually getting results for people, so as far as the relationship side of it goes, white rabbit has some of the best relationships that you can have I really can’t speak more highly of a group than that the next is going to be no most marketing which no most is the Greek word for law these guy.

This is owned by attorney Tyler Roberts and his Roberts and his partner April Roberts so it’s 4 attorneys built by attorneys of you are looking for someone who really does understand what it’s like to be a lawyer then no most marketing may be a good fit for you um, I like how they do. You know some of their marketing stuff even on their own website up here yeah, and this is this is them so it’s a pretty intimate situation I think he’s actually quite tall I’m 66 myself so yeah, next is going to be Elite Legal Marketing so they only work with one client per market, which is actually not that uncommon with Waffer marketing.

Some of their clients improve include see Kirker Davis, which is an Austin family law practice. They also have a Chicago personal injury lawyer quite a few injury groups in different markets. They do web design, SEO, paper, click display advertising video marketing, social media marketing and Google Local Service ads and Google Local Service ads in the space is becoming becoming more and more important next is going to be US here at least PPC man. We’ve we’ve done a lot of volume especially with personal injury lawyers some of the biggest ones in the nation in Texas Utah, California.

So if you need help, especially with personal injury but also in a lot of other niches I would definitely love to have a conversation with you number 8 is going to be TMD, so this is them they are they do law firm and legal digital marketing services, so SEO paperwork in social media for law firms and the last 2 are gonna be grow law firm and thrive um and the last protest article I talk about Can hiring a law firm marketing agency help grow your practice um kinda talk about the power of SEO, uh, the impact of paper book advertising and the content marketing in social media if you’re not doing content now with all the AI stuff that’s out there you should it’s gotten a lot easier which means it’s getting more competitive’ so the people that um aren’t used aren’t producing content daily at this point are going to get left behind by those who are out there actively writing lots of good content. Thanks for watching this video. If you would like to talk with us you can go to contact us up here and fill out the form or call us at E33 lee PPC and I would love to talk to you. Thanks so much.