Google Ads Tips For Plastic Surgeons For 2023

Google Ads Tips For Plastic Surgeons

Google Ads Tips For Plastic Surgeons

Top Plastic Surgery Marketing Agencies

Here is a list of who we believe to be the Plastic Surgery Marketing Agencies.  This should help you at least understand what Plastic Surgery Marketing Agencies are out there to choose from.  To learn more about each agency, please read our full article entitled “What Are The Top 15 Plastic Surgery Marketing Agencies?“.

Top 15 Plastic Surgery Marketing Agencies

Top 15 Plastic Surgery Marketing Agencies

Google Ads = Top Lead Source

Need help with Google Ads For Plastic Surgeons?  Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is one of the best, no-brainer sources for generating new patients online, especially in 2023 when many dental offices have been struggling with the onslaught of the COVID 19 global pandemic.  Let’s talk numbers so that you can get idea of what this looks like for your dental practice.

Benchmarks For Performance

On average, you should expect to pay about $35 for a targeted new customer lead.  This is someone who goes on Google and types in something like “plastic surgeon near me”.  Depending on how good your sales staff is, you will probably end up booking about 20% of these people into new patients.  So, it will probably cost you about $175 to generate a new patient on Google.

Areas That Can Be Optimized

There are ways to decrease these costs, such as bidding lower on certain keywords, turning off lower performing ad groups, improving your landing pages, having a really good receptionist, etc.  But, back of the envelope, that’s about what you should expect to generate a new patient.

Consistent & Scalable

The great thing is, however, these new patients will refer more new patients.  And, Google is extremely consistent on the types of new customers that are generated.  So, once it is producing for you, it can continue to do so for years, if not decades to come.  And, you can easily drive more patients per month by increasing your budget and expanding the types of keywords that you are going after.

Negative Keyword Terms

Be really careful not to advertise on the names of your competitors.  In some industries, this can work well.  But, in the plastic surgery space, advertising on the names of your competitors will primarily drive bad phone calls where people are just trying to reschedule their appointments.

Be Careful With Match Types

Also, be careful with your match types.  Your keywords should look like this:

  • [plastic surgeon near me]
  • +plastic +surgeon +near +me
  • “plastic surgeon near me”

If you don’t have those types of brackets and things around your keywords, your ads are going to suffer horribly.  Just using the word dentist near me (or whatever the term is) is considered a broad match term.  So, Google can literally change out that term for anything that they want.  They could literally place your ad on “plastic surgeon insurance agencies in south america” if they wanted to.

Double Check Location Targeting

Speaking of which, make sure your location settings are correct.  Always advertise “in” your area, not “in or about” your area.  The default is for Google to play your ads anywhere in the word that they deem relevant.  Sure, most of the time it will play your ads in your targeted area, but about 10-30% of the time, they will play your ads anywhere they want to, greatly decreasing the quality of your leads, and increasing your Cost Per Sale.

Don’t Forget Facebook Ads

Google Ads is fantastic, but don’t be to quick to dismiss Facebook Ads as a viable advertising medium.  Often times Facebook can reach more people within that 5-10 mile target radius, because potential customers won’t always be searching every day for “plastic surgeon near me” types of terms.  


More Plastic Surgery Google Ads Tips:

Plastic surgeons are often in need of innovative strategies to attract new patients. One effective way for plastic surgeons to drive traffic and acquire more clients is through the use of Google Ads. Google Ads allow surgeons to target potential patients with highly targeted ads based on their location, interests, and search queries. By leveraging this powerful tool, plastic surgeons can significantly boost their leads and conversions from online marketing efforts.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips that plastic surgeons can use to get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns. We’ll cover topics such as keyword research, ad copywriting, targeting settings, reporting, and more. With these tips in hand, you’ll be able to make the most out of your plastic surgery Google Ads campaigns.

When it comes to executing a successful Google Ads campaign for a plastic surgeon practice, keyword research is essential. You need to know which keywords will bring in quality leads that are likely to convert into paying customers. To do this effectively, start by making a list of keywords that are related to your services as well as terms that potential patients might be searching for when looking for your services online. Once you have an initial list of keywords ready, use the free Google Keyword Planner tool or other similar tools to find even more relevant keywords with higher search volumes. This analysis will help you refine your keyword list so you can focus on only those words that will lead to qualified leads.

Once you’ve identified the right keywords for your campaign, it’s time to create effective ad copywriting that speaks directly to potential patients who are searching for your services online. Start by emphasizing what makes your practice different than others in the same area – perhaps it’s cutting-edge technology or unique processes used during procedures – and then clearly explain how this advantage translates into better results for customers. Additionally, make sure you include relevant call-to-action statements within each ad group so interested prospects can take action quickly without having to leave the page they’re viewing. Finally, make sure your ads link back directly to pages on your website where visitors can learn more about specific services offered by your practice and contact your team easily if they choose to pursue further discussion about procedures or pricing options available at your clinic.

In addition to creating compelling ad copywriting focused on qualified leads from relevant searches, it’s also important that plastic surgeons establish appropriate targeting settings when launching their campaigns on Google Ads platform. Start by narrowing down geographical areas where you want people who interact with the ads see them; this allows you focus budget on only those areas where there may be potential patients most likely interested in what you offer at your clinic instead of randomly showing it everywhere around the world but missing out opportunities for local conversions due geographic mismatch between searchers and advertiser locations . Also consider adding certain demographic layers such as age groupings or gender so you don’t waste money showing irrelevant messages to unqualified prospects who wouldn’t become customers anyway regardless even if they saw them . Finally adjust bid prices based on competition levels within each respective market segment – sometimes there would be overcrowding where many advertisers bid high amounts driving up cost per clicks while lowering overall return – but by deliberately reducing bids lower than average competitors (while increasing quality scores) one could still remain visible yet less expensive compared rivals which could result into savings over long run.

Another important aspect for ensuring success with plastic surgery Google Ads is proper tracking and optimization of campaigns during its active state . Without proper focus on measuring performance metrics like click through rate , impressions , conversion rates etc one would not have clear picture whether any adjustments were necessary nor gauge success accurately which could derail entire strategy leading either wasting money due low return or leaving money table because not enough budget was allocated or simply unable identify best performing sources .. Hence while running an ongoing campaign , have regular review sessions once every few weeks analyze data closely come up with recommendations accordingly.. Furthermore , always test different versions same ad constantly tweaking optimizing message towards achieving desired outcomes .

Finally, report findings after all optimization activities concluded properly document successes failures so key stakeholders understand what worked didn’t also don’t forget mention any insights discovered during process since they may useful another time. There various types reports available ranging from basic overviews comprehensive drilldowns depending upon reporting needs one may choose what suits best his her situation.  Doing so would provide transparency visibility necessary assess progress made also ensure resources used efficiently without redundant costs.


Need Help With Google Ads?

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to or to our YouTube channel for Lead PPC on YouTube in this article I’m going to be talking about Google ads, tips for plastic surgeons for 2000. 23. We’ve done a lot of stuff with all sorts of different medical types of companies since 2010, whether it’s dental offices, chiropractors, plastic surgery type of stuff we have experience and also my dad is a physician, so he’s an anesthesiologist anyways. I have a. Lot of love for the general health wellness space and obviously we’ve been doing advertising since 2010, so a lot of kind of tips about what tends to work and what doesn’t work as far as advertising online goes, I do have a list on here.

There’s some more information here’ if you were to go to what are the top 15 plastic surgery marketing agents, these were actually breaked down to each of these different groups right here, but some good ones on plastic surgery studios, advertising for surgeons, influx, Saga, Pixel Studio 3 we put ourselves on here cardinals, also really good at medical advertising, entropy, and a few other ones like that. One of the things that I think is really important to just understand is that in general Google’s gonna operate better for you in the long term than just maybe Facebook ads. Although Facebook met up those types of things can work really well. Really having that evergreen lead source is very important for.

Ourselves here at least PPC. I mean almost all of our leads that aren’t referrals or things like that come from Google ads or from Google SEO. Both of them are pretty important and you can play off of each other as far as knowing what keywords convert on either one of those and either advertising or not advertising for those. But really getting Google ads working for you is extremely important. As far as benchmarks for performance, you know, as far as cost per lead goes, it’s probably 35 dollars per lead or maybe a little bit higher than that was some of the inflation post COVID about 20 percent. These people book in a new patient, so probably about 175 dollars or so to drive a new patient from Google. So if you’re expecting like a 25 dollar new patient, that’s probably not going to happen.

Another thing that’s really important with with Google ads is to make sure that you’re targeting is optimized on where you’re actually focused on with the geographic areas. Make sure that you are consistent, and one thing is great about Google ads is that it’s very scalable. So with up to a point I mean, you’re probably not gonna get to a point wherever spending like $30,000 a month within a 6-10 mile radius. It’s probably gonna be more. At the beginning. You may only spend, you know, $1,000 a month or something like that on Google ads, and then you may. Once you’ve been doing it for a while, maybe you’re up between 1,500to $5,000 a month. You don’t want to push too hard and just overdo it, but as long as the profits are there within your geographic area on me, if you’re in Orange County or you’re in Beverly Hills, that’s probably different than you if you’re in maybe Dallas, Texas, or where I live in Spanish Fork, Utah, so depending on how many searches there are, will kind of dictate how much volume there’s going to be.

It’s also important to have negative keyword terms in there, so always look through your search quarries and Google ads and make sure that you like. If there’s weird stuff that comes up that you should take those out as negatives, a big one for anything in the medical space is going to be people who are looking for your competitors, some industries competitor terms can work really well, but a lot of times with medical, dental and those types of things there can be problems. And so because it’s basically people who are calling the book an appointment or cancel an appointment for one of your competitors, and those aren’t things that you typically want. It’s hard to close those types of deals within kind of the plastic surgery space, so adding the names of your competitors as negative keywords is important match types. Google’s made a lot of changes with us. It used to be kind of broad match.

Modifiers like this would work really well now. It’s a lot of basically phrase match and exact match is kind of where you’re gonna stick. Make sure your location targeting is good and that you’re advertising in an area not in or about. You don’t want to be advertising to people in Canada if you’re in Orange County, even if they type in Beverly Hills or something like that, you want to make sure that it’s very specific that they’re actually in that geographic area when they’re typing it. In general, Facebook ads can be a good thing to have as well. Just make sure that you tighten that geographic area and you’re going after the right age demographic and you know male versus female, whatever you kind of want to focus on. There also have some more information. Feel free to kind of read through this. If you are interested in you need some help with your Google ads advertising for your for your practice, feel free to reach out. You can just click on the contact us button, fill out the form and we can talk you from there, but thanks so much for visiting our website.