Looking for Assisted Living Marketing Tips?  You have a great assisted living residence with a wonderful staff and services. The people living in your residence are cared for, fulfilled, and happy. The question is how do you make sure that the right people know about your residence, come for a visit, and ultimately move in? Here are five marketing tips that will help your residence really shine. 

Tip #1: Optimize Your Website

Here’s the first of our Assisted Living Marketing Tips.  Make sure that your website is a clutter free design that really allows the strengths of your residence come through. This is usually one of the first contacts your potential residents and their family have with your place so you want it to shine. Be sure to include:

  • A call to action like: “Download a free brochure” or contact us at “555-555-5555” (a push button connection on your website can really increase the amount of people who just call right then). 
  • Links to rank better in the search engines.
  • Videos that contain things like:

                        A guided tour of the residence

                        Meet the staff

                        Meet residents 

                        Interviews with family members of residents 

Tip #2 Use Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising 

Advertising on Google, Instagram, and Facebook is essential to any enterprise’s success these days, but this is especially useful for assisted living facilities. As you build your ads in google pay attention to the following types of terms:

  • Industry terms (ie Assisted Living)
  • Competitor Terms (Names of other Assisted Living companies nearby)
  • Branded Terms (Your Company’s Name)

With Instagram and Facebook ads target individuals with a moderate to high net worth who are interested in Assisted Living. 

Tip #3 Create a Landing Page 

Here’s the next of our Assisted Living Marketing Tips.  A landing page is where your online advertisement will take people. This is different you’re your website. Make sure that your landing page is optimized for mobile devices since this is where most of your traffic will come from. Also, this page should be as simple and clean as possible. No links to other pages. Do not even put navigation there. 

Tip #4 Utilize Multi-step forms

On your landing page consider using a multi-step form to get interested individual’s information. If you ask for everything all at once people get overwhelmed or lazy and give up without giving you the necessary information. So, start by asking for an email and then follow up with, first name, last name, net worth etc. 

Tip #5 Draw on Expert Knowledge

Some of your best ideas on how to build your brand are going to come from borrowing concepts from other businesses and other spaces and applying them to your assisted living facilities. So build relationships. Network, and then draw on that knowledge to make your company stronger. Think outside of the box, be creative, try new things, and then go out there and be successful. 

Need Help?

If you need help with the PPC side of things, feel free to reach out. That is our expertise. We are really good at it and we would love to help out.