Looking for some Assisted Living Instagram Marketing Ideas?  Instagram is a great tool to use in your marketing. It makes it is easy to reach your chosen demographic and build ads that highlight your company’s strengths. It can also be a great way for you to display the authenticity of your staff and residents. This will make your company attractive to future clients, build organic reach, and build more lead conversion. 

What is an Instagram Story?

Instagram stories are photos or videos that you share with your followers, but each story vanishes after 24 hours unless it is saved to your profile as a highlight. Followers will be able to watch your story by clicking on the profile picture which is outlined in orange when there is a story to be viewed. 

Why post a story that disappears?

First, this is the way that people are consuming media these days, so it is normal to them. Second, the expiration date drives individuals to check regularly for more content. Third, it allows you to post more content. If you post too much to Instagram, you can get flagged as a spammer or you could annoy your followers into unfollowing you. However, stories are meant for continuous watching so you can post as much as you want. Fourth, since it disappears in 24 hours it doesn’t have to be a perfectly crafted video. In fact, your followers will enjoy the realness and the humanness of the stories that happen in the moment. 

What do you put in stories to improve your Assisted Living Instagram Marketing?

Well, Instagram stories are great for … stories. Especially in your field of Senior Care and Assisted Living there are so many great people with great stories. Just let your staff and especially your residents tell their stories. Let them talk about moments from their life, things they love, and adventures they have had. Give them a voice. Your business will shine through them. 

Can you use stories to drive traffic?

Yes, unlike post copy where you cannot direct link, you can embed direct links in stories that can be accessed by a user when they swipe up. You can use these links to tell the rest of the story, or link to blog or website content, or to gather lead information from potential clients. All in a way that feels like a natural part of a story or conversation. Also, since stories are shared more frequently than regular posts, they become a great way to increase your organic reach and traffic. 

If you would like some help with your Instagram marketing, feel free to get in touch we would love to help you tell your story.