Facebook Assisted Living Marketing Ideas

Looking for some Facebook Assisted Living Marketing Ideas?  Facebook is a great place to reach people who are interested and qualified for Senior Care or assisted living. They also are a good way to collect relevant information about interested parties if your landing pages are set up correctly but recognize that Facebook ads are not particularly good at getting people to make phone calls. However, if you are willing to call back interested parties you can expect to generate leads at a more cost-effective rate than through google ads or other forms of marketing. 

Idea #1 Promotions 

Effective Facebook ads work most effectively with a good promotional offer. Think of it as a well craft fly when fly-fishing. It’s got to be something that catches their attention so they will grab on to it. If it is not an attractive offer you will just be throwing your money away and nobody will bite. So, take some time and brainstorm something attractive with your team. 

Idea #2 Visuals

Once you get a good promotion consider what pictures and videos you will you with your ad. Since these ads appear in the streaming feed on Facebook or Instagram the visuals are really valuable in causing a person to pause and examine your offer. Consider running 3-10 different pictures or videos for each ad you come up with and then after a week or two you will have enough data to pause your most expensive pictures and videos. 

Idea #3 Facebook Lead Ads

Here’s our next tip on our list of Facebook Assisted Living Marketing Ideas.  Never run Facebook ads without tracking Cost Per Lead.  We recommend using Facebook Lead Ads, as it is the simplest and easiest way to track Cost Per Lead, and it requires no more than a push of a button for people to fill out their information.  With Facebook Lead Ads, a person’s First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone # can all be pre-filled with what Facebook has on file, eliminating the need for customers to type anything at all.

Idea #4 Tracking

As leads come in consider using a service such as Google Sheets as a repository for your leads. This will help your staff keep track of all of the leads in one place and help more of these leads turn into paying customers. As you carefully track leads create a follow-up plan. This will ensure that those who were interested turn into clients with no one falling through the cracks. 


Need Help?

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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to Lee PPC in this video we are going to talk about Facebook assisted living marketing ideas. It’s pretty straightforward, pretty basic, but sometimes the fundamentals are really what matters when it comes to marketing lead generation and even with sales ID number one is promotions, especially when it comes to Facebook. You have to change up your offerings pretty often because it is display advertising with search advertising like with Google, it’s very easy to leave your ads on for a long period of time. You could even make a really good campaign to leave it up for a year and have it work out just fine for you, but with Facebook you really have to change up those offerings much more often. Usually it’s gonna be more like every 6 weeks to 3 months, um, and sometimes it’s even much faster than that. But with a category such as assisted living you should be good to have some type of a promotion that should be able to last like 2-3 months. Idea number 2 is visuals.

Make sure that you have good images, good videos and things like that you’ll notice. Even right now you’re watching a video because videos can speak in ways that you can’t always get across via text, and also that can increase your click through raids down and decrease your cost per lead. And things like that Facebook lead ads is one to consider. It kind of depends if your. Targeting is really good. Facebook lead ads can work great, but the one problem with Facebook lead ads is that a lot of times people have old phone numbers and old email addresses that are on file and they just like click to submit it right away. It does have a low cost for lead, and if you’re new to advertising, it can be an okay way to go for ourselves. We really don’t use much Facebook lead ads.

We used landing pages, but when you’re trying to get everything just tested in if you’re kind of a beginner, then basically that’s gonna be an ok way to go you will get people who are like I don’t remember submitting the form, which is why landing pages in general are a little more helpful, but it’s an idea if you haven’t ever played around with that before. Tracking is very important, especially when it comes to your cost per sale. So as these Facebook leads come through or even with your Google leads make sure to send across things like what campaign which add which add group the lead came from so you can track which demographics working best for you on Facebook, which add copies working best for you, and if you’re using Google and what? What keyword and search for you people type done anyway. I hope that this video is helpful for you. If you do need help with assisted living Facebook marketing in general, feel free. To call us here at A33 lead PPC or hit the contact us button and we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you