Need help with Senior Care Pay Per Click?  Everyone is interested in getting more age and financially qualified leads for their Senior Care or Assisted Living centers. But actually getting these leads is another story. Many ad agencies can get clicks but they don’t actually produce a lot of clients. 

I know if you could find a way to use online marketing to get consistent qualified leads at a reasonable cost per lead you would invest in and scale your marketing efforts in this direction. To help you in your search here are 5 keys to look for when hiring an ad agency to drive leads your way through Pay-Per-Click advertising. 

1. Find an Agency That Focuses on Cost-Per-Lead

Some firms will focus only on the amount you spend for a display ad click or for targeted competitive key words clicks and although these costs matter, what matters more is that these clicks are effective. It is one thing to practice but practicing the wrong things just makes you better at slicing that golf ball rather than driving it nice a straight. Effective agencies not only help you get clicks but the help you get leads at competitive rate. Generally, assisted living providers can expect to spend $431 per lead. So, make sure that you find a firm that focuses on these cost-per-lead because that is the most important number.   This is especially important when it comes to Senior Care Pay Per Click.

2. Use an Agency That Focuses on Qualified Leads

Generally speaking it is easy to get clicks on ads but it is more difficult to get interest from individuals who are age and income qualified to become clients. Make sure as an assisted living or senior care provider that you find a marketing firm that is not just interested in giving you volume but also in targeting geographic regions, age groups, and incomes that will become qualified Leads. 

One way to do this is to build an effective keyword list. One of the errors paid ad marketers do is to bid on irrelevant in ineffective keywords. They do this thinking that the more words the better to beat out competitors but many of these keywords do nothing to generate traffic and if they do it is not the kind of traffic that creates qualified leads. 

A good keyword list not only contains relevant terms but also words that actually convert traffic These sort of keyword lists get you the most bang for your buck by only paying for words that create new clients 

3. Hire a Firm That Makes Their Own Landing Pages 

You do not want to drive your clicks from your Senior Care Pay Per Click to your SEO optimized website. These websites are designed to give people an experience and explore. Landing pages on the other hand are clean and simple with no external navigation. They are both mobile and desktop responsive and they gather the relevant lead information – name, email, phone number in a simple noninvasive way. Since they are so clean and so singular in purpose, they are able to convert clicks to calls at a much higher rate. Look for a conversion of clicks to calls at about a 25-35% rate. Additionally, seeking to convert calls to clients at a 1 in 4 to 1 in 7 range will insure that your cost-per-client is reasonable which will allow you to bid on keywords that are more expensive because the rest of your process is working efficiently. 

4. Employ a Firm That Protects Your Campaign with Negative Keywords

A negative keyword sounds like something you don’t want in your campaign, but the opposite is true. When your ad manager plugs in negative keywords into your campaign in makes it so that your paid ad does not show up when those words are typed into a search engine. For example, you don’t want to waste advertising money on some kid who is just doing a report on assisted living so you can craft negative keywords to protect your ads from coming up in that situation. Also, you can preserve your brand integrity by making sure that your ad does not come up associated with search terms like corruption or scandal. 

5. Hire a Firm That Will Create Ads That Compliment Your Site. 

The length restrictions of a paid ad will never be able to adequately do justice your ability to assist clients or answer all their questions. But your paid ads can be written in a way that entices potential clients to learn more from your long-form content site. They can, if written correctly work hand in hand in creating curiosity and leading to conversion. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’d love to help.