Senior Care And Assisted Living PPC

Need help with Senior Care And Assisted Living PPC?  We would love to help!  Voice Search Optimization for Senior Care and Assisted Living PPC

Voice Search Optimization For Senior Care And Assisted Living PPC

Whenever my kids want to know something, they do not ask me first, they go straight to Siri and say, “Siri, where do aardvarks live?” My kids are not the only ones, the proliferation of virtual assistants from Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Cortana and the aforementioned Siri more and more people are making searches with voice commands. As you well know these assistants are not perfect, but they are rapidly improving and provide an immediacy, intimacy, and convenience that text searches can’t provide. Its sci-fi come to life in some ways. Therefore, it is vital that your advertising is optimized for voice searches. 

First, recognize that voice searches are longer and use more natural language than text searches. A text search is usually 1-3 words while a voice search is usually around 5-8 words. They also are more conversational in nature. Where a text search may be “Best Senior Care near me” a voice search will look more like “Where can I find the best senior care for my mom near me?”

Voice Search Vs. Long Tail Keywords

With that being said don’t make the mistake of equating a successful voice search optimization to long-tail keywords. It is not just about having the right words but also about having them structured in natural, question formats. 

Senior Care And Assisted Living PPC: Answering Questions

Which brings us to our second important point to optimize your Senior Care And Assisted Living PPC for voice search: questions. Many voice searches are phrased in the form of a question and the right sort of questions about your facility can lead to new residents. For example, research shows that 82% of mobile users (where voice search happens) search for local businesses. Of those who search for local businesses 50% will visit a store within a day and 18% of those lead to sales within 24 hours. Now your business is a little bit different, but the point is that people are using voice search to find your facility, which leads to a visit, which leads to clients. 

Where & When Questions for Senior Care And Assisted Living PPC

So, voice search questions are important but not all questions are created equal when it comes to Senior Care And Assisted Living PPC. Where and when questions show that a person is more ready to act than what or how questions. 

Judging Intent

For example a person searching for “what is assisted living?” is less likely to act than a person asking “Where is the best assisted living place near me?” Therefore your PPC should focus not only on including natural sounding questions but also on the type of questions that lead to visits and new clients. 

Need Help?

Finally, since many of these voice searches are done on mobile devices make sure that your landing page from your Google ads is mobile friendly with no links to other pages and no navigation. Just simple and clean way to gather their information in a non-intrusive way and allow them to call, chat, or set up an appointment. If you need help getting your PPC optimized for voice search, feel free to reach out. That is our expertise. We are really good at it and we would love to help out.