Best Chiropractic Ads

Best Chiropractic Ads

Best Chiropractic Ads

The Best Chiropractic Ads are those that generate new patients consistently.  On the Google Ads side of things, you’re looking for specific keywords that convert into phone calls and new patients consistently.  Many times, it’s exactly the types of phrases that you would type in if you were searching for a chiropractor in a new area, such as:

  • chiropractor near me
  • best chiropractor
  • chiropractor city name

Sometimes people will also type in the type of insurance that they have or the type of ailment / injury that they have along with the word chiropractor or chiropractic.  With Google Ads, you have to be especially careful to use negative keywords for the names of your competitors, since typically those phone calls are the existing customers of your competitors who are just trying to schedule another visit or call about a customer service issue.  So, converting those types of phone calls can be incredibly hard.

On the Meta Ads side of things, oftentimes you have to switch up your ad copy about every 2-3 months or the offer gets stale.  So, you can run offers about a free consultation or a free back adjustment but if you keep running the same ads to the same 6-10 mile radius for too long, then the audience gets bugged by them and they become less productive for you.  So, make sure to switch up your ad copy occasionally so that your average ad frequency rate doesn’t get too high (usually above 3 is high).


What Are The Best Chiropractic Ads?

The finest chiropractic advertisements are those that effectively communicate the benefits of chiropractic care, offer compelling visuals, and contain a clear call-to-action. An excellent example is the “Back In Action” campaign, which uses a series of short videos demonstrating actual chiropractic sessions. The videos are accompanied by patient testimonials, highlighting the relief they have experienced from chronic back pain, thus underlining the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment.

Another notable ad is the “Align Your Health” print advertisement, which employs clever wordplay and compelling visuals of a healthy spine to attract potential patients. The ad includes both an informative component about the benefits of chiropractic care and a strong call-to-action, urging viewers to book an appointment for their spinal health check. These advertisements work effectively owing to their compelling narratives, clear messaging, and strategic deployment of multimedia content.


Need Help?

If you need help testing Google and/or Facebook ads for your chiropractic practice, please fill out our Contact Us form. We would be glad to help.


Video Transcript

Hi there! This is Grant James with Lead PPC in this video. I’m going to be going over this article that you’re probably viewing right now, which is called best Chiropractic Ads. If you’re viewing this article you’re probably looking for some type of a company firm agency person that can handle chiropractic advertising for you. Most likely it’s probably Google ads. It could also be maybe meta Facebook Instagram ads, but I will try to give you some tips based off of stuff we’ve done since 2016. We’ve been working with IT within the chiropractic niche, working with chiropractor so high level what you’re really looking at is you need to have some type of a geographic area that works for you. We find that usually for like dental offices.

It’s about Chiropractors can go a little bit further. I’m thinking of one of the chiropractors we work with here in Utah where they’ll go. They’re kind of like in the salt Lake area, but they will sometimes come a little bit further down so it’s you can see stuff work as far as maybe 25 miles 20 miles maybe if it were me I probably would. If my budget is limited, I would probably keep up under about 15 miles for a chiropractor, but you can go in a decent radius as far as like the types of keywords that actually conferred into paying clients a lot of times. It’s pretty straightforward things like chiropractor near. Me best chiropractor, chiropractor plus city name and I know there’s a lot of cities that you may be touching that can work for you, but that’s the kind of stuff that’ people are usually coming from. One thing that has kind of changed over the last I would say 2 years-ish is that Google local service ads are becoming a bigger deal.

Google my business, those types of things so it used to always be that Google search ads came up first above everything else. Organic map packs all that type of stuff now more and more industries are being added for Google Local Services and those ads you have to go through an entire like more difficult verification process, but those can actually show up above other types of Google ads. So it’s not always a bad idea to get some stuff running with Google local service ads, GLA or some working with Google ads as well. I know for my own business here at Lead PPC I mean we probably drive about 300 opportunities a year in the bulk of those are Google people just typing things into Google looking for some type of franchise agency or some of the paper click agency or chiropractor PPC agency or things like that and most businesses these days.

Google’s kind of the main driver. Yes, you can get Facebook meta Instagram as working for you in a good way, but that consistency really comes from Google, so really dominating in being consistent on your growth with organic versus Google ads, and then I would throw maybe Google local service ads in the mix, but keeping track of how many leads you have coming from these different sources is important even if it’s just in a Google sheet. For myself. I use Sales Force and that’s pretty helpful. Other people use like Zoho or different types of industry CRMs, but that stuff can be really important as far as like the actual ads go themselves these days. Google likes to create everything on the fly so they basically want you to give them like 09:55 headlines, a bunch of different descriptions, maybe some images and you know serve up in and tell them. You tell them what your landing pages are, what have you, but they want to kind of mix them, match the ads versus it used to be.

You make lots of different advertisements and they choose among the advertisements. Now they seem to be doing a lot better when you just give them that elements and that kind of converse from there. One thing that to keep in mind with this stuff for sure is that with chiropractic ads you definitely want to make sure that you uh, you use some type of a call tracking system, call rail call tracking metrics. Anything like that where you get a receipt of everything that comes through. You can send an email to your receptionists as well. In case there’s like a miss call where they can call her back, and also those types of systems are nice because you can actually put in how much money you’ve generated from each of those sales, which ones turn into sales. High quality lead, how many stars they give that type of stuff can be really helpful to go through um on a periodic basis with your account manager who’s managing the ads to say hey, these came from these you know these phrases, these search terms right here.

Let’s try to get more of these types of terms unless of these types of terms, but I will say if you don’t have Google ads working for you it’s definitely something you want to get done. Even if it’s just you yourself taking a budget of a couple hundred dollars a month like 04:57 hundred dollars and trying to figure it out. We’re working with an agency like ourselves. You’re probably gonna be, I mean all in, you’re probably more like 1500 dollars a month or something like that to make it work.

If you have an agency just because they’re with low ad spend that you have to pay an agency something so they can afford to have an account manager to do it, and you have to have a baseline budget with Google, so you’re gonna be hard pressed to find an agency that can do a single location with a point of contact that is a separate. Person you talk to for less than probably 1500 dollars a month, but anyway, if you want any feedback or thoughts or whatever, feel free to go to our contact us page, fill out the form and you can schedule a call there. If you’d like to do it that way or you can just call us here at a 3. 3 lead PPC again. My name is Grant. I’d love to talk to you and we’ll talk soon. Thanks!