Best Chiropractic Ads

Best Chiropractic Ads

Best Chiropractic Ads

The Best Chiropractic Ads are those that generate new patients consistently.  On the Google Ads side of things, you’re looking for specific keywords that convert into phone calls and new patients consistently.  Many times, it’s exactly the types of phrases that you would type in if you were searching for a chiropractor in a new area, such as:

  • chiropractor near me
  • best chiropractor
  • chiropractor city name

Sometimes people will also type in the type of insurance that they have or the type of ailment / injury that they have along with the word chiropractor or chiropractic.  With Google Ads, you have to be especially careful to use negative keywords for the names of your competitors, since typically those phone calls are the existing customers of your competitors who are just trying to schedule another visit or call about a customer service issue.  So, converting those types of phone calls can be incredibly hard.

On the Meta Ads side of things, oftentimes you have to switch up your ad copy about every 2-3 months or the offer gets stale.  So, you can run offers about a free consultation or a free back adjustment but if you keep running the same ads to the same 6-10 mile radius for too long, then the audience gets bugged by them and they become less productive for you.  So, make sure to switch up your ad copy occasionally so that your average ad frequency rate doesn’t get too high (usually above 3 is high).


What Are The Best Chiropractic Ads?

The finest chiropractic advertisements are those that effectively communicate the benefits of chiropractic care, offer compelling visuals, and contain a clear call-to-action. An excellent example is the “Back In Action” campaign, which uses a series of short videos demonstrating actual chiropractic sessions. The videos are accompanied by patient testimonials, highlighting the relief they have experienced from chronic back pain, thus underlining the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment.

Another notable ad is the “Align Your Health” print advertisement, which employs clever wordplay and compelling visuals of a healthy spine to attract potential patients. The ad includes both an informative component about the benefits of chiropractic care and a strong call-to-action, urging viewers to book an appointment for their spinal health check. These advertisements work effectively owing to their compelling narratives, clear messaging, and strategic deployment of multimedia content.


Need Help?

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