Chiropractic PPC Agency

Chiropractic PPC Agency

Chiropractic PPC Agency

Ad agencies can help take your chiropractic practice to the next level, and hiring a talented Chiropractic PPC Agency is no different.  But, which agencies are the good ones.  Well, we here at Lead PPC would obviously love you’re business and we have a lot of confidence in our ability to perform well for chiropractors since we’ve been working with chiros since 2016.

But, in case you decide not to go with us, here’s a list of who we would consider to be a “good chiropractic ppc agency” if you don’t choose us:

Top 10 Chiropractic Marketing Agencies

Top 10 Chiropractic Marketing Agencies


The 3 Winning Strategies of Top Chiropractic PPC Agencies on Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads

Success on Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads is no small feat – it requires a potent mix of strategic planning, meticulous execution, and continuous optimization. Leading Chiropractic PPC agencies have mastered this recipe, turning to a set of strategies that consistently deliver substantial results.

#1 Keyword Selection and Bid Management

One of the significant strategies employed by successful agencies is the strategic selection of keywords. These agencies conduct extensive keyword research to identify terms relevant to chiropractic services and have high search volumes. By targeting these keywords, they ensure that their ads reach a broad audience actively seeking chiropractic services.

In addition to keyword selection, effective bid management is another crucial component of the strategy. Top agencies continually monitor and adjust their bids to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS). By doing so, they ensure their ads appear in the most profitable positions, optimizing visibility and click-through rates.

#2 Localized Content and Geo-Targeting

Given the local nature of chiropractic services, these agencies also leverage localized content and geo-targeting. They create ad copies that resonate with the local audience and reflect the unique selling propositions of the chiropractic offices they represent. Geo-targeting allows them to show the ads only to those present in the geographical areas served by the chiropractic practices, ensuring efficient use of the ad budget.

#3 Conversion Rate Optimization & Tracking

Finally, successful Chiropractic PPC agencies place a strong emphasis on conversion rate optimization (CRO) and tracking. They employ various CRO techniques, like crafting compelling call-to-action statements and optimizing the landing pages, to increase the chances of a visitor becoming a lead or a customer. They also track important metrics to measure the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions, ensuring the campaigns remain effective and profitable.

In a nutshell, the best Chiropractic PPC Agencies employ a mix of strategic keyword selection, bid management, localized content creation, geo-targeting, and conversion optimization to achieve success on Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads. By doing so, they not only generate substantial traffic for their clients but also ensure that this traffic leads to tangible results – increased bookings and better ROI.


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Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to my name is Grant James. I am the owner of the company. If you are interested in talking to us, I’ll probably be the person that you talk to. I don’t do any account management anymore as we have quite a few account managers, but anytime we have interested new uh customers clients then I like to vet them, kind of talk with them and understand what it is that they’re looking for. Um. So if you are a chiropractor and you’re looking specifically for a paper plug agency, congratulations! You have found a good one um in this article I kinda go through um not just ourselves, but other agencies that we feel like are kind of good in this space. I like to give love to other agencies. We realize we’re not gonna service everybody. Um. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit. Sometimes you know, there’s just something good specific about the nature of one client that would be better for somebody else. And so um, but here are some groups that we would recommend in the space if you’re not gonna work directly with us.

Uh, Cairo praise Cairo basics T. C M, which is like top chiropractor marketing, cardinal digital marketing. These guys work in like a lot of different medical spaces. We’ve got ourselves eye matrix, thrive kind of works in every space. Cairo scout and wise digital partners, so any of these tend right here. Would probably be good ones to have a conversation with, or if you were to select them you probably be in good hands for us. We’ve been working with Kyra practice since 2016, so you know the first I would say 3 or 4 years. It took us a while to kind of really figure everything out, but we feel pretty confident about the types of campaigns that we have landing pages. Big thing is tracking, making sure that you know exactly how much revenue was generated from each phone call that your receptionists are picking up those calls and calling the back if they missed a call in this article I talk about the 3 winning strategies of top chiropractic PPC agencies on Google Ads and Google Local Service Ads big one is keyword selection.

I mean if you’re going after the wrong types of keywords or the wrong geographic areas, then you can run into problems and kind of get into that on the Geo targeting side of things. You also don’t want to underbid or overbid, so sometimes a keyword is as worth spending $20 on a click, whereas other times this we’re going spending $5 on a click and you’re not gonna know that unless you’ve been running ads for a while in that industry to know this key word usually converts that this rate drives this amount of revenue, so we kind of have to have a little bit of experience with that conversion rate. Optimization and tracking CRO is something that has to do with landing pages, so we create landing pages for all of our clients so you don’t have to worry about that whether your website converts well or doesn’t convert well, we make specialized landing pages that we drive the traffic too that we know converts, and then you definitely want to make sure that someone on your team is marking.

Did this turn into a client? Does this not turn into a client? How much revenue was it that way we can kind of back into, you know? This month he spent $1,000 and you brought in $3,000 worth of new customers. Also keep in mind. I mean for ourselves about 80 percent of our clients or referrals, but a lot of the initial clients came from Google ads or organically like this when you’re really an article, so don’t underestimate the power of getting those initial baseline customers that they can refer people to you. If you aren’t interested in talking to us, go to the contact us section of our website, fill that out, and then you can book an appointment, probably with me directly online right there, or you can just call us here 833 Lee PPC. Thanks so much.