PPC For Chiropractors

PPC For Chiropractors

PPC For Chiropractors

There are a lot of ppc agencies out there, but finding a boutique agency that specifically provides PPC For Chiropractors can be challenging.  We’ve been working with chiropractors since 2016, and it is definitely a space that took us some time to really dial in and figure out exactly how to drive new patients and not just impressions, clicks, and phone calls.


Is Google Ads, Meta Ads, Or Google Local Service Ads Better For PPC For Chiropractors?

As the world becomes increasingly dependent upon search engines and social media, chiropractors are looking for effective advertising platforms to increase their online visibility. Among the options, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Google Local Service Ads are often the top contenders. But which one provides the most efficient solution for chiropractic practices?

Google Ads, a pay-per-click advertising platform, offers vast reach due to Google’s extensive user base. Its keyword targeting allows chiropractors to reach potential patients actively searching for their services. However, it requires substantial investment and mastering Google’s complex system to generate effective results.

On the other hand, Meta Ads, previously known as Facebook Ads, provides robust demographic and interest-based targeting. Its visual-based ad format can be highly engaging, making it easier for chiropractors to develop a strong connection with potential patients. Yet, it’s primarily suited for practices aiming to build a strong social presence.

Lastly, Google Local Service Ads is designed for local businesses like chiropractic practices. It offers cost-per-lead pricing, meaning you only pay when a potential patient contacts your business. These ads appear at the very top of Google search results, providing significant visibility. However, it’s limited to certain regions and services.

The best platform for chiropractors depends on their specific goals. Google Ads are best for reach and user intent, Meta Ads for social engagement, and Google Local Service Ads for local visibility and cost efficiency. It’s important for chiropractors to evaluate their goals, budget, and resources to choose the right platform.

Our personal preference here at Lead PPC probably still leans more toward Google Ads 1st since it is the most consistent over time in producing new patients.  Next we would put Google Local Service Ads since they can play above Google Ads and the Google My Business map listings.  And 3rd, we would put Meta Ads since it’s display advertising and it requires the changing of your ad copy every 6-8 weeks to keep things fresh and not burn out the 6-10 mile radius demographic that surrounds your chiropractic practice.


Need Help?

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