Top Dental PPC Agency

Dental PPC Agency

Dental PPC Agency

Whether you are a single dental practitioner or a large multi-unit Dental Service Organization (DSO), finding the right Dental PPC Agency is crucial for new patient acquisition in nearly any market.

Having worked with hundreds of dental offices since 2010, here is our list of Top Dental PPC Agencies to consider when looking for a new vendor.


Top 12 Dental PPC Agencies

Here are what we consider to be the Top 12 Dental PPC Agencies.  If you would like more information on these agencies, please refer to our article entitled, “Top 12 Dental Marketing Agencies“:

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies


The Top Dental PPC Agency: Amplify Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence

Running a dental practice is challenging enough without considering the complexities of digital marketing. However, to compete in today’s digital age, having a robust online presence is essential. That’s where a top dental PPC agency comes in to help.

PPC, or Pay Per Click, is an online advertising model that allows you to place ads in strategic locations on the internet, and you pay a fee only when someone clicks your ad. This model can be highly effective, especially when utilized by a specialized dental PPC agency adept in carving out a niche in the crowded digital marketplace.

What Makes A Dental Pay Per Click Agency Stand Out?

The best Dental PPC agencies bring a tailored approach, industry knowledge, and proven strategies to the table. They understand that every dental practice is unique, with different goals, target audiences, and budgets. Thus, they customize their PPC strategies to align with a dentist’s specific needs.

A top dental PPC agency will provide a range of services such as keyword research, campaign setup, ad creation, landing page design, conversion tracking, and ongoing management. They know the importance of staying abreast with changing consumer behaviors and adapting their strategies accordingly.

Benefits Of Working With A Dental Pay Per Click Agency

Working with a dental PPC agency can provide numerous benefits.

  1. Expertise and Experience: These agencies have experts who are well-versed in the intricacies of PPC campaigns, and they can tap into their wealth of experience to create effective campaigns for your dental practice.
  2. Time and Cost Efficiency: Managing a PPC campaign can be time-consuming and require a learning curve. By outsourcing this task to a dental PPC agency, you can focus on patient care while they handle the online advertising.
  3. Increased Web Traffic and Conversions: A well-executed PPC campaign can drive more traffic to your website and convert more visitors into patients, thus increasing your revenue.

Choosing The Right Dental PPC Agency

Choosing the right dental pay per click agency requires careful consideration.

  • Look for an agency with a great track record of running successful campaigns.
  • Ensure they offer transparent reporting so you can see exactly where your marketing dollars are going.
  • Check if they provide scalable solutions that can grow with your practice.
  • Finally, make sure they understand your practice and your goals.

A top dental PPC agency can be a valuable partner, helping you expand your online presence, reach more potential patients, and ultimately, grow your practice. Investing in their services can give you a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

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Need Help?

If you need help testing Google and/or Facebook ads for your dental practice, please fill out our Contact Us form. We would be glad to help.  Here at Lead PPC, we are a franchise digital marketing agency that primarily focuses on franchise marketing and franchise sales. We’ve also worked with 200+ dental and orthodontic offices since 2010.


Video Transcript

Hello there and welcome to our website lead ppc. Com or our YouTube channel. In this video it’s very simple going to be talking about some of the top dental PPC agencies out there. Dental paper click is something that is one of the niche markets that us as a boutique paper click agency focuses on. We also do stuff in the franchising space. We’ve done a lot in the legal space, but the dental space is maybe our number 2 space that we’ve done the most work with since 2010 when we first got started. So I’m gonna talk about some of the different paper click agencies out there. This infographic here I think is kind of can be very helpful and talk about some of these different groups that are there, obviously us here at least PVC. We work with a couple hundred different dental offices. We will high degree of confidence in there using Google search and then Facebook slash Instagram ads works really, really well.

A lot of times you can have some awesome different promotions around like teeth whitening, um, free dental exam, all that type of set that can work really well on Facebook and then on Google a lot of times as people that are looking for like dental office near me, dentist, best dentist you know, city name those types of things um, a couple groups that are good that just do dental are gonna be Delman um, Dental, Marquetto and Clue. And after that we get into groups like Client Boots and Disruptive who are you kind of bigger box agencies? I know them very well. They work in a lot of spaces and they have a lot of experience working with dental office. Also one dress is going to show up probably number one or so for organically for some different searches you could do. They would do a lot in dental, a couple other ones, savvy search, marketing, enlightened media, yoyova media and social dental. Now along with profitable dentistry. These are all ones that are probably going to be on the more solid side that you could possibly work with um.

Also in this art of I talk about the top dental PBC agency like an amplifier dental presence online and what makes a dental paper book agency stand out. The biggest thing that you’re looking for here is just making sure that a group has a lot of experience. If someone’s work with under like 50 dental offices they probably don’t know what they’re doing. I think it takes at least 50 dental offices and 5 years of experience before you’re really gonna know what you’re doing very well. Also making sure they have a good cost per lead and cost per sale, and if you want to know kind of what some of our numbers are, I think I’ve read it in some other different articles, but I could definitely kind of talk to you about. That oh I think our historics are probably somewhere between about 25 to 30 dollar cosper lead and Cosper sales between usually a hundred to $200 per new patient acquisition kind of depends on the dental office and a lot of kind of how good your team is a falling up with leads and all that type of stuff. A lot of it is phone calls or of its Facebook calling people back.

Therefore web forms benefits of working with a dental paper like agencies agency. You get experience and expertise, saves time and money and you also increase traffic. You know convergence and things like that anyway. It’s a great article. You may learn a little bit by kind of reading through it if you do have any interest in talking with us at the bottom here we have this Contact Us form. You can fill that out that we can hop on a call and talk to you about kind of what your personal needs are. But thanks so much for watching this video and we’ll talk to you soon.