Google Ads Agency For Dentists

Google Ad Agency For Dentists

Google Ad Agency For Dentists

Are you looking for a Google Ad Agency For Dentists?  Look no further!  We have been working with dental offices since 2010 and provide PPC services for Google and Facebook Ads.  We’ve worked with hundreds of dental offices and would love to have a conversation with you to see if we are a good fit for your practice.

If you typed in terms such as the following then we are right up your alley as a Google Ad Agency For Dentists:

  • Dentist Lead Generation Agency
  • PPC Agency For Dentist
  • Dentist PPC Agency

We actually have a more in depth article called “How To Choose A Dental Google Ads Agency” that dives into what we consider to be the Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies as well as some recommendations as to how to work with a quality advertising agency that provides Google Ads services for dentists.

Here’s a quick recap of what those 12 ad agencies are:

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies

Top 12 Dental Google Ads Agencies

The main things that you want to look for are:

  1. Agencies that have a Cost Per Lead of between $20-$40
  2. Agencies that have worked with 100+ dental offices
  3. A Cost Per Sale of between around $100-$200
  4. No long term contracts
  5. Account managers that have experience working with dentists
  6. The use of Zendesk or a similar tool if you have multiple locations

If you found this article helpful in some way, might we suggest checking out our article on how to get dental leads facebook entitled “How To Get Dental Leads On Facebook” or our article on dental office marketing ideas called “14 Dental Office Marketing Ideas“.


If you need help testing Google and/or Facebook ads for your dental practice, please fill out our Contact Us form. We would be glad to help.  Here at Lead PPC, we are a franchise digital marketing agency that primarily focuses on franchise marketing and franchise sales. We’ve also worked with 200+ dental and orthodontic offices since 2010.