Best Franchise Marketing Example

Best Franchise Marketing Example

Best Franchise Marketing Example

This article is designed to help you gain an understanding of what some of the Best Franchise Marketing Examples that you can find on the internet.  I’ll provide the best franchise marketing examples that I can come up with for both Google Ads and Facebook Ads as it relates to franchise development lead generation.


Google Ads Franchise Marketing Example:

Google Franchise Keyword Targeting:

With Google Ads, the key is to advertise in 2 very specific areas, including:

  1. Industry Terms
    • Like “Ice Cream Franchise” or “Education Franchise”
  2. Competitor Terms
    • Like “Baskin Robins Franchise” or “Mathnasium Franchise”
Best Franchise Marketing Example

Google Ads Franchise Marketing Example – Industry Terms

Google Ads Franchise Advertising Example

Google Ads Franchise Advertising Example – Competitor Terms


Google Franchise Ad Copy Recommendations:

Within the Google Ads itself, there are a few key components that should be included, such as:

  • Investment Amount – Make sure to tell the audience how much it costs to invest in
  • Become An Owner – It’s important to ensure that the prospective franchisee knows that this is a franchise opportunity
  • Investor Jargon – Use phraseology that speaks to the investment side of things
Franchise Google Ads Example

Franchise Google Ads Example


Google Landing Page Recommendations:

Landing Pages are extremely important when it comes to driving franchise leads at a cheap price.  We get calls all the time from franchisors who have a Cost Per Lead (CPL) that ranges between $250-$1,000 a lead on Google Ads.  The biggest driver of this (outside of targeting the right keywords) is landing pages.  For this reason, we create landing pages for free for all of our clients.

The main things that matter when it comes to landing pages for franchise marketing are:

  1. No Navigation – Make sure that your landing pages don’t have any clickable links or navigation on them.  While links are good for SEO, they drive conversion down substantially for PPC.  We’ve tested over $25,000,000 in ads in the franchise development lead generation space, and this has been a big learning for us.
  2. Web Form Above The Fold Of The Page – Make sure that people don’t have to scroll to fill out your web form.
  3. No Phone # – Don’t include a phone number.  Funnel everyone through your web form so that you can gather their information and book a call with them directly online.
  4. Use Calendly – Use a calendar scheduling software like Calendly to book calls with your leads right after they fill out the form.
  5. Give Something Away – Make sure to give away a free guide or free handbook or something like that so that they are more likely to fill out the form.
  6. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions – Only ask for things like email, name, phone number, zip code, and net worth.
  7. Reiterate The Investment Amount – Make sure that you restate the investment amount required on the landing page itself.
  8. Mobile Optimized – Especially for Facebook but also for Google, it’s important to make sure that your landing pages work well on mobile devices, especially making sure that people don’t have to scroll to fill out the web form.
  9. Aesthetically Pleasing – If your landing page looks bad, people will not trust your brand or fill out the web form.
Franchise Marketing Landing Page Example

Franchise Marketing Landing Page Example


Facebook Ads Franchise Marketing Example:

Franchise Audience Targeting:

In general, Facebook has really bad targeting when it comes to franchise marketing.  Unless you do it just right, you’ll basically be advertising to people that have little to no chance of ever buying a franchise.  It’s deceiving because you can drive a lot of leads, but driving actual franchise sales takes skill and experience.

The main types of audiences that you want to go after are:

  1. 1-3% Lookalike Audiences that are similar to your existing franchisees
  2. Audiences of people who are interested in investing in franchises and business opportunities
Facebook Ads Franchise Marketing Example

Facebook Ads Franchise Marketing Example


Facebook Ads (Instagram / Meta) Franchise Marketing Ad Copy:

The great thing about Facebook Ads over Google Ads is that you have an opportunity to tell your story via videos and images, whereas with Google Ads you’re more limited to text and sometimes very small images.

The main things to remember with Facebook Ads for franchise development lead generation are:

  1. Investment Amount In The Headline – Make sure to include the amount of money it takes to buy the franchise in the headline.  This is WAY more important on Facebook than on Google.
  2. DON’T USE FACEBOOK LEAD ADS – Although it’s tempting, never never use Facebook Lead Ads for franchise leads.  Send them to a landing page instead.  Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of leads that don’t even remember filling out the web form (as all they have to do is click 1 button to submit a form) and a lot of the pre-stored contact information such as phone # and email addresses are out of date and are no longer in use.
  3. Videos – Include high quality videos when possible.
  4. Images – Focus on pictures of franchisees in the ad.  Remember, you’re selling a franchise.
  5. Call To Action – “Learn More” is a good call to action for Facebook Ads.
Facebook Ads Franchise Advertising Example

Facebook Ads Franchise Advertising Example


Facebook Ads Landing Pages:

Again, with Facebook since 80% or more of your traffic will be mobile driven, make sure your landing page is mobile optimized.  The keys here are:

  • Web Form – The web form needs to be above the fold of the page.
  • Mobile Responsive – The landing page needs to work well on a mobile device.
  • Free Download – They need to be able to download something.
  • Simplicity – Keep it simple!
Facebook Ads Franchise Marketing Landing Page Example

Facebook Ads Franchise Marketing Landing Page Example


Franchise Marketing Examples: An Exploration of Google and Facebook Ads

Franchise marketing is an industry-specific type of marketing that focuses on promoting a business’s brand and helping individual franchisees succeed. One of the greatest challenges in franchise marketing is maintaining brand consistency throughout all locations while also allowing for local customization. Today, we’ll be diving into some successful examples of franchise marketing, with a particular focus on Google and Facebook ads.

What is Franchise Marketing?

To truly understand franchise marketing examples, we first need to understand what franchise marketing is. It is the strategies, tactics, and activities used to promote a franchise’s brand and services. It both helps the overall brand image and aids individual franchisees in their local business growth.

Franchise Marketing on Google

Google Ads are an excellent platform for franchise businesses. Google’s powerful targeting options allow franchises to target ads to specific geographic locations, demographics, and even based on user browsing habits. This ensures that your ads are being seen by the right people at the right time.

For example, let’s consider a national pizza chain. They launch a new pizza and want to promote it nationwide. The chain could use Google Ads to target ads to people who have searched for pizza delivery in their location. The ads could feature the new pizza, a special deal, and a call to action directing users to the nearest franchise location.

Franchise Marketing on Facebook

Much like Google, Facebook offers robust targeting options that are invaluable for franchise marketing. Businesses can target based on location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. Additionally, Facebook allows businesses to create “lookalike audiences,” which can help franchises reach new potential customers who are similar to their current ones.

An example of this in action is a fitness franchise. This business could use Facebook ads to target people within a certain radius of their locations who have expressed interest in fitness. These ads could include information about membership deals, classes, or trainers. The franchise could also use lookalike audiences to reach potential new members who share similar characteristics with their current members.

The Power of Combining Google and Facebook Ads

Many successful franchises use both Google and Facebook ads in their marketing strategies. By taking advantage of the strengths of both platforms, franchises can reach a wide audience and drive both brand awareness and local business.

Consider a retail franchise with locations nationwide. They could use Google ads to target people searching for their products and drive them to their online store. Simultaneously, they could use Facebook ads to target people who have visited their website or expressed interest in similar products, encouraging them to visit their nearest physical location.

In conclusion, franchise marketing is a delicate balancing act between promoting the overall brand and supporting local franchisees. By using platforms like Google and Facebook, franchises can reach their target audience effectively and efficiently, making franchise marketing a key driver of success in today’s digital world.

With the right strategy, any franchise can leverage these platforms to increase their reach and drive growth.

By capitalizing on the strengths of both Google and Facebook, franchises are able to combine their marketing efforts to target a wide range of potential customers. This in turn has the power to greatly increase brand recognition and generate more local business for individual franchisees. As technology continues to evolve, it is important for any business, including franchises, to keep up with the latest marketing trends. A well-thought-out franchise marketing strategy can make all the difference when it comes to achieving success.

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