What Is A Franchise Development Company?

Franchise Development company

Franchise Development company


The term “Franchise Development Company” can mean a few different things, namely:

  1. Franchise Development Marketing Agency
  2. Franchise Sales Organization (FSO)
  3. Franchise Portal


Other synonyms for the term “Franchise Development Company” might also include:

  • franchise sales company
  • franchise lead generation company
  • franchise marketing company
  • franchise consulting company
  • franchise ppc company
  • franchise broker company

Let’s talk about what each of these terms really means as well as how to find the right one for you.  Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation.

Franchise Development Marketing Agency:

A franchise development marketing agency is a digital marketing firm that specializes in lead generation for franchisors.  There are really only about 6 good agencies out there, including:

Franchise Agencies

Franchise Agencies

Franchise Sales Organization (FSO):

Franchise Sales Organizations or FSOs are companies that are basically an outsourced sales team within the franchising space.  When leads come through from SEO, PPC, franchise portals, or other sources, these teams follow up with the leads and seek to close them for you.  There are about 10 good FSOs out there, including:

Franchise Sales Organizations

Franchise Sales Organizations

Franchise Portals:

Franchise portals are basically huge directories with hundreds if not thousands of franchises listed on their websites.  People click on the franchises that they are interested in, fill out a form for more information, and then those leads are sold to franchisors for a fee.  The main thing to be aware of with franchise portals is that you have to follow up with those leads really quickly because they are often times being followed up on by 5-15 other companies.

Here is a list of the top franchise portals:

Franchise Portals

Franchise Portals


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