Franchising Marketing Strategies

Franchising Marketing Strategies

Franchising Marketing Strategies

So, you’re looking for some fresh Franchising Marketing Strategies, eh?  Alrighty then.  We’ve got you covered.

When it comes to franchise marketing strategies, it’s all about driving high quality leads that don’t annoy your franchise development reps as well as closing those leads at what amounts to a palatable Cost Per Sale.

The main franchise marketing strategies that franchisors use today are:

  1. Create a franchise section of your website or franchise mini-site that ranks organically via SEO and drives free leads
  2. Hire a franchise PPC agency such as ourselves to drive leads primarily via Google Ads and Meta Ads (Average Cost Per Sale = $5,000-$12,000)
  3. Engage with 1-3 franchise broker networks who can help drive qualified prospects (Average Cost Per Sale = $25,000)
  4. Consider using 1-2 franchise portals to help fill in the gaps on lead flow

You’ll notice in here that we don’t talk much about sponsoring live events.  By default, if you’re working with a few franchise broker networks as a part of your franchising marketing strategies, you will sponsor 1-2 live events with a booth and such for each broker network that you are a part of.

Beyond that, you could look at doing TV or radio ads for your franchise system, but those tend to work better for customer acquisition as opposed to franchisee acquisition.

Our main focus here at Lead PPC is franchise leads and franchise lead generation.


Why Is It Important To Diversify Your Franchise Marketing Strategies?

Diversifying your franchise marketing strategies has become an integral part of long-term success. Operating on a “one size fits all” marketing strategy can lead to stagnation, missed opportunities, and reduced reach.

The importance of diversification lies in its ability to tap into a wider audience and accommodate varying consumer behaviors. By utilizing a multi-channel approach, you can ensure that your messaging resonates across different demographics, thereby expanding your customer base.

Moreover, diversification allows franchises to stay adaptable in the face of changing market trends. From traditional print media to digital marketing and social media campaigns, each channel offers unique advantages and reaches different segments of your audience. A diverse marketing strategy enables franchises to leverage these channels to their fullest potential.

It’s also important to note that diversification mitigates risk. Relying on a single marketing channel can make your franchise vulnerable to shifts in the market. If that one channel underperforms, it could significantly affect your entire franchise. However, by spreading your efforts across multiple marketing avenues, you can balance out any potential losses and maintain consistent business growth.

In conclusion, diversifying your franchise marketing strategies is not just beneficial—it’s crucial. It broadens your reach, increases adaptability, and minimizes risk, thus strengthening the overall resilience and growth potential of your franchise.


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