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Franchise Marketing System

Franchise Marketing System

I’m a huge basketball junkie (I’m 6’6″ so… it ended up being a natural fit).  So, in this article on Franchise Marketing Systems you may hear a few basketball analogies.

Recently, James Harden made the comment that a lot of NBA analysts didn’t like when he proclaimed “I’m not a system player, I am a system.”  As cocky and odd as this sounded, there’s actually some truth to it.  When a guy can average 24 points per game over his entire career along with 7 assists per game with a defined style of play, in many ways his stats and methodology speak for themselves as a true system.

Similarly, here at Lead PPC in many ways we too are a franchise marketing system.  We’ve worked with 250+ franchise brands since 2010 and have honed in the skills and systems necessary to be consistently successful for both franchise development marketing as well as local franchise store marketing.


Franchise Marketing Systems That Work: Google Ads & Meta Ads

In life and in franchise online marketing it’s easy to overcomplicate things.  Let’s be honest, writing content is important for organic SEO rankings, but it’s probably an activity that you’re better off doing in-house than paying an agency to do.  An in-house worker can pump out 3-10 articles per day at an hourly rate.

Likewise, organic Social Media marketing has its place.  But, more and more the algorithms aren’t in your favor unless you are a brand built around a personality.  People want to connect with people, not brands.

So, if you’re going to hire an agency that can pack a serious punch, hire one that specializes specifically in Google Ads & Meta Ads.  Much like signing an all-star in free agency, a franchise marketing agency that can wield the sword of Google Ads (including Google Local Service Ads for local franchised stores) and Meta Ads can make a night and day difference for your franchise development sales as well as your Item 19 numbers for your local stores.

And, if you’re looking for an agency that can do both of these things, we’d love to speak with you.


Advantages Of A Functioning Franchise Marketing System

Franchise marketing systems represent a unique intersection of local and national marketing strategies. It is a strategic blend that, when done correctly, can propel a franchise’s brand awareness, lead generation, and overall business growth.

To understand this better, it’s essential first to grasp what a franchise marketing system is. This is a strategy that franchises employ to ensure brand consistency across multiple locations while still allowing room for location-specific marketing efforts. These systems incorporate a variety of tactics, from traditional forms of advertising to digital marketing efforts such as SEO and social media marketing.

One of the primary benefits of a well-implemented franchise marketing system is the uniformity it brings to the brand. When customers see the same branding, messaging, and promotions across all franchise locations, it instills confidence in the brand’s reliability and value. This consistency is not just about logos or color schemes; it also extends to the quality of service and the overall customer experience.

Another advantage of a franchise marketing system is its scalability. As the franchise expands, the marketing system can easily be rolled out to new locations. This scalability prevents the marketing wheel from being reinvented every time a new location is opened, saving valuable time and resources.

Yet, the effectiveness of a franchise marketing system also hinges on its flexibility. While maintaining brand consistency, the system should also allow room for individual locations to adapt their marketing strategies based on local market conditions and customer preferences. This balance between consistency and adaptability is where the true power of franchise marketing systems lies.

In conclusion, a franchise marketing system is a potent tool in the franchise business model, serving as a beacon of brand consistency while simultaneously providing the flexibility to cater to local market nuances. With the right implementation, these systems can significantly drive growth, customer loyalty, and overall franchise success.


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