Franchise Portal Leads Or Franchise Agency Leads: Which Are Better?

Franchise Portal Leads VS Franchise Agency Leads

Franchise Portal Leads VS Franchise Agency Leads

In the franchise world, lead generation is a critical component of business growth and expansion. Two primary sources of these leads are franchise portals and franchise agencies. But which of these is a more effective lead generator?

I’m going to go ahead and put for my biases.  Obviously, we are a Franchise PPC Agency.  And, nearly every day we get calls from franchisors who are really disenchanted by franchise portal leads.  Between those leads getting resold to anywhere between 5-15 other franchisors or franchise brokers, low quality Facebook Lead Ads campaigns that turn into awful franchise portal leads that people didn’t even know they were filling out a form, etc. it’s a total crap shoot for franchisors to close deals from portals.

But, let’s put those biases aside and talk about the common themes of Franchise Agency Leads versus Franchise Portals Leads.

Franchise portals are online platforms that list multiple franchise opportunities. Potential franchisees can browse these portals, searching by industry, investment level, or location to find a franchise that fits their needs. These portals are often very cost-effective, reaching a wide audience. However, the leads they generate are often less qualified, as they attract a broad audience, not all of whom may be serious about starting a franchise. This can result in a lower conversion rate.

On the other hand, franchise agencies specialize in connecting potential franchisees with franchisors. They work with a smaller, more targeted group of potential franchisees, offering personalized service to match them with the best possible franchise opportunity. As a result, the leads generated through franchise agencies are often highly qualified and more likely to convert. However, this service typically comes at a higher cost than franchise portals.

All things considered, franchise agency leads are leaps and bounds better than franchise portal leads.  However, we highly recommend that our clients eventually work with 1-4 franchise broker networks that essentially process these types of portal leads, warm them up, and then present them back to you as potential franchisee candidates.  It’s just so hard to turn cold franchise portal leads into actual purchasing franchisees that you’re better off just working with a franchise PPC agency such as us here at Lead PPC and once you get that figured out work with a handful of good franchise broker networks such as IFPG, BAI, FranServe, FranNet, or other groups like that.


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