What Is The Best Franchise Sales CRM?

Franchise Sales CRM

Franchise Sales CRM

Here at Lead PPC, we work with around 100 franchise brands doing franchise development lead generation, and we’ve been doing that for 14+ years.  We also are an FSO (Franchise Sales Organization), and we help sell franchises for some of our clients.  So, we have learned a thing or two about what makes a solid Franchise Sales CRM and which CRMs are not that great for selling franchises.

Some of our experience comes from dealing with systems integrations into the various Franchise Sales CRMs.  On the flip side, since we also help sell franchises, some CRMs are much better at helping you organize your information into an efficient process for closing franchise deals.

Here’s our take on what the top Franchise Sales CRMs are:

#1 – Salesforce

As an FSO, all of the clients that we work with are required to either purchase their own license of Salesforce or use ours for free.  The trick with Salesforce is that you want to try and avoid paying for multiple licenses.  As long as you have your franchise sales team share a single license, it’s pretty cheap in general at ~$100 / mo.  Salesforce is the most reputable and robust CRM on the marketplace.  What I personally like about it is that it’s very easy to setup reports that walk through stats on each of the major sales stages, which for our clients typically include things like:

  • # Leads / Cost Per Lead
  • # Introductions / Cost Per Introduction
  • # FDDs Sent / Cost Per FDD Sent
  • # Discovery Days / Cost Per Discovery Day
  • # Sales / Cost Per Sale

You want to be able to view this data easily as it trends over the last day, week, month, and year.  And, you also want to be able to break out your primary lead sources such as:

  • Google Ads Leads
  • Meta Ads Leads
  • Portal Leads
  • Broker Network Leads

Salesforce allows you to quickly and easily do all of these things.

#2 – Zoho

If you’re looking for a cheaper solution for your Franchise Sales CRM needs, then Zoho would be one to take a look at.  It’s cheaper than Salesforce, and they have come a long way over the last 5 years to being at a similar level to Salesforce.

#3 – FranConnect

I do not like FranConnect at all, personally.  I don’t think it’s a true CRM, they don’t really have a true API ( you have to send leads through an parsing email address), and it’s just kind of a mediocre product.  Having said that, a TON of our clients use it.  And, it’s still probably the best franchise development specific CRM that there is.

#4 – Hubspot

I like everything about Hubspot except for:

  • The Price
  • Their Javascript Code

Hubspot is great.  It’d kind of like a mix of Marketing + Salesforce + Keap + Mail Chimp.  But, it’s just way too pricey for many emerging franchisors.  You’re better off using a Google Sheet and closing a few new franchise deals before looking at a solution like Hubspot.

My other complaint is that their javascript code is extremely annoying.  We’re constantly having to login to people’s Salesforce accounts to keep it from auto-predicting where leads came from and running its automation scripts.  For this reason, I prefer customers use FranConnect over Hubspot.  Even though FranConnect has a fraction of the capabilities of Hubspot, at least it doesn’t cause problems with tagging and automation when leads come through landing page platforms like Unbounce.


Outside of these 3 CRMs there are quite a few others such as:

  • Pipedrive
  • Keap


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