What Is The Best Home Service Franchise Marketing Agency?

Are you a franchisor or franchisee looking to find the Best Home Service Franchise Marketing Agency?  There are many to choose from, and not all franchise marketing agencies were created equally.  And, even among the marketing agencies that specialize in franchise development and franchise marketing, very few of them are focused specifically on the home service franchising niche.

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The material and strategies found in this article come from 13+ years of experience working on 200+ franchisor advertising accounts.  If you need help with home service franchise marketing and would like to discuss your advertising needs and issues in more detail, please book an appointment with us online via our Contact Us page.

15 Marketing Agencies That Do Any Type Of Franchise Marketing:

Let’s start from the top with identifying the broader net of digital marketing agencies that work within the franchising field.  There are more agencies that focus on local franchise marketing, so let’s start there.  Here’s what we consider to be the top 15 marketing agencies that do a good job within the great “franchise marketing” space:

Local Franchise Marketing Agencies

Local Franchise Marketing Agencies

6 Marketing Agencies That Offer Franchise Development Marketing Services:

From there, let’s dive a bit deeper into those that work specifically in franchise development marketing, which is a bit harder to do and frankly doesn’t have as much money as local franchise marketing so less marketing agencies offer this service.  Here is a list of the top 6 marketing agencies that offer franchise development marketing services:

Franchise Agencies

Franchise Agencies

3 Best Home Services Franchise Marketing Agencies:

Now, let’s get more granular and talk about home service franchise marketing specifically. 

Personally, I really like what Curious Jane does with female brands.  And, I like their staff a lot from my interactions with them at various trade shows.  Some of their staff has even helped me set my booth up, which is extremely kind.  Many of their execs are female, and I think that helps them a lot with beauty, fashion, and even restaurant types of brands.  And, if you have needs around content marketing, PR, etc. they are going to be very strong there as well.  On their website, you’ll see brands like Plato’s Closet.  They do have a case study around a home service brand called Pinch A Penny, which builds pools and isn’t so blue collar, so if you have a similar home service brand, that could also work.  But, I would recommend Curious Jane for less masculine types of brands like beauty and even with QSR brands where imagery is crucial, not necessarily for home service brands.

Top Fire Media I think is stronger on the SEO side of things than PPC personally.  They are a bit like an agency called 919 Marketing.  With any franchise ad agency, just make sure that if you do run ads with them that you don’t use Facebook Lead Ads.  This ends up driving a lot of candidates that didn’t even know they were filling out a web form online for a franchise and are way less qualified, and just don’t end up buying.  For home service brands, you’re going to want to lean into Google more than Facebook and use custom landing pages as opposed to Facebook Lead Ads on social and custom audiences that have a 1-3% Lookalike Audience that matches your existing franchisee base or that of the greater home services franchising space.  

I would look at Franchise Hive if you don’t have an existing CRM and need help with with your overall technology and other services like email marketing.  I’ve never actually spoken with a client that uses Franchise Hive, so I can’t really recommend them one way or the other.

For these reasons (and this is really just a personal preference type of a thing, I’m sure each of these agencies is right for certain franchise brands), I would recommend the following 3 franchise marketing agencies for home service franchise marketing:

Best Home Services Franchise Marketing Agencies

Best Home Services Franchise Marketing Agencies

We’ve done a lot of work with Scorpion in the past and ever since they acquired some other agencies like Wheat Creative that really do know the franchising space, they have improved a lot.  I believe Wheat was the best full shop marketing agency in the franchising space, so it was a great pickup for Scorpion.  And, I think they do a pretty decent job on the PPC side of things as opposed to the other agencies out there.  There are 2 things to just be careful of with Scorpion broadly:

  1. They have their own CMS (Content Management System) that is really hard to get away from.  I would never recommend getting your website built in their CMS (use WordPress instead of SEO and Unbounce instead of PPC).
  2. At least in the law firm industry side of things, they’ve had some issues in the past with multiple brands using the same ad account so at times they won’t give clients access to the ad accounts that everything has ran off of for Google.  So, just make sure you have your own ad account prior to engaging.

For Qiigo, they’ve been around the block for quite some time in the franchising space.  We used to hear a lot about them several years ago when they were newer.  They have continued to stay in the franchising space and have gained a lot of experience with franchises, business opportunities, and multi-location businesses.  On this one, just make sure that you have really good landing pages on your existing SEO website, as sometimes Google Ads ends up having a CPL of $200-$1,000+ per lead if traffic is being driven to a “franchise opportunities” area of your website that hasn’t refined it’s CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization).  Things like having top navigation, having a phone number on the page, no call to action above the fold of the page, etc. can really be a killer for Google Ads on the landing page side of things.

Again, these are just my opinions based off of feedback that I’ve had with various past clients of various franchise marketing agencies.  All of these agencies are experienced and know what they’re doing.  It’s the agencies that aren’t on this list that are more problematic.

The CPL (Cost Per Lead) is going to be higher in home services than say the restaurant franchise (~$25) space but cheaper than the education franchise space ($80).  A good target CPL for home service franchises would be about $50-$60, assuming you are running Google and Facebook Ads (not just Facebook Ads).  For a target Cost Per Sale, it’s going to be more expensive than non-franchise “business opportunities (~$2,000) and less expensive than multi-million dollar restaurant or child education brands ($1,000,000+).  A good target Cost Per Sale would be $8,000-$12,000, which is cheaper than a franchise broker network ($22,000-$40,000) but still not ultra cheap.  


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